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2017; time to sort my s**t

14 January 2017

I don't want this to be another cliché blogging post. The last three or four months of last year were hectic for me. I started a new job which I absolutely love, I kept my part time job (which is also great) and tried to maintain a social life in between. You're probably thinking it sounds easy but it's sooo much harder than I first thought. Over the time, I did realise one thing I have missed is blogging - not necessarily blogging about the latest makeup trend or gift guides but just blogging my thoughts, feelings and what I've been up to recently.

Therefore for 2017, I'm not going to make any unrealistic goals or guarantee posts 4 times a week or anything but at least once a week and a few insta snaps in between would start me back into the swing of things. I go through these periods where I'm completely on the ball and plan a month odd worth of posts and then go social media MIA for a few months so I need to find a happy medium and stick to it. I'm determined this time round. I want to do more of what makes me happy, so blog more, read more, exercise and just make the most out of every possible opportunity really. This was a bit of a brief one today but the intentions there - I'll not disappear for months on end after this! Hope you stay tuned :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

P.s what are you planning on doing more of in 2017? what makes you happy?