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MAC Eyeshadow Duo: Review & Swatches

29 January 2015
MAC Eyeshadow Duo, Omega & Charcoal Brown, Review, Swatches
MAC Eyeshadow, Omega & Charcoal Brown, Review, Swatches
L-R Omega and Charcoal Brown
I'm not a brow kinda gal, lipsticks yes, blushers yes, brow products not so much. I'm not able to run out of he house without fixing them a little don't get me wrong but spending twenty minutes on one instead of lying in bed? I don't think so! At the minute I use an eyebrow pencil to shape my brows & then apply some eyeshadow to fill them out a little which gives a natural look but lately I just wanted to mix things up a little. I had had my eye on MAC's omega eyeshadow for a long time because of its perfect colour match for blonde haired girls and let me tell you thats a real struggle. 

Since completely my MAC quad (post here) I'd also wanted to fill a duo because the're adorably sized and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fill a quad again so I knew Omega was a must for it. The duo I had in mind then turned in a brow duo as the second shade I picked up was Charcoal Brown, now you're probably wondering why I picked something so dark but truth is I'm debating dying my hair darker again and so this shade will come in handy. I've also read a lot of reviews about Charcoal Brown saying how well loved it is so I thought I'd give it a whirl. If I do manage to dye my hair blonde-er again (I really am in two minds) then it'll double up as a nice crease colour too.  

From first swatches the shadows are incredibly pigmented and gorgeous neutral colours to add to my collection, I haven't used them for my brows yet but now that I've taken photos (bloggers rule) I'll be sure to jump to it. I'll also post a little update in the future to let you know how good they are! I'm just really happy that I can carry them around with me even in the smallest of clutches and lets face it, who doesn't need two more MAC eyeshadows? Its like an addiction

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what kind of brow products do you use: powder or pencil? 

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High End Haul

27 January 2015
I'm probably not the only one with a wishlist as long as my arm but at the start of the year and end of 2014, there were too many sales and bargains to resist purchasing a few things as a little treat. Wonderful news for me, terrible for my bank account. Anywho most of the things I actually ordered were beauty related, are you surprised and then the odd perfume chucked in for good measure and I already love them to pieces so I thought I'd put together a little haul post since they're one of my favourites to read!  

Ever since I purchased my YSL rouge volupte shine lipstick in the summer I've been dying to try more from their makeup range, it all looks absolutely stunning in its gold packaging and that's the only excuse I have. I'd heard plenty about the touché éclat from other bloggers and beauty lovers but I hadn't convinced myself that I really needed it or could justify the price tag, prettiness aside. However when Feel Unique had a cheeky offer on I managed to snatch it up for less than £20 which I was quite proud of. 

The second YSL purchase was the YSL baby doll mascara set, I really wanted to try this and it's usually around the £25 mark so when I saw the set in Boots for £15 I knew it was meant to be, so I not only got the mascara for a bargainous price but also a sample sized makeup remover too! I thought I'd include this as well as I finished my Mac duo over the last week or two but that's a separate post and I couldn't be happier that it's finished and ready to use! It's just so cute and makeup bag friendly. 

Christmas is also just a time for gift sets which are often great value so when I saw the Benefit all about prime on offer, I needed it, not only has the porefessional been top of my wishlist for a long time but it also included a skincare sample too. I'm questioning why I didn't get round to purchasing it sooner actually and I'm so eager to try it. Lastly I bought the One Direction You & I perfume gift set which smells incredible, I own their our moment fragrance and loved it so thought it would be right to get their other fragrance too and the bottle looks soonnice sitting on top of my dresser. I actually bought this without realising it was the 50ml bottle but I'm not complaining :) this may not seem like too much but they're  some nice additions to my makeup collection, I should probably put myself on a spending bank now but I hope you enjoyed reading :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what things have you all been buying lately? 

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The British Tag

24 January 2015
A good old tag post always goes down a treat and honestly what could be better than the British Tag? I've seen a lot of bloggers and youtubers take a stab at this one and I thought I'd do the same :) 

*not my own photo
How many cups of tea do you have and how many sugars? 
I usually have a cup in the morning as soon as I roll out of bed to wake myself up and shame on me, no sugar. I only add sugar to tea when you're buying tea out and you know it would be horrible otherwise or else when I really need an energy kick - being a coffee hater I need all the energy I can get from that. 

Favourite part of your roast? 
I'd have to say homemade roast potatoes or mash with gravy swamping it all - nothing beats that. In fact its really hard to pick just one part of my roast, I love all of it, bar Yorkshire puddings and if I could eat roast dinners everyday, I would. 

Favourite dunking biscuit? 
A good rich tea is always a winner, its actually quite hard to find something to beat it but equally as nice and catering to my chocolate addicted self is a chocolate bourbon, yum. 

Favourite quintessentially British pastime? 
I wouldn't say I have one, in fact when I think of British pastime I automatically think of polo or rugby, neither would go down very well for me. If long walks on a nice sunny day in the country count then I'll say that. 

Favourite word? 
I have a tendency to say most things are lovely which is awfully British and I also say wee a lot instead of little but that's more colloquial not British I don't think. 

Cockney rhyming slang? 
I can't say I know an awful lot of Cockney rhyming slang but I do love the apple and pears (for stairs) or the dog and bone for using the phone. All very fun. 

Favourite sweet? 
As I'm older now I love having Bon Bons or Rhubarb and Custards from time to time but when I was younger Parma Violets and Flying Saucers were drool worthy. There's probably so many more that I can think of but they're the first ones that spring to mind.  

What would your pub be called? 
Oh goodness, this would be something typically involving an arms or rose or something else along those lines. I've no idea what I would call it though, I'll have to have a long hard think. 

Number 1 British person? 
I should probably say the Queen since shes the most famous but I'm quite fond of Prince Harry, always the wild child. There's also plenty of musicians, actors and actresses but I'll just stick with the Queen. 

Favourite shop / restuarant? 
I love Primark for absolute bargains, most shops are everywhere nowadays so its a bit hard to differentiate where they all started but yeah. Also Boots or Superdrug for my beauty needs! In terms of restuarants its the same, I do love settling down in a nice little pub in the middle of nowhere and having a good old traditional roast or 'pub food''. 

What British song pops into your head? 
Not so much a song but bands, Snow Patrol are a firm (and local) favourite, also Coldplay, The Beatles and the like. Also Oasis and I'm quite fond of The Kinks song, you really got me. I'm sure theres plenty of newer British artists too that I adore, including Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, One Direction etc.  

Marmite, yes or no? 
A big massive no. I've tried it once and it was enough. The smell is horrid, as if that isn't a big enough of warning for you, just avoid it at all costs. I know some people who love it but no, it really is a love or hate thing. 

Thats all of my answers, I hope you enjoyed reading them and if you've done this tag please leave me links or if you haven't why not give it a try and let me know. I actually found it really fun!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
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Beauty / Skincare Haul: January 2015

20 January 2015
Usually in January everyones tries to spend as little as possible with the January blues and all that but I've actually been doing the opposite and spending too much. Now I know a lot of these things I needed (or so I tell myself) but as soon as you step foot in abouts that strong mentality and self control go straight out the window so I got a little carried away. So it's all built up and since I love a good haul I thought it'd be fun to share, this is more my drugstore haul and I have a higher end one coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled ;) and enjoy! 

I needed another Rimmel stay matte powder to set my makeup with, that was all and it spiralled into all of this. Since we've been going through a bitterly cold weather phase which sucks all moisture out of your skin, I thought I needed a new moisturiser for my face, turns out the Garnier ones were on offer so I picked up the illuminating light lotion with the hope of not looking so zombie-esque in the morning, and it seems to be working. For the parts that need that extra moisture I picked up The Body Shops Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream which should hopefully do the trick. 

Eyeliners something I go through phases with and at the moment I'm definitely going through a love phase, my eyeliner skills are terrible but at least I attempt it. I'm forever repurchasing the Collection eyeliners because they're wonderful but lately I've been using my kohl Urban Decay eyeliner and loved it so I thought I'd pick up a cheap one from Miss Sporty.  In a moment of spontaneity I also picked up a brown kohl eyeliner from Rimmel in the shade Sable for the days I want a more natural look. I've never been one for brown eyeliner but I'm slowly coming round to it. The third and final eyeliner I bought was the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner in Noir - this was unexpected and if I'm honest I just filled the shopping basket with it so I could get qualify for free delivery oops but I'm sure it'll be a nice alternative on those days when I can't find my collection one (so a lot) 

For a while now I've been using as little as possible of my Garnier eye makeup remover (sort of like micellar water but better) to make it last but then it finally gave up and I had to buy a replacement because it's blooming brilliant and perfect for those nights when you quickly want to take your makeup off and crawl into bed. It's also good for sensitive skin and a little does go a long way so it's well worth it's small price tag. These never seem to be shown but deodorant, everyone needs it? I picked up one of the compressed sprays as they were on offer and it smells pretty good so it must be doing its thing. 

On the smelling front, nice smells don't worry, I picked up an impulse spray in Romantic Spark, usually I stick to True Love I think but I wanted a different scent. These are so handy to chuck in a handbag instead of bringing perfumes and being afraid they'll smash (maybe it's just me) and they're as cheap as chips to replace, win win. Lastly I picked up the Cuticura anti bacterial hand gel, it's been out of stock in this size and smell for the longest time and I don't particularly like their other smells so I knew I needed this, again. I think that's everything, I did buy a few bits and pieces for a giveaway so they'll be up soon :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what have you been buying lately? have you tried any of these? Oh and sorry about the last picture, blue was not the look I was going for! 

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Weekly Ramble #9

18 January 2015
Well, this weeks been in simple words, a very sleep deprived week and if you read my last post you'll known I'm on the hunt for the perfect concealer for just that reason, any suggestions are welcome! I started my placement which was nerve-wracking and exciting all rolled into one and of course after me complaining for the past three months that we hadn't seen snow yet it came the one week I wasn't really feeling it, just my luck eh....

We had some unexpected snow and boy did it look pretty // I found in my stash and rekindled my love for my Urban Decay lipstick // The fluffy jumpers were out, any excuse really // I also ate my first creme egg of the year, its started. 

I though I'd insert a picture to let you see the snow, it wasn't too deep that you were confined to your house and snowed in but it was enough & if I didn't have to traipse about in it I'm sure I'd have enjoyed it a bit more, snowball fights anyone? I thought the snow and combination with the church were just too pretty not to instagram, even if it did mean getting a few looks from passing cars. The snows more or less gone but the bitter temperatures are still here unfortunately, the hats and gloves might be out for a while yet! 

I actually own two of Urban Decay revolution lipsticks but you wouldn't guess it. I haven't actually used them all that much, including a red that would have been perfect for Christmas time damn and they'd been lying at the bottom of my stash so when I came across them on the weekend I did a little happy dance that I've two more lip products again. The pink lipstick is much more suitable for day wear and its a lovely colour that I already know I'm going to wear to death and that's a big thing considering I would usually stray away from pinks.

Also as a result of the colder weather the fluffy jumpers and polo necks have been out, a lot. They're just so snugly and probably as close as I can get to wearing fluffy pyjamas or a onesie in public. I'm also trying to more experimental with my hair and instead of just leaving it in the mornings, I've been playing about and this morning it was a plait (that got caught in the rain and curled itself) but I swear it was a plait. Also I had my first creme egg of the year, I'm already seeing Easter eggs everywhere and I love it. The malteaser bunnies are also out too and I'm sure I'll be eating plenty over the next couple of weeks! They're heavenly. All in all, it's been a quiet but fun/hectic week :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what have you all been up to this past week, anything exciting?

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2015 Essentials Wishlist

15 January 2015
It feels like its been a while since I've sat and made a new post, what can I say this past week has been an absolute whirlwind and I haven't had any time to sleep let alone blog but I've given myself a good old slap on the wrist and I'm positive that it won't happen again - at least two times a week is the aim for now. I'm actually writing this via free train wifi on the way to Uni, it's usually unreliable but for now its holding up so hope you enjoy this little wishlist of mine :)

As of Monday this week I'm back to commuting daily meaning long train journeys and very early mornings, sounds great right? I commuted to uni in first year which is roughly the same journey but I wasn't prepared at all so now I'm determined to be.

 An essential for any early start is a good concealer and lately all of my own aren't cutting it, now I rarely get the odd bag under my eyes and then I'd have a long rest and it'f gone so since I've been waking up early (5am for five days straight) I can really notice the prominent dark circles and I'm not liking it at all. I really need a good heavy duty concealer and I've been eyeing up the nars creamy concealer for a while so when I asked on Twitter for a few recommendations I ended up with a bunch including benefit and Estée Lauder. 

I definitely have a neutral theme going on at the minute, nude lips & blushes and I'm embracing it. I convinced myself I needed new lipsticks for work and we all know Mac is the place to go for colour range so I might treat myself to a nude lipstick (oh and one of their lip liners). Nars also do some amazing products but sadly I've never tried any of them so that's going to change in 2015, I really want to try one of their lip pencils and of course the infamous blushes are high up on the wishlist. Stila also has a few lovely shades in their colour convertible range and this shade I've just fallen for - it's a bit of an unusual one for me but still stunning. 

The following may be a little boring but these are the travel essentials, headphones because no journey is complete without an iPod, sadly mine have given up in one of the ears so I'll have to pick up another pair as soon as. Also I've a lot more to travel with and charge so a portable charger seems blooming ideal for my iPod, iPad, iphone, you name it so it seems pretty important and I'm surprised I don't own one of these already. Next I really want to update my iPad cover and iPhone case, every few months you just need a little switch up so I'm on the look out for a few so if anyone can recommend any pretty ones, please send links my way. Lastly an umbrella is a must, if you know northern irish weather it's bloody unpredictable and 95% of the time it rains - I've lost count of how many umbrellas I've actually gone through, I've such bad luck with them! 

As for fashion bits and bobs scarves are my best friend at this time of year and luckily I've built up quite a collection of scarves and cuddly jumpers (usually baggy) but hats not so much. A bobble hat on a bad hair day or even just a cold day is a life saver and I've got so much use out of mine lately but I've only one colour so I really want to pick a few up before they're gone for another year. Lastly solid boots are a must, I don't want wet socks from walking through too many puddles, ew. All of these are pretty sensible choices for me and would you look at that only half of the things mentioned are beauty related, I'm learning! Hope you enjoyed reading this one and I promise I won't leave it weeks before posting again :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what travel essentials are a must for you? Also if you do have any concealer or phone/iPad case recommendations please leave them in the comments or tweet me, I'm at @JennysEveryday_

The Perfect MAC Quad: A Nude Lovers Heaven

8 January 2015
For a while I've been obsessed with reading, studying, swatching the extensive range of MAC eyeshadow shades (trust me theres alot) and reading/watching blog posts and youtube videos to try and narrow them down. I knew I wanted to make my own quad way back but I could never decide which shades to fill it with, which was a lot of hard work in itself but I finally narrowed it down, finished my quad and now I thought I'd share it because honestly its my new baby and probably will be for a long time!

MAC personal eyeshadow quad, pro palette, review, photo, swatches, finished
MAC Pro Palette, Nylon, All That Glitters, Eyeshadow, Review, Photo, Swatches
MAC eyeshadow pans, woodwinked and cork, review, photo, swatches, mac pro palette, quad, pan
Front: Woodwinked. Back: Cork
I know a lot of people opt for a 15 pan palette but honestly I could never see myself filling it or I'd end up just buying for the sake of it and that would be extremely pricey in the end so I thought a quad or a 4 pan would suit better and I can always buy/fill another in the future if I want. I'm a neutral junkie so obviously this palette was going to fit that trend but I feel as if I've created a versatile bunch which I can pop in my handbag and travel off anywhere with - I told you the quad comes in handy. I also quite like the fact the packaging is clear at the front so you can see exactly what you're grabbing in a rush.

The first shade I knew I had to have was a highlight colour for the inner corner or my eye or as a highlight on my brow bone for those days when I have the time (read:energy) to do that. It really does make all the difference to a look. I was contemplating Vanilla but that would have been even paler. Nylon is a pale gold with a little shimmer in it so it works, adding a little bit of warmth with it.

The second shadow is an all time blogger favourite: All That Glitters. I'd heard so many wonderful things about this shade and I was desperate to have it once I'd swatched. It's a stunning rose gold shade that I'm sure looks ten times better sweeped over the eyes instead of just in the pan, I'll keep you updated on that though.The third choice was Cork, a muted golden brown (bottom left). I needed a matte brown in my palette for the crease and such when I'm having a natural makeup day aka always and Cork just seemed like the perfect choice - not too light, not too dark so I'm excited to have it as a staple in my quad.

 Lastly but not least I picked up my final shade Woodwinked, again another classic MAC shade which is described as a 'warm antique gold', to me it looks like a shimmery brown but thats why I'm not a mua. It looks stunning as well, similarly to All That Glitters and I could imagine it looking amazing just with a quick sweep over the lid. Its slightly darker than Cork so I feel like I have all ends of the spectrum covered with my little palette but then again, you can never have too many eyeshadows so I might just start again and build a new quad oops. Hope you enjoyed it, I love reading these sort of mac palette posts and getting inspiration so please send me some links if you've a similar post.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what's your favourite MAC eyeshadow shade of all time? 

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The Best of 2014

4 January 2015
Dare I say it the year of 2014 absolutely flew in (although some parts did drag a little), something I realise is becoming more common as I'm getting older unfortunately and there were plenty of ups and downs so I'm happy to have a restart in 2015. If you read my blogiversary post (link here) you'll know 2015 is a big year in terms of things happening and I couldn't be more excited for them to play out. 2014 was a massive year beauty and skincare wise as I branched out a heck of a lot more than usual so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite things. 

Skincare is something I hold my hands up about, until last year I didn't have a proper routine and I didn't know how bad my skin was so at the start of 2014 I told myself that would be fixed, and it was!

The Body Shop has some amazing products and between their Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and their Tea Tree Facial Wash my skin has improved and then some! Both are incredible and well loved for a reason, the tea tree fights blemishes and spots (which everybody gets) and the cleanser makes my skin silky smooth - what a duo! I also invested in more face masks and I now have a whole drawer full to get through so I'm well set for this year and this Quick Fix mask was one of the first I'd tried, one of the cheapest and one of the best so I thought it needed a mention. Soap & Glory is another brand that I've been loving this year and not just for its unique smell, the products actually work and smell gorgeous as well, plus the pink packaging definitely makes everything more fun.

2014 was also the year that Babylips and the Revlon Colourburst Balms arrived and I'm ever so glad that they did, I always have my trusted Cherry Me in my handbag for on the move and my Revlon matte balm in Sultry which is probably my most used lip colour ever and you're probably all sick of hearing me raving about it but its gorgeous! I also discovered The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer which I wrote a post about a long time ago now (link here) but basically it caters for paler gals as well which is so hard to find in the drugstore these days.

Also I had to give a shout out to my Collection concealer which will probably be with me until I'm old and grey - its incredible and I still haven't find a concealer up to par with this and trust me I've tried a fair few. I also tried a few bases cause you know its all about that base and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (the gel version, not the foundation) really stood out in the drugstore. I'm usually a Rimmel foundation gal so this was definitely a bit of a change up but a good one at that, I always wear it to work and know it won't fade.

I also took the plunge this year and bought things higher end a few times as a little treat, one of them being a YSL lipstick. I'd wanted one for ages but couldn't justify the price but in the end I gave myself one final pep talk and pressed 'add to basket' and I'm so glad I did - the formula is amazing and it looks stunning. My absolute gem of a beauty favourite of this year has to be the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation though, I know its a bit of a love / hate depending on your preference on coverage but for me I absolutely love the fact that it won't budge for 12+ hours plus and its pale enough for my pale skin! A tad pricey (as are most foundations) but I will definitely keep repurchasing it! That's them all, hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what are your absolute favourites of 2014?

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What I Got For Christmas 2014

3 January 2015
I know I'm a few days late with this one but I told myself I wasn't going to post my very own What I Got For Christmas post but then reading through everyone elses I changed my mind. It's a post that I love reading, there's no other reason but I'm nosey so I hope you all having a snoop at mine as I love all of my presents, a lot! I also want to post a disclaimer that I'm not bragging at all with these, I've a small family and group of friends and half of these I wasn't expecting to be given so I'm extremely grateful and still in shock if I'm honest. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a massive tub of chocolate, its just tradition and this year I was kindly given Celebrations, pity it isn't as full as this anymore. I hold my hands up, chocolate is a weakness. Also one of my friends bought me this Festive Friends Gift Box* from Lush for Secret Santa which smells incredible and I'm so grateful. It's filled to the brim with Christmas bath bombs and honestly I don't even want to open it - it just looks that pretty....

I've been moaning for the past two months that I haven't a clue what time it is work and sneakily checking my phone when I can wasn't cutting it so I was given a watch which is an absolute life saver. Its so dinky and the face is really simplistic so I love it. I just need a brown one and I'm set. It feels amazing not having to rely on technology again!

I rarely ask for jewellery because frankly I'm quite scared of losing the usually expensive pieces but this year I thought I'd chance my arm and ask for a Pandora ring* as my big present I guess and Santa not only bought me one but two so I was absolutely flabbergasted on Christmas morning - if only you could have seen my face! Both of them are incredibly beautiful and I love them to pieces. 

These were a few presents from my friends, I'm always keeping on about how amazing Soap & Glory smells but I hadn't tried anything from the Sugar Crush range yet so my friend took it upon herself to buy me some, verdict - it smells amazing too. Also I like buying Topshop Christmas socks and makeup bits and pieces for my friends each year so they decided to repay the favour and bought me lip products which look so dark but are actually brown and berry - bang on trend and fluffy socks, which you can never have enough of! 

Every year I get a few DVD's* because I rarely get round to buying myself them through the year, Boots always seems to call first so I was given a few, TFIOS was a must and then the second Spiderman which if you've seen the ending is equally as heartbreaking and of course anything with Zac Efron is superb so that too. Also some lovely smelling Ted Baker* bits which came in the cutest box ever. 

Another big surprise was my TV*, I had one when I was younger but it was took off me so to speak to replace one downstairs as I didn't use it all that much but nowadays I need one so they bought me a lovely white one to match all of my furniture and the quality is amazing. I've already tested out several dvd's, you can see what I did over Christmas lol! 

Lastly chocolate, chocolate and yet more chocolate. Please don't judge, I have a serious problem and yes I did get several selection boxes at the age of twenty oops but in my defence they're still amazing as they were when I was six/seven, except now I receive hot chocolate and cute mugs as well. 

I also received a few CD's such as One Direction, Taylor Swift and The Script because they're all incredible and a few other small things such as hand creams and small beauty sets but thats most of it. As I said I'm incredibly happy and grateful to everyone and I'm not bragging in the slightest but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything that you asked for, of if you're too old for it, your parents. I can't wait to start blogging regularly again and if you have any similar posts to this please leave me a link in the comments, I love reading them!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what did Santa bring? 

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A Year On: Happy First Birthday!

1 January 2015
A year tomorrow it'll be my blogging one year anniversary and although that might not seem like a long time or I might not post as regularly as I would like to its still a massive achievement in my books. A year ago I didn't have a clue about blogging and looking back at my very first post it was all about the new year, me starting my blogging journey and some resolutions chucked in for good measure and it was great to look back on a year later and see how well (or badly) I'd done. I thought I'd actually write a few again for 2015.... 

Some people dread a New Year, some people are eager to start a New Year fresh and I'm usually happy to ring in a new year even if it means leaving behind a wonderful year. This year however I'm more than happy for 2015, it's going to be a big year - for a start my brother turns 18, I turn 21, this will definitely be the year I start driving, I have a job and placement and in September I'll be starting my final year at University which is a really scary thought and we might move house in amongst all of that. You can see its all systems go! I might even sneak in some travelling around the UK, sadly I won't be able to go further a field because I'll have no time off but I'm hoping the summer I graduate, so 2016 I'll be able to treat myself and go somewhere spectacular, we'll see, thats a long while off yet.

Last year I made resolutions that I more or less kept up throughout the year, except maybe the exercising but I'd the excuse, I didn't own a pair of trainers yet yesterday I went out and bought myself some so I might work on that this year. I definitely took enough photos to last me a life time and I got a lot of them printed/developed so I now have several photo albums full to look back on in future years - something that I think gets forgotten about for social media. Also I did learn to not stress as much and be happier with life and its an attitude I'm going to try and keep going. 

As for blogging for a year I'd just like to say a massive thank you to anyone who follows me on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin or GFC - it really does mean the world and those lovely little comments I wake up and see really do make my day so thanks! I've taken part in countless bbloggers chats and everyone in the blogging community is unbelievably nice and welcoming - I've just passed 650 followers which is a bit hard to comprehend but its amazing. I don't post too regularly so thanks for sticking with me when I do and I always feel like I'm chatting to friends. I'd love to actually attend blogging events but living where I do its a bit hard - even meeting other bloggers near me would be great in 2015! We'll see what happens but I just wanted to say thank you a lot for supporting me, my little piece of the internet and just being all round lovely. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what new resolutions have you for the New Year?

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