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24 March 2015
I don't think I've quite conquered an album post just yet, a playlist yes, review no so I thought what would be more fitting than one of my top three albums of all time & thats a big statement, I don't think anything will ever beat Ed Sheeran's + album, even the old Steps/S Club CD's don't come close and they were definitely well loved back in the day! 1989 was released around October time last year and yes I counted it down, I was excited and for good reason, the albums blooming brilliant!

Apart from pointing out the obvious that Taylor Swift's an absolute babe, I don't think I could say girl crush fast enough, she's an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and all round person & I think I can count the amount of songs of hers I'm not too fond of (on all of her albums) on one hand. This albums no different, in fact its probably one of my favourites and I love every song on the album, Style was the first that really grew on me though!

Taylor's definitely turned to the pop side with this album with no traces of country to be heard (something which I'm a little sad about) but she does suit the pop genre just as well, so its a tough one. I know the pop will most likely appeal to a much larger audience, as if there's anyone that hasn't been converted to a T-Swift fan at this point....lets face it. I've so many favourites but if I had to narrow them down I'd have to pick Clean, Wonderland, New Romantics, Blank Space and This Love, basically all of the deluxe bonus songs, they're all perfect and the lyrics are amazing.

I also wanted to show the attention to detail with this album, just look at the c.d itself, I also love the simplicity of the album's name and cover, simple yet effective! The deluxe version which I managed to get has all these exclusive Polaroids photographs inside as well which I love and the lyrics from the album are written underneath, such a nice finishing touch. The necklace my friend actually bought me about four years ago and I've worn it off and on as you do but I realised just how similar it is to the one used in the style video aka a harry reference so I had to add it in too. 

Overall, it's an amazing album and I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen if you haven't already (I know some people just listen to the singles and not the entire things but the deluxe songs are definitely great! Let me know what you think of this kind of post too 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s are you a Tay Swift fan, or listened to 1989? What do you think? 

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Accessorize Haul

22 March 2015
Now this haul's long overdue, think two months overdue but somehow I've only got round to using the things properly now, am I the only one who loses things amidst their room for ages and then remembers about them? It seems so! Accessorize is a shop I love for their cute and bang on trend jewellery and bags especially in the spring/summer seasons but I haven't bought much from it because of its location, although there is one in the city centre its just seems out of the way and I always forget about it, thats about to change because their stuff is too cute to ignore!

You may think I'm overly strange buying a pair of slipper booties in March? usually I'd be the first to point out that you don't need them but in January thats not the case. I was also trying to be super organised for the end of summer/start of Autumn because its so hard to find a decent pair and I don't think my slippers at present are going to last me six/seven months so I'm prepared and have a back up if needs be. I also really liked the style & the colour and I'm not normally a blue kind of person -they have little pom pom's by the ankle and they're not too long, not too short, perfect ankle covering length so I can't wait to lounge around in these when the time comes.

The second thing I needed or convinced myself I needed was a new purse, I think I featured my purse I'm using at the minute in an old spending ban post, it's lasted me ages and although its still in tip top shape I've now gathered too many cards and theres not enough card slots. Its a lot harder than it sounds to find a purse with lots of card slots and so when I seen this one on the Accessorize website, plain black, sleek and professional with enough room for 13 cards and a hefty sized coin part in the back I knew it was ideal and into the basket it went.

Lastly I picked up this adorable handbag, perfect for Spring and for one of my friends upcoming birthday (this is only one present ticked off the list but its a start). I love the contrast between the light blue and navy, the straps also a good length for wearing over the shoulder and I especially love the gold embellishment. With handbags I hate having to squeeze everything into too small a bag or carrying around a bag, likely to make me look as if I'm going on a three week break but this I've found is the perfect size and I've a feeling my friend will be thrilled with it, I'm sort of sorry I didn't pick one up for myself at the same time  though! So thats all the things I picked up, let me know what you think!  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what do you love from Accessorize? Or if you had to pick, jewellery or bags?

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Rimmel - Lets Get Nude

10 March 2015
I'm always partial to the odd #notd post, if you're anything like me I'm always painting and re-painting my nails, in fact there's never really a time that I have nothing on, even if it's a nude so I thought I'd share a new discovery of mine. I hold my hands up - I've never owned a higher end nail polish and have no real intention to either, the drugstore options are more than enough to keep me going, plus they're so affordable!

If you'd asked me a year or two about nude nail polish, my opinion was if you can't tell you're wearing it there's no point to putting it on, that opinions changed safe to say. This particular nail polish 'Lets get Nude' is one of Rimmels 60 seconds formula from the Rita Ora range and is super cheap around the £3 mark. All of the shades in the range have quirky names which I really like, a fairly good sized bottle and a nice applicator brush which is always a bonus. 

The nail polish once applied is exactly what it says on the tin, I'm pale and it was a shade darker than my skin colour so the perfect match. It made my nails look lovely and glossy, now I didn't manage to get a really good picture when they were freshly painted but I am wearing it in the above photo and it shows how nice a colour it really is. This is the first nude colour that I've really loved on my nails and with the whole nude lip thang going on because of Kylie Jenner I can see me rocking the nude nail look instead.

 It's just made me want to expand my nude collection more than anything.... and it'll be perfect for work and summer, rocking a black nail or bright yellow although pretty don't exactly scream professional and my nails can still be protected somewhat. The lasting power is also quite impressive as I'd been wearing it around 4-5 days before chipping and that includes working (aka destroying my nails) so I'm quite pleased with this one and can't wait to collect a few more! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what are your thoughts on nude nail varnish? Or do you have any faves I should try?

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Springs Arrived

9 March 2015
I think its safe to say, Spring has sprung & I couldn't be happier! This was a bit of a spontaneous post this morning on the train and luckily enough I had the photographs to go alongside it in a draft, points for organisations please! This is a shorter post of mine just to welcome in the new season - the first few days of the month have been a bit dubious and just yesterday it was bloody freezing, wet, miserable and gale force winds yet this morning it's as if none of that even happened. 

Luckily enough from our kitchen window we've a view of over the city and it just so happened that whilst I was eating breakfast today the sun was rising so of course I snapped a picture and put in on Instagram (links on the side) if you want to have a nosey - definitely a nice start to the morning. What is it with the sun and lifting everyone's spirits? Usually the dreary train commuters in the morning are just that, dreary and today they were all positively beaming as if it was the height of summer. 

I decided to embrace the weather and ditch the boots & socks I've been wearing solidly since the end of Autumn to my new shoes which show ankle and have cut outs - how daring right? I then decided to put my most spring appropriate lipstick on, my prized YSL lipstick which is pictured above and although I'm not the biggest fan of shimmer, this isn't sticky or overdone, it's perfect! Sadly I left the sunglasses at home, which I'm sort of regretting now as I'm making that really unattractive squinty face when the suns in your eyes out of the train window  - luckily no one can see in! 

As soon as the sun arrives everyone embraces the colour and brights in their wardrobes (or pastels) and it's such a nice change, since my wardrobe is 95% monochrome, I just add a coloured cardigan or the like but still I try. I don't think it's warm enough for crop tops and short just yet but I like that we're on the way - sometimes it's nice to leave the coat at home! And also Easters right around the corner, that's definitely sneaked up on me, 2015s whizzing by and with working all summer I'll definitely be making the most of the sun we do have when I can it the weather has cheered me right up.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what's your favourite thing about Spring time?  

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7 March 2015
As of late, I've been struggling to find some good old me time, something we all need - especially after running round like headless chickens most of the week (or is it just me?) When I do get an hour or so to myself magically, I usually watch some of my favourite tv programmes, which I've included below. Some tv shows have a hype around them, others that are equally as deserving don't so I thought showing a few favourites in a post like this would be useful as I love finding new shows & getting gripped on each episode!

1. Broadchurch. I was seriously late on the bandwagon with this one, it was well loved all last year when it was shown and had everyone gripped but I didn't have the time to watch it from the start and didn't want to start mid season so I binge watched Season 1 online, before the second began (which was probably a better idea) so I was up to date and it was just as amazing! If you enjoy itv dramas, this is perfect or even just a good old who done it murder, without the gore and blood - definitely a must see!

2. The Walking Dead. Its amazing to see how popular this has become, I remember watching season one way back in the day and no one had really heard of it. If you like zombies, this is ideal, its also way more enjoyable than just zombies as you grow to love the characters and it has a focused plot as well instead of just guts and beheading the undead like some!

3. Awkward. This is definitely one of the less talked about shows but its a light hearted and humurous American show for teens that you can relate to, boys and girls. Its also a lot easier if you do struggle to find the time to sit down as the episode are roughly twenty five minutes compared to the usual 45 minute long programs and trust me, twenty minutes makes all the difference!

4. Gossip girl. An old favourite! I own series' 1-6 on dvd and recently I've been watching an episode or two before bed when I can or just if I'm feeling an early night - it never gets old! I love all of the characters to bits especially Blair and Chuck, they were just meant to be from the beginning, plus the fashion side of things in the show are always so on point! If you haven't watched any of these, you need to open up a new tab and do so now!

5. Pretty Little Liars. If anyone hasn't watched this, you've at least heard about it? (unless you live under a rock that is, its always twitter trending which speculations about A). Its basically four girls are manipulated and blackmailed by an anonymous 'A' after their best friend is kidnapped and to their knowledge killed and this mystery person seems to know all of their secrets & holds them all against them. Theres also some paranoia, cute male leads, love storys, the usual teenage drama and trying to keep themselves out of jail whilst trying to unveil who A is. Its almost the end of season 5 now and its getting oh so dramatic so I'd definitely give it a watch!

6. Revenge. Now I haven't watched the most recent series because if I'm honest I didn't know it was back on my screen (well technically American screens, I'm in time with them) but now that I know, I'm going to be setting aside time and binge watching them all. It basically focuses around the theme of revenge and all the lies and conspiracies that unravel in the process, with of course the odd love triangle here and there.

So thats the lot, thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what are your favourite shows to watch? Have you seen any of these? Let me know if you like these kind of posts or not too

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Seventeen Stay Time Concealer / Review & Swatches

3 March 2015
With the lighter days rolling in now and Spring supposedly on its way, if we ignore the snow thats currently lying outside my house a lighter base is something that I strive for. I've always had a weakness when it comes to lip products but lately I'm finding myself down the concealer junkie route instead & thats where the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer comes in!

Probably the worst swatch ever but hey you can see how pale I am and it still blends in perfectly.
Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Link 
I'm determined to find myself the perfect concealer, it shouldn't be too hard really to find something that'll brighten my skin on dull days, last all day long, not dry my skin out and most importantly cover all those dark circles and pesky blemishes, right? I'm not too fussy about whether its high end or drugstore as long as it does the job - I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind paying that little bit more if I knew it was going to work. I actually asked on twitter for a few drugstore options and this Seventeen one kept coming up time and time again so it was next on my trial and error list.

 The Seventeen stand is something I don't pay enough attention to and I ought to, they have so many beauty gems that aren't praised enough so I was happy to try out this concealer as their Phwoarrr Paint is a firm favourite of mine. First impressions, the packaging is very similar to the Collection concealer but then again most drugstore concealers do look very same-y, except theres a heck of a lot more product in the 17 offering and so far the packaging hasn't rubbed away - the one thing I can't stand on products is the writing disappearing.

It claims to have over 18 hour wear time but of course I haven't worn it that long, it has however lasted me the majority of my day, from 7am to 5pm without any top ups which is quite admirable in my book! It has a doe foot applicator which I prefer as you can easily blend with a brush - I haven't been converted to cream concealers just yet and its very creamy so its easy to work with. I have used it under my eyes but I feel like I need a smidge more coverage for those dark circles and combine it with my Collection concealer just to be safe.

I by mistake picked up the shade 'fair' thinking it was the lightest shade as the name would suggest you couldn't get much lighter than that and it blends perfectly into my skin and covers everything I need it to. If you are extremely pale skinned there is an 'extra fair' though which I think would be too pale for most but its nice that they've catered to paler gals if they need it as most drugstore brands tend to forget about them - trust me, I'm usually one of the forgotten ones. Its just a lovely concealer and priced at £4.49 its a steal from the drugstore and I'm glad I picked it up but I still think I'll stay on the hunt for that 'perfect holy grail concealer'. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s whats your favourite concealer of all time/holy grail?

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