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Seeing One Direction // OOTD

29 May 2014
This is definitely a very different type of post for me to publish but instead of primarily focusing on beauty, I want to be able to post lifestyle posts as well so in a few years I can look back at all the memorable things and lovely things that have happened. So on the weekend I travelled to Dublin which is quite a way from where I live, I think it was two hours on the coach, for One Directions Where We Are tour at Croke Park and it was incredible

Before the crowds arrived or the night began I took a picture of Croke Park itself, hard to believe its nowhere near filled // 5sos' stage ready to go // 5sos performing // how much of a health and safety risk is this stage, skate ramps everywhere, no wonder Liam fell // the boys at the start of the show // taking instagram questions and sheltering from the rain // Harry being Harry // love Niall's eyes here // Liam singing // saying goodbyes // end of the show fireworks // my ootd 

I'm not sure how the whole typing thing is going to work around the pictures as theres a lot (I'm sorry but when you're at a concert, photos are a must) but as I've mentioned before I love One Direction, ever since they formed and I'll probably always have a soft spot for them. They're music always cheers me up because its so upbeat, they all seem like lovely boys and they're all gorgeous.... yes, yes and yes. Even if you're not a fan, you're a fan ;) 

So we travelled to Dublin and did a spot of shopping before the concert as we arrived mid afternoon however in true Irish weather (we don't have a summer) it bucketed down and everyone was drenched, perfect. Luckily we had seats which were sheltered but I felt for all the people in the standing area who were soaking and cold, I'm sure. The rain lasted all night as you can probably tell from the photos above and Niall even joked that it was normal May weather and that all the other boys didn't know what rain was. Everyone sitting around us was so excited and friendly and soon enough 5 seconds of summer were on stage, I remember seeing them last year at the Take Me Home tour and its amazing to see the difference a year can do, they were great and I found myself humming away to Don't Stop hours after the concert, such a catchy tune. 

The concert seemed to fly in, unfortunately but the atmosphere in Croke Park was something else, everyone was out of their seats and singing at the top of their lungs. Not to mention anytime Niall so much as breathed, let alone talk or sing the screams and cheers were deafening, as expected. If possible I fell in love with them all over again and the fireworks at the end just topped off a wonderful night. I also took a quick picture when the concert was over, just to say I'd been (now remember I'd been in the rain and cold all day so its not the best) but I just wanted to show what I wore, comfy travel clothes at its finest. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s If anyone is going to the WWA tour in England/Scotland or wherever else in the world, I hope you enjoy it, I certainly did :) Oh and please let me know if you like these kind of posts? 

Revisit: Revlon Lip Butters

25 May 2014
Whenever these little lip butters were released last year I wasn't all that fussed to say the least, I mean I picked up two just to see what all the hype was but they didn't really do much for me. Several months later and you're lucky if the darker shade Macarroon is ever out of my handbag and my opinions on them have changed entirely. Shocking, I know! 

I'm not really a pink or coral coloured kind of lip girl and until now so long ago, I loved darker berry and purple shades (just not TOO dark), yes that's a thing. Originally I picked up the Macarroon shade as I thought a lot of the colours wouldn't really show up and since I have quite minimalist makeup usually I tend to count on my lip colour for that bold statement and after trying it a couple of times I set it in my makeup drawer and it was forgotten about. 

Then one day I reached in as I'd run out of lip balm and thought this might work and low and behold it was perfect, I didn't want a dramatic look and this is simply a slightly darker than your lips but extra moisturising and glossy (without being sticky)... I didn't think it was possible. Now its more or less my go to if I'm just popping out for a bit and want something simple, so when I went shopping a few weeks ago I decided to expand my collection and pick up Tutti Frutti. As I said coral or orange are not my colours and I never really had the confidence to try them out BUT I picked it up anyways and surprisingly its lovely - my housemate picked this up and it didn't look too scary on her so I thought what the heck I might as well give it a go. 

The other shade in my collection, the pinkier option Strawberry Shortcake was a blogger and youtube favourite for ages and on their recommendation I picked it up, bearing in mind this was months ago. This however doesn't really do anything for me, as its so pale I feel like it just washes me out but I'll be sure to give it another chance during the Spring and Summer months if I ever manage to get a bit of colour. All three are super moisturisig as I already mentioned and provide that perfect glossy look and therefore are perfect for the upcoming months when you want a little bit of colour on your lips but not too much. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo      

Drugstore Concealer Post

21 May 2014
I've never really been a concealer kind of girl until about a year or so ago, I luckily didn't wear makeup on a daily basis to school (which I think saved my skin), didn't suffer from any bags under my eyes or mass breakouts and honestly I didn't think it made much of a difference if I had a high enough coverage foundation on my face. Oh how wrong was I?

Most University students suffer from a lack of sleep, although you'd think it would be the opposite... mine usually stemming from the early morning lectures, others usually because they were enjoying themselves far too much the night before but still, concealer has became a miracle cure to help me some how not look like death warmed up in the mornings. As of yet I haven't tried any high end concealers as I find these do the trick just fine and are super affordable for all budgets so I thought I'd compile a few of my favourites at the moment.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer: If you haven't heard practically everyone and their mother raving about this, I don't know where you've been. This concealer is raved about all the time and for good reason, before I even started reading blogs this was my concealer of choice mainly because it did the trick and was so budget friendly but I'd no idea everyone felt the same way. It provides the best coverage and the shade 'fair' is a perfect match for my skin, it doesn't emphasis any dry patches and lasts throughout the day. It hands down is my favourite concealer I've tried to date, the only downside being that the packaging rubs off and is left a bit unsightly as you can see in the pictures, or you could say well loved.

MUA Hide & Conceal: This is an old concealer that I had lying around in my makeup stash but its well loved nonetheless as its almost empty, I think I picked it up on a whim one day in Superdrug. Its a close match to my skin tone and I used it not as a concealer as you might think but rather a highlight around my eyebrows and above my eyes in case I needed to fix something or brighten it up a little. Its slightly drying but I didn't use it all over my face so I guess thats a good thing, honestly for a £1 you can't really expect it to be faultless but who knows it might work better on others than it did for me.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer: This concealer is slightly darker than my skin tone, similar to its foundation but its ever so creamy in formula. As strange as this seems I don't actually like covering blemishes with it as similar to the foundation it provides a 'radiant glow' and emphasis them rather than hiding them. Therefore it is now my beloved under eye concealer/highlighter and it makes all the difference in the mornings giving the impression that I'm wide awake and got a whole 8 hours sleep instead of 5.

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint: I popped this concealer into my basket mainly because the packaging intrigued me, until recently I'd only used concealers that had a wand and this was something completely different. At first I wasn't really fussed with it because I couldn't for the life of me work out how to get it to sit right but after some playing about and a little warming of the product it is now my go to blemish concealer. It states that its 'heavy duty' and originally for under the eyes but I don't like anything too heavy under my eyes so this works just fine. I thought it would be a little drying but its sooo creamy and lasts all through the day, a lovely surprise! :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 

Weekly Ramble #4

19 May 2014

This week has been hectic for me, for the past few weeks I've basically been living in my bedroom revising with the occasional trip to the fridge but as soon as my exams were over and done with on Monday, my week and social life managed to do a serious turn around and fill up leaving me with a jam packed week. 

As you may have guessed from the first couple of pictures, I've done nothing but revision for the past say 2 weeks, I started to go a little crazy I'm not going to lie / I dread to think how many cups of tea or biscuits I've consumed (and yes that is a One Direction cup, I have no shame) / I let my hair do its own thing for once and it dried naturally to look like this, waves and crinkles galore! / We made my friend a birthday cake for his 21st and surprisingly it tasted quite good / We also got a bunch of other snacks to stuff our faces with which all went down a treat / I actually brought my camera out for once so a fair few photos were taken with my friends / Also I was able to start bringing some of my stuff home from my uni house woohoo! still debating where this cute little lantern can go, time to redecorate I think / Oops a lot of snapchats were taken / Made a cheeky MAC purchase while Debenhams had a sale on, can't wait for it to arrive / Ikea trips are the best, I finally got something to organise my drawers with / And finally I had thee most amazing cookie, it was massive and amazing and I definitely need to get some more.    

This is definitely a short little post, I managed to get a lot done in the space of a week, I think I've been quite productive! I also managed to sneak in a few unexpected trips to McDonalds, watch the final episode in the series of The Vampire Diaries - I don't know why they thought it would be a good idea to end it how they did. I can't cope not knowing, I won't spoil anything don't worry :) And lastly we booked our coach tickets to go to Croker and more importantly ONE DIRECTION so now it actually feels more like we're going. The excitement is kicking in already eek! #5days

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s is anyone else going to the Where We Are tour? 

Bits And Bobs

16 May 2014
If you follow me on twitter you may know or not know that since the start of the month I've been slaving away mainly procrastinating revising for my exams and therefore I wasn't able to post at all. I feel like my May posts already are seriously lacking and therefore I may be updating a lot more over the final half of the month hence now tada, where I have a lovely little, emphasis on the little clothing haul for you guys. 

So as you may have guessed from my last haul (link here), kimonos are definitely going to be one of my summer staples, they're just so easy to style and double up as thee perfect cover up on a sunny day as well as looking amazing. This being said I picked up two more, I should be sorry but I'm not, they're both from H&M on different days, H&M are really doing it for me at the minute. The first kimono is black oops but has a beautiful oriental flower style which will be perfect for summer and even the autumnal months and the second is a black and white 3/4 length and it'll be perfect with some boots for a "cold" summer day that we so frequently have here.

 The next few items I picked up are surprisingly from the F&F range at Tesco, whilst food shopping the other day I noticed a bunch of offers and thought why not take a look, not expecting anything to really stand out to me. However I fell in love with the colour of this jumper, as I said its rare that we have boiling hot summer days and so a jumper or cardigan is a must for the evening. My wardrobe mainly consists of 'dull' aka monochrome jumpers and so I thought this would be a perfect little addition to brighten things up a little, plus it was only £5 I think, what a bargain! As for my next item I picked up this Gingham shirt, gingham is definitely everywhere at the minute and I just thought it'd work for a casual day out - as its not quite warm enough to buy myself a gingham crop top or anything of the sort lol! It was also a bargain, I think around the £6/7 mark, feels incredibly soft and is a little oversized - slightly baggy clothes are my absolute favourite.

The last thing that I managed to pick up recently are these slightly platformed studded biker boots, I popped into Dunnes somewhere that I'm never in and these more or less just stood out and screamed to be bought, they again were reduced.... I'm so good at finding bargains these days! And I kid you not, there have only a few days since I purchased them that they haven't been seen on my feet, they are unbelievably comfortable and since I wear so much black anyways they go with everything. The studs and buckles give the shoes a certain edge and with there being a platform, they give me like an extra inch or two in height which I definitely need. #smallpeopleproblems

So thats what I've picked up, quite miraculously since I've been stuck in front of books lol but I hope to get the wear out of them all now that I've a social life again.... let me know if you've found any nice things lately? Or just leave a comment, I don't bite :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 

Tag // I heart drugstore makeup

14 May 2014
I think I may have mentioned in a post before how often I'm drawn to tag videos on YouTube and the same goes for blog posts, I see the word tag and I'm a goner. This being said, I shock horror, haven't wrote any tag posts of my own in the whole 4 odd months of blogging which is crazy. Since it's so overdue and I'm midst revision stress I thought it seemed fitting. The one for today as you may have guessed from the title is the 'I heart makeup' tag.

1. What is your favourite high street brand over all? 
This is a tough one, my favourite brands usually depend on who has the best releases and how much I've fallen in love with their new products which ranges from practically anyone but overall I'd have to say Rimmel, everything I own of theirs is wonderful.

2. What are your favourite face, cheeky and lip products? 
My go to foundations would surprise surprise be either the Rimmel Match Perfection or the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, just depending on what type of coverage I'm in the mood for or more importantly how generous my skin is being that day. Any drugstore makeup for your face wouldn't be complete without the use of the famous Collection concealer as well.

For cheeks I'm not really the biggest fan, I could easily go out with just foundation or concealer on but lately I've been making a conscious effort to try and my blush collection has seriously expanded! The MUA mosaic blush on one end of the drugstore scale is lovely and poses as a shimmery highlight too.

As for lips, I'm soo torn between the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks both matte and normal and the new Revlon Matte colourburst balms, can you tell I like matte? and crayons? Both are unbelievable and if I had to narrow it down even further the Revlon crayon Sultry is my absolute favourite.

3. What is your least favourite high street product? 
In general lipglosses, I'm just not a lipgloss kind of girl, I have a couple that I've purchased from different brands but again none of them have seemed to change my opinion.

4. What is your favourite makeup bargain?
Although I rarely venture into Superdrug anymore, curse my lack of free time MUA is still the cheapest and has the most surprising quality products. Overall my favourite would be the mua eyeshadow palettes or my trusty eyebrow pencil which is only £1, crazy I know! Also it'd be silly of me not to mention my baby lips in cherry me, I feel lost if I leave the house without it.

5. What is your favourite underdog product? something you love that often gets overlooked
I know that they were released absolute years ago but the Collection cream puff is a firm favourite of mine in the shade Fairy Cake, its matte and a little drying but if you prep your lips with some vaseline just before its not a problem. Its the absolute perfect colour and rarely needs a top up, even after eating.

6. What product do you find overpriced? 
Mascaras! In the drugstore you're lucky if you find one under £7 that actually does what its meant to do, its frustrating really because I don't have dark lashes and can't get away without wearing it. That and I haven't found my perfect mascara yet so please feel free to leave recommendations.

7. Your best bargain dupe? 
Either the MUA eyeshadow palette in heaven and earth for the naked palette or else the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipstick in 107 for Macs Rebel. Both amazing dupes!

8. What high street beauty product do you think isn't worth the hype? 
This is probably going to be an unpopular one but the Barry M Gelly nail polishes did absolutely nothing for me at all, there was so much hype that I left it a while and when Boots had a cheeky 3 for 2 on I picked one up. I thought they would be amazing but it was probably one of the worst polishes for staying on my nails, I think it chipped within 2 days and it had like 3 coats or something. Dissappointing because I'd tried their normal range of polishes and loved them, weird!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
p.s feel free to do this tag yourselves or let me know what your drugstore favourites are!