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Perfect for Pale Skin: MAC Studio Fix NW10 Review

12 September 2014
My Perfect Foundation for Pale Skin post link aka the Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 was posted about a month ago & I promised I'd review it once I'd used it for a while so alas here we are. It's probably the closest match to my skin tone out of the hundreds all the foundations I've tried so far and it would be perfect for all those other pale girls out there. After wearing it once and having a makeup artist flawlessly blend it in, it isn't quite the same so after a few weeks and a lot of use, here we are! 

I knew right away I was NW as I definitely have more pinky undertones but as for the colour match I hadn't a clue, after watching and reading so many reviews I thought I would be able to get away with NW15 (at the time that was the lightest shade) but after looking at it in the shop I realised if I had of bought it online I would have been rocking the whole 'my face is orange' look. Between NW10 and NW13 we decided I was NW10 so that's what I happily walked away with. 

In my last post I compared it to the Rimmel Match Perfection but they're only similar in terms of colour match for me, formula wise they're completely different. The MAC studio fix is a medium to full coverage meaning I can build it up for those bad skin days or let my skin breathe a little and only have a medium coverage, either way it looks amazing. I had always applied foundation with my fingers (they were clean, it was fine) for a more natural look but I've found a brush actually works better applying this and I use my trusty Real Techniques expert face brush (what a life saver) and therefore there's no mess, it applies beautifully and I'm done in no time.  

The foundation luckily doesn't oxidise which I hate foundations doing and stays true to the colour it was when you left the house that morning, no unpleasant surprises mid afternoon when you look in the mirror. It also has a SPF of 15, perfect for summer, applies fairly matte and would suit a range of skin types because of it being fairly matte. The only downside of this foundation is it doesn't come with a pump, I made the decision to buy one with mine but I know my Estee Lauder Double Wear is a real nuisance without one and it's nine times out of ten so wasteful of the foundation itself, so tip of the day, buy a pump! 

As for the foundation I think you can all tell I love it, in fact its probably my favourite at the minute, it's a tie between this and the Bourjois Healthy Mix but I can't wait to wear it through the autumn and winter months as well. All in all if you're looking for a new pale foundation, give this a swatch next time you're near a MAC counter, you won't be disappointed and its so worth its £21 price tag.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s whats your favourite paler foundations?

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4 comments on "Perfect for Pale Skin: MAC Studio Fix NW10 Review "
  1. This is the same colour I use and it's just a perfect shade for really pale skin. It dries my skin up though which is such a shame x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. aw really, its such a good match isn't it? I always find applying a layer or two of moisturiser or primer before the foundation helps a lot :) x

  2. I love Mac foundations, I currently have the Matchmaster in the lightest colour which looks like it's made for my skin. I love how easy they blend too while giving full coverage, I need to try face and body next!

    1. I haven't tried the matchmaster but I'm glad you found a perfect match, its so rare to find :) I really want to try face & body as well :) x


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