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Lip Balm Loving: Nuxe

28 April 2015
Something I've always been lacking in life is an utterly amazing lip balm that just blows all the rest out of the water, babylips tried and tested, other chapsticks tried, even the trusted vaseline (which has about twenty different uses) and none of them seem to do the trick: so when I heard about the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm I was a little sceptical. A month or two ago they launched their 20th Anniversary packaging and I decided to pick one up & give it a go since the packaging was even cuter than normal and my lips needed some tlc! (tmi, nearly)  

At first I thought the tub, although adorable was a little small for the price tag but as I've come to learn its not at all, I've been using it daily for a month and there isn't even a substantial dent in it, a little really does magically go a long way which I couldn't be more chuffed about! The red anniversary edition that I picked up smells distinctly of grapefruit which is very spring/summer orientated and I can't stop sniffing it - I'm not sure what the original smells like but I can imagine its just as nice.

The lip balm is primarily aimed at people with dry or damaged lips and it'll probably be a godsend in the A/W months (but thats a long time off yet) but even now applying some before bed gives my lips plenty of moisture and they feel more refreshed and healthy than they have done in ages, whenever I wake in the morning my lips are super soft and stay like that all day. I'm hoping that if I continue to use it, it will repair my lips completely and keep them nourished throughout the summer months.

The ingredients include honey, sunflower and shea butter & honestly they're the perfect combination because I probably couldn't live without this lip balm and thats saying a lot because I usually skipped the whole lip balm phase when applying makeup and just skipped to the lipstick/gloss/liner except for those matte days when you need a little something extra. As I mentioned its slightly pricier than other lip balms but its definitely worth it and I'm now converted, I'll definitely end up repurchasing, I just hope the Anniversay packaging stays around for a while!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s have you used any good lip balms lately or any that you absolutely swear by?

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DVD Haul

20 April 2015
I've only just noticed how little I mix it up on the blog in terms of non beauty related things which is a bit of a let down since I love reading non beauty posts on other blogs so much so I thought I'd incorporate some more. Over the past few weeks I've been on a dvd binge as you will, usually I'm not a huge dvd buyer and my collection is probably a lot smaller than average so I thought I'd build it up starting with a few Disney classics & share with you lovely readers of course!

I'll always be the first person to put my hands up and say I love Disney, always have, always will and this is showing my age but all of my Disney movies I have at the minute are on video (I'm a true nineties kid) & lets be serious no one has video players anymore so I thought I'd have to update the collection into DVD format. Therefore when I seen a buy one get one free offer I knew I'd have to pick some up, this resulting in me buying eight (I told you I binged) Disney DVD's. 

In the end I decided on The Lion King, one of my favourites movies of all time, Peter Pan (the animated version), Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book. At first that was all I was going to buy but then I went back a few days after and couldn't resist so I picked up Cinderella, The Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations and Monsters University to join my lone Tangled DVD. I was sort of restricted in the ones I could buy because not all of them were on offer but you can still imagine my excitement and inner child jumping for joy when these packages arrived on the doorstep, can't you? 

To balance it out a little I thought it'd be better to buy a few more 'grown up' movies, I say grown up (I mean not pg), I'm a wild child alright. The first one is the Maze Rumner, I remember seeing this movie last year and loved it, Dylan O'Brien is adorable too and I'm looking forward to the second movie, The Scorch Trials which is going to be released this year (I'm halfway through the book at the minute and I can't seem to put it down). 

After that I bought Gone Girl which is unusual for me because at the age of 20, I can safely say I don't own very many 18 rated movies, I think it's because scary/creepy/twisted isn't really my thang, give me a 15 and that'll do me. I'm now on the hunt for yet more DVDs, I'm dying to pick up a few like Finding Nemo & Monsters Inc as well as some non Disney DVDs too, maybe some rom-coms. I can see me needing new storage in the near future for them too so a trip to ikea might be on the cards and that can never be a bad thing. So yeah I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, let me know!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s if you can think of any good DVDs, new or old, leave them below? Have you bought any lately? 

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A healthier version of myself

13 April 2015
It's that wonderful time of year again or not so wonderful time of year, depends how you feel about it. The sun suddenly makes an appearance and its the norm to be seen in crop tops, shorter than short shorts and basically nothing else, now maybe I'm just getting older but that doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Yes its getting slightly sunnier and there's plenty of diets, detoxes and gym posts all over social media (ignore this one) but I thought it was time I got fitter & healthier rather than a 'summer body' which disappears again at the end of August.... 

Now I'm not dieting or detox-ing, honestly I think if I just stick to my normal meals and change bits and pieces here and there, maybe having some more fruit etc my diet should be balanced enough. I've never liked the idea of detoxing, I always thought without food I'd pass out or my stomach would start making some questionable rumbling tummy sounds in public and I couldn't cope with the embarrassment so a detox is definitely not on the cards.

Exercise however, is something I have a love-hate relationship with, over the years I've went to the gym off and on but never really taken it seriously, then last year I started running and making the most of living by the sea but by the Spring months it was time to go home and I never really got a chance so it was knocked on the head as well. All of a sudden I've taken the urge to exercise again not for the summer but to make myself healthier and stronger, not to lose weight as most diets are based around. I'm starting small and opting to walk when I can instead of jumping on a bus or in a car which has already helped, trust me its a lot nicer being out in the fresh air instead. 

I don't have a specific exercising outfit, I suppose I should work on that one but I have bought two pairs of trainers in the past few months and coming from a girl who never ever wore trainers apart from p.e and detested them them it's a big achievement! I'm finally coming round to the idea of trainers for daywear out and about and I think it's because trainers are a lot prettier than they used to be. I originally bought a 'comfort' pair from Tesco as they were on sale and simple enough to wear with a pair of jeans, plus the pink which isn't as bright as its showing gives it a pop of colour and keeps it from looking too dull and then I got the bug and bought another pair..... 

The second pair of trainers are more just for looking at or a really dry day when I know it's not going to rain, not even shower as I don't want them to get ruined, theyre too beaut. There very summery and are from Asos although the brands Gola, I think they were on offer at the time or maybe I just used my student discount, either way it was money off and they weren't even expensive in the first place. The print or design is by Liberty of London and it's just soooo pretty - I love it, and the pink laces are a nice finishing touch, now I just need some summery weather to wear them. I have been eyeing up some Nike trainers but I just can't justify the price #studentproblems but I'll keep admiring from afar and see how long I stick to my new routine for. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with exercise? Or any trainer/healthy eating recommendations? I'd love to hear them 

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7 April 2015
I'm one of those people that likes to cover all those pesky spots and blemishes over a bold lip and busy eye makeup anyday. I feel like if you don't have a good concealer, well its just not the same, at least I tell myself that to justify spending yet more money on base makeup, more importantly concealers! I know everyone swears by the Collection concealer and to some extent I do too but I wanted to branch out a little incase I'm missing out on something wonderful AND I hadn't owned a high end concealer so I thought I'd go all out and buy two at the one time....  

The two I decided on are actually quite similar as there both creamy and without a wand, the first was the MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC15 and the second was Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer in 'Light'. Now I'm usually not an NC at all in MAC, I'm a NW but this actually works on my skin, having pinky undertone foundation and concealer would probably be a bit too pink, so this balances everything out nicely. The Benefit one doesn't go by undertones, instead it just uses the usual light, medium, dark and of course I'm light, if there was an extra light I would probably be that.  

At first I wasn't sold on the potted concealer as such, opting for a wand everytime just for handiness but after loving my 17 phwoarrr paint I realised they aren't actually too bad, in fact they were easier and I found myself reaching for that more often than my ordinary wand concealers as the coverage was just as good, if not better and it included a little mirror so I'm hoping I'll adore these two just as much, I don't fancy using my fingers, especially as the warmer weathers approaching, they'll probably melt slightly but by using a smaller brush I'm hoping they'll blend like a dream and give me the coverage that I really need, I'm sure I'll share my feelings on them at some point, I always do :)

The only major thing I noticed about these two is that the Mac concealer has a lot more product (7g) compared to the Benefit concealer which has (3g), now for the record Benefit's is slightly more expensive around the £17/18 mark whereas MAC ranges around £15/16 so its a lot less for your moneys worth and I actually prefer the lid on the MAC concealer as theres no chance of it falling off, hopefully it won't make a difference to the product inside and I can't wait to get using them both. (It's almost as if I'm asking for bad skin to test them out, I promise I'm not)  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s has anyone tried these two? or any other high end concealers that they love? 

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March Beauty Favourites

Somehow I've only gotten round to doing my first favourite post of the year, and we're three, well four months in... what can I say this year has started off crazy and hasn't slowed down since, its been all systems go and sadly blogging has fallen by the wayside as a result. This month however thats going to change, no it needs to, I miss blogging. I'm inspired and can't wait to write some new posts  & you bet as soon as I get some proper lighting I'll be getting my routine back up and running, so as a sort of apology, here's my March beauty favourites.....      

As its coming into Spring (well meant to be, we'll ignore the thunder storms outside for the sake of this post) I like to switch things about and although I'm usually a full coverage, matte kind of gal I like to wear as light a base as possible when the suns out, praying my skin isn't acting up and making me self conscious (big tip: drink as much water as you can, clears your skin up in no time), last summer BB cream was my best friend. 

I'm sort of in the middle of mixing up my foundation routine and also just wearing concealer a lot of the time so thats why I haven't featured any this month but primers a different story. I've been switching between two primers as of late, to combat the shine, the well loved Benefit Porefessional which just so happens to keep my skin looking fresh all day and the second being the 17 wow three way highlight which I didn't think would be my cup of tea at all. I simply mix a little in with my foundation and it creates the perfect healthy glow. 

Lips and blush are the main switch in the spring/summer seasons, they're a must. Is it just me or do baby pinks just scream spring? The two lip favourites I've been loving is an Urban Decay revoloution lipstick in Streak which I bought late last year in the summer but never really got the benefit from because in no time it was time for the Autumn shades. It's a brighter pink than I'm used to but it's not too Barbie-esque either so I'm hoping I get my my use out of it this year, the formulas really creamy and it actually lasts quite a while. I've also featured one of my favourite MAC lipsticks, please me, it's matte (I couldn't stray from the matte too much) and is the most gorgeous everyday baby pink. 

Lastly I've been loving my Illamasqua powder blush in 'Hussy' which I always manage to forget about, its a really lovely colour and honestly I should probably put it on my dresser to make a conscious effort to use it! So that's it for March, I know I usually do two favourites post, beauty and non beauty but I haven't loved anything overly non beauty so I'll make up for it in Aprils posts. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what have you been loving through March, beauty or non beauty? 

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