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24 August 2015
Ok so usually I'm quite good at the whole 'keeping on top of things' thing and staying relatively organised but for the past few months I've sort of let it slip. I can't remember the last time I sat down and typed a blog post, I'll sneak in the odd Instagram post just to let the world know I still have wifi but aside from that I haven't touched my google account and blogger. It's saddening really and I've missed it a lot!

I'd like to say that it was because I was on holiday or enjoying the sun in the garden and working on my tan.... if only! It's been miserable and I've been working at placement and my other part time job more hours than I can count! I've had a few reports to do and my workload hasn't exactly been great. I've luckily finished my placement now and I can say it's definitely one of the more rewarding and enjoyable things I've been able to do and I'm excited to have a month off before going back into my final year of University which I'm sure will be busy, busy, busy and include a lot of all-nighter's in the library.

This week however, I've finally got my social life back on track, I'm still working a lot but I'm getting better and finding that work/social balance that we all desperately need. I'm less sleep deprived than I was, still wishing my body clock would let me sleep for more than 6 hours a night but I can't be too nit-picky. With this being said I've finally had a burst of inspiration and decided to write that although I've been gone, I'm excited to return to blogging and start the Jennys Everyday Life 2.0 edition. Oh and reassure everyone that I haven't dropped off the face of the planet! I've also managed to grow in followers during my absence which is absolutely astonishing so a big thank you and hopefully you all enjoy my posts when I get back on track!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

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Sorting Out & Decluttering: Foundation Edition

2 June 2015
After spending the last week or so & probably most of this week packing for moving house, I finally had to tackle to problem of where was I going to put my makeup? My beloved desk is being put into storage and I'll probably invest in something smaller like Muji, this being the case I thought it'd be best to sort out my 'stash' as such and I was more than surprised at the outcome, I own fourteen foundations, should I be ashamed? Probably! Am I? Not really but I did think it was way too many so I'm going to be making a real effort to use up two or three at least :) 

I thought it'd be nice to share my thoughts quite quickly on each of them (left to right), the first being the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, I'd bought the foundation version originally but it was a little too yellow toned upon application so I picked this one up instead, it has quite a fruity smell but a lovely finish! The next along is MUA's undress your skin foundation which I actually featured in my disappointing products post so that says it all, its just not my sort of foundation. The most recent addition to the collection being my L'oreal True Match, its a wonderful drugstore option which is basically a dupe for MAC studio fix, isn't too expensive and gives amazing coverage in a range which suits every skin tone.

The Rimmel Stay Matte is another than I'm not too keen on, no matter how I apply it it always looks cakey so I think I just left it here for good but I might just throw it out. The Collection lasting perfection foundation, I picked up a while back when buying my trusty collection concealer but I haven't got round to testing that out yet so when I do, I'll inform you all if it went down a treat or not! The next, the Maybelline Fit Me foundation is a lot darker than my skin tone and is what I'd call my 'foundation for those nights when I dare to tan myself' and it works perfectly for that. After that is the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation & this is probably one of the best drugstore foundations, I love wearing it throughout the summer, until recently there wasn't a really really pale shade but the then lightest shade still working for me, since they've released a paler one but either are still good, definitely makes you look more awake in the mornings as the name suggests :)

Next is the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation, this was something I bought last year with a No7 money off coupon and if I'm being honest haven't used all that much, the matte claim really appeals to me though and it may come in handy through the summer so I'll be sure to use it up! The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is a little too yellow toned for my skin tone but paired with the Rimmel Match Perfection beside it, it balances it out! The Rimmel one is something I use when I need to lighten a foundation but would be a perfect base if you like a lighter coverage. Another favourite for summer and those 'I don't want to wear make up days' is the Maybelline BB cream - I actually picked up the one for oily skin as its lighter and less orange than the original. I then had to mention my holy grail, Estee Lauder Double Wear which is superb and of course the MAC studio fix, both of which I've wrote posts about and I can't really fault - definitely worth the money! :)

So that's all my foundations in a pretty lengthy post, if you have any other questions about them, leave them below and I'll be sure to answer! Also this post was meant to go up last week so I have indeed moved house!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s whats your absolute favourite foundation of all time?

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Bedroom Inspiration

20 May 2015
If you've been reading lately, you'll know this time in two weeks I'll have moved house & I have so many mixed feelings already, I'm excited to decorate and live somewhere different but at the same time I'm sad to be living somewhere that I'm not used to and basically isn't my childhood home. Although I'm really trying to focus on the positives and I can't wait to redecorate my new bedroom so as you can imagine I've found myself browsing ikea and other shops home departments rather than the aisles of Boots lately & I thought I'd share a few pieces or ideas whilst I went! 

The first thing that's absolutely essential is a new bed and I'm slowly coming round to the idea of a day bed instead as I can store so much in it, either that or a bed with an underneath so I can store plenty of boxes hidden from plain sight. The next thing hand in hand with a new bed is bedding, cushions and bed throws, I haven't quite made my mind up on the new colour scheme but I'm definitely over whelmed by the amount of choice there is! 

Since it's a smaller bedroom I'm moving to, I'm really having to make the most of the space I do have or will have (it's a real ikea sort of job), I'm planning on putting up shelves along the top of the room to store books on, as well as a few candles to make the room smell nice, a few photo frames to hold my most cherished photos & photo albums - something I could never end up having enough of and also some plants to cheer the room up a little! 

I also really want to get a small DVD tower to go between the end of my bed, my TV and my wardrobes which will take up next to nothing space wise and hold a heck of a lot, like I need it to! I'm hoping it'll just fit right in :) I also quite like the idea of having fairy lights along the top of the room or bed (how tumblr right?) to make the room a lot more cosy & im still deciding what sort of light fixtures to get. I also wanted a standing light frame but I don't know if I'll have the room so I might have to settle for a desk lamp instead (minus the desk) 

Another thing I'm really hoping to get is a nice print or two for my walls, I'd especially like a vintage faded sort of print/world map (I'm a true geography student) & a full length mirror so I can check I don't look an absolute state throwing everything on me in the morning whilst I'm half asleep! Also I'll need to find some smaller storage solutions, I'm debating whether to get muji containers for my makeup or not, what do you think, does anyone have them at present? And a few little colourful bowls to keep smaller rings & other bits and pieces stored in :) and that's it, let me know if there's anything I've forgotten for decorating or any nice patterns/colour schemes etc! I don't do very many of these type of posts but I'd love some inspiration! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s does anyone have muji storage, or what's the favourite part of your room/decorating? 

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A few new things

14 May 2015
I usually enjoy posting my favourites at the end of the month or posting the odd haul or two in between but this time I thought I'd do a mid through the month thing to show all the things I've been loving as of late. I also thought there would be far too many if I left it that long so these are a few of my favourite new things. 

The first thing I did was have a little Paperchase snoop with the intention of picking up a mid year diary/planner as my current one runs out in July and I couldn't cope with the lack of organisation. I was lucky enough to find this aztec printed diary with a week to a page, which is beautiful and has plenty of space & stickers to keep me on track. Since I couldn't just walk out with one thing, its a problem I know this little list book caught my eye, I featured it in my exam post earlier this week and I love it to pieces. The colours are so fresh and spring-like plus the elastic keeps everything from falling out and lets face it, who doesn't want a specific list book to write in? 

I'd also seen a few tweets about the new Topshop beauty range with rose gold packaging so on the day of its release I coincidentally was shopping with my friend and wandered into Topshop, as you do and there were plenty on a cute little display at the front. I'll hold my hands up, anything rose gold and I'm an absolute goner so I resisted slightly although the packing is stunning and only picked up one thing, this gorgeous pastel blue/green colour in the shade 'Boy next door' and its already been on my nails for the past four days without chipping! I also received this gorgeous Iconemesis phone case* in the cat sims feather case design and I adore it, it arrived at a time when my phone case was on its last legs so this is perfect and I've been ever so happy having such a fresh, glossy & high standard case - definitely recommend having a look at their other cases (link). 

Lastly I took a trip to Boots and picked up two of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks in the shades So Hap'pink, a lovely pink-y shade (top) & Nude-ist (pictured bottom), a natural yet still pink-toned nude. The lasting power is seriously good and gives a lovely finish to the lips even after eating and drinking which I was pleasantly surprised by so I can't wait to wear these more through the spring/summer as there shades that'll carry me through to Autumn again and thats a long way off yet!
So that's everything I've been loving through May so far, let me know if you've tried any of these or what else you've been picking up this month too :)    

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what topshop makeup or bourjois makeup pieces are a must have?

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Exam Stress & Coping

11 May 2015
Luckily this year I don't have any exams but I know plenty of people who are stressing out completely over the thought of the next two/three weeks filled with as/a2 and uni exams so I thought this little post would be a great help in the upcoming weeks! I used to get terribly nervous at school with the pressure of exams and doing well but a few years down the line I've learnt a few things to keep me calmer and less stressed around exam time & if someone had put one of these together a few years ago it probably would have probably helped me a lot! 

1. The most important thing is to keep organised, always find out exactly when your exams are and then make a revision timetable making it as realistic as possible - that way you'll having a better chance of sticking to it. Don't forget to pencil in things you can't avoid like appointments & most importantly sleep and then revise around that. If you do this well in advance, you can even make a countdown on an app or the old fashioned way on your calendar and give yourself more than enough time to write notes AND learn them, cramming last minute is never good! 

2. Make enough to do lists to last you a lifetime. If you need to write a to do list for how many sections you still have notes to write for or if there's something you don't understand and need to ask someone about, write it down, it keeps you on top of everything plus it's ever so satisfying scribbling out what you've completed. 

3. Put your social life on hold and stay off social media, you don't need distracting. This may sound like something your parents would say a lot but really putting two weeks aside to revise is beneficial in the long run, staying off Facebook or snapchat although we all love them, it'll do us a world of good not talking about pointless things instead of studying. Plus the way I see it after the two weeks you've got the entire summer to enjoy it with your friends and you'll know you've done your best in your exams, a win win really. 

4.  Write in blue and keep things pretty. I remember reading somewhere that writing in blue helps you learn things better, it must stand out on the page more, maybe it's phscological but I've definitely wrote all of my notes in blue since and it's seemed to have worked. Also highlighters, colourful post its and cute stationary are also a major motivator, if something looks nicer you're more likely to be drawn to it and important notes wrote on coloured paper or mates often stick in your head better because they stand out more.

5. Don't write too much, it's a thing. Sometimes writing notes seems ideal but know when to stop, usually 30 odd pages later and realise if you keep writing you'll find it impossible to actually learn the information on them. This just comes from looking at your notes and picking out only the real,y important pieces of information, there's no point learning stuff that you don't need, it'll only stress you out more! 

6. Find somewhere quiet. In the run up to exams these days I lock myself in my bedroom, literally and don't come out except for the odd meal break. It's really peaceful, I'm one of those people that needs silence to concentrate so find somewhere quiet to study like a local library - no matter how many times you try to argue you can learn with music on and earphones in, you can't really. 

7. Find out what works best for you. A lot of people (if they're not lucky enough to have photographic memory which I'm always jealous of) write plenty of notes and some people are lucky enough to learn as they do that, then some people re-read their notes and the new information and then there's me who practically reads everything until I've it all memorised and can rhyme it off near word for word. I know this doesn't work for a lot of others but it does for me, if only I'd of known this 5 years ago... Also diagrams can be a great help for learning key points but try & find out what works best and go with it. 

8. Recall things & test yourself. If you're stuck on something or can't remember something completely test yourself by doing the old school, learn, cover and write (or in this case recite the information) ask someone whether it be a friend, other half or family member to test you on it until you get it right. My mums been hassled enough over the years with "can you test me on this?", I'm surprised she hasn't hit me with something heavy just yet! 

9. Don't over panic!  If you set aside the time & learn your stuff for you exam you'll do wonderfully, don't panic or have a breakdown before the exam. You'll be surprised how much comes back to you when you're sitting in the exam hall p.s revising past papers also helps a lot too so you always know what to expect or the layout of the paper but other than that there's nothing you can do - cramming is never the option. 

So there's my exam tips and tricks that I hope come in handy to someone, I know this is length but hopefully it's worth reading if it helps & if you are sitting exams soon, good luck! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what're your exam tips and tricks? Are you panicking over upcoming exams? 

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Weekly Ramble #10

10 May 2015
It's hard to believe that we're well into May now, where has the first four months of the year gone? Its that time of year when the suns trying to break out, emphasis on the trying and there's a fair few dull days in between but hopefully this summer we might see some sun, fingers crossed! 

As soon as it hits May its the countdown for my birthday with just over a month to go and my mark for halfway through the year and this year just happens to be the big 2 1 & so I'm even more excited than usual! This weeks been a bit of a mix up, although being off Monday for the bank holiday it's felt like the longest week at work yet, I've tried to be a busy bee this week and have somewhat of a social life whilst I can but let me tell you balancing two jobs and a social life is now a good combination.... I did try however! 

At the start of the week I published my room tour post finally, this I wasn't sure whether to post or not but it seems to have gone down a treat so I'm glad it worked out for the better, you can have a nosy here (link). I did manage to sneak in a Starbucks & of course that and a gossip/catch up session with the best friend comes hand in hand and yes, I did have hot chocolate in May because it was so dull and miserable. The good thing about this time of year of course is the flowers in full bloom and this blossom tree shows that, a dull picture but a nice view walking home. I spend all my time at the train platform and this is my view, surprisingly it was sunny on the day I had time to kill and decided to take photos. 

When I woke up this morning I'd a lovely notification from Bloglovin' informing me I'd reached 800 followers which is a crazy amount of people that I've ever so grateful for so thank you! (a longer appreciation post will probably be coming soon). I also posted a spring clothing haul here (link) and my Accessorize bag arrived in the post - its so beaut and I can't wait to start using it! Lastly I managed to sneak in a pizza hut lunch buffet for a catch up with another one of my good friends and it was scrumptious, salad, pizza and pasta all on one plate with unlimited coke, I was more than content! So that's been my week, a sort of busy one, sort of not, all of my photos were taken on my iphone thats why they've gone a little funny when editing but still you get the jist, hopefully next week will be even more fun filled. Let me know how your weeks been or if you enjoyed this :)  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s I also bought batteries for my camera so back to regular posting and clear photos I come! Has anyone been up to anything exciting lately?

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Spring Haul 2015

7 May 2015
The best thing about a change in season without a doubt is the new wardrobe that comes along with it, saying that I also needed a few bits and pieces to wear to work so shopping on payday seemed like a wonderful idea. I'll hold my hands up now and say a lot of the clothes are from Primark with a few other shops here and there but then again who doesn't love a Primark haul. I'm a summer baby so any excuse to wear summery clothes is a massive plus, I just wish we had the constantly warm weather that should be associated with summer.... if we do get it however, I'll be prepared.

Now these purchases have all stemmed from maybe two or three months occasional shopping trips, I think my bank balance would cry if I just went out in one shop and bought it all, in fact I think I would cry too! The first thing I picked up was a jumper from h&m in the sale for £7 (how summery of me) which is really lightweight and a speckled black & white colour, perfect for those nights when the suns gone down. Secondly I picked up a shirt from Primark which is a grey-mauve-y colour, it changes depending on the light but you can never have enough shirts and I think it was around the £6 mark. Then I managed to find this cute little top with elephant prints on it, although it's a crop top it's not that short which I love and it'll go well with jeans, leggings, anything really so in the basket it went too!

The next two shirt / tops I picked up from Primark are identical in style, just different in pattern, I thought it would be a nice change to have an open neck and rolled up sleeves when it's getting warmer but still remain smart enough for work. I couldn't decide between the two and I'm really trying to steer away from my 90% black wardrobe so I picked up the red option as well. 

This is probably my favourite thing in the entire haul or close to second (and second most expensive, around £22 but with student discount a little less and it's so worth it), I inserted a second picture just because the full length one doesn't do the playsuit any justice. It's a paisley print and the colours are gorgeous, maybe not your average summer colours but oh so pretty. This was from he New Look petite range, something I wasn't even aware of and it fits me perfectly which is always a struggle for us small gals and similarly to the shirts it has roll up sleeves. I can see this being a winner both for casual through the day wear or dressing up for going out at night with a pair of heels. I just love it! 

Whilst I was in New Look, to find the petite range I had to walk through the children's section and this kimono just sort of stood out to me - now I know it's children but honestly my mum tried it on and it fits her perfectly, it's not just me so there sizing must be massive, I think this is a 15 years but it's so pretty, did I mention being small has the ocassimal perks? I think it was £10 too so not breaking the bank either and it'll be a perfect cover up in the summer. After New Look I waltzed into Topshop & that never ends well so I tried to restrain myself as best as I could and only walked out with one thing, yes one, I'm extremely proud and it was this stunning playsuit from the petite range again which hugs the top half of me beautifully and has lace around both the arms and shorts - I'm dying for an excuse to go out just so I can wear it, is that bad? 

This pictures a little bit all over the place but I couldn't figure out how to display everything, in the end a floor shot worked. I can't get enough of these running/pyjama shorts from Primark (I always wear them lounging round the house) which are only £4, especially the floral & lace ones, they're so cute and I find myself looking for more every time I'm shopping. I also picked up a bandeau just for comfort, new bras from h&m, a camel & navy striped top from New Look which I can't stop wearing and my first pair of sandals of the year from Primark which were really inexpensive and look so nice. I find myself always reaching for tan rather than black shoes in the summer so I can see I'll get my wear out of them.

Lastly I picked up a few pairs of socks, you know the boring essentials & then this adorable pack of midi rings which I'm sure will keep me going for a while. The jewellery section was far too busy to have a good look but next time I'll be sure to have a peak. So that's everything that I've bought over the past wee while, hope you enjoyed it - I'm just really excited for spring/summer to properly arrive and it to be sunny a lot, wishful thinking I know... And if you've made it to the end I'm sorry but congrats on making it to the end of one of my lengthiest posts! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what nice things have you bought lately? Or if you've any links to hauls leave them below, I love reading them

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Revisited; L'oreal Loves

6 May 2015
If you're an avid reader of my blog you'll know I've a bad habit of mentioning a product and not getting back to review it until months down the line which is sort of a blessing if you think about it as I'm able to trial & test the product to see whether I really love it or not but lately I'm determined to try and speed up the process a little so alas here's my review of my new favourite drugstore bits and bobs....

The first and probably favourite of mine in regards to the bits I picked up is the L'oreal True Match Foundation - now I know what you're thinking not another review, please no? but I thought it was about time I tried it out for myself after the hype had died down and boy am I glad I did. Although on the pricier end of the drugstore scale around £9/10 (its still not breaking the bank) its by far the best coverage foundation I've found in all my years of scouring Boots' makeup aisles - its a close second to my MAC studio fix and covers all blemishes and spots on the first application!

There's a superb shade range in the collection and you'll be damned if you don't find a close to perfect skin match - I ended up with N1 'Ivory' and it suits my oh so pale skin perfectly. The longevity of this is actually what surprised me the most, it lasted all day on my skin with the occasional once over with a powder brush & without melting off my face, definitely one to reach for on a day you'll be out of the house a lot! I'm also a big fan of the bottle itself, its adorable & it has SPF 17 for those sunnier days that we're experiencing in amongst all the rain.... can you tell I've found my new favourite foundation of the moment?

As for mascara I'm usually loyal & very rarely branch out and try others that aren't L'oreal Miss Manga or Maybelline The Falsies but this time I decided to try out another L'oreal mascara that I'd heard plenty of positive things about, their False Lash Telescopic Mascara in 'magnetic black'. I always think L'oreal packaging looks sleek & classy and this is no different to that, the only downside I'd say is the bristles which don't move all too much and takes a little longer to apply at first but after a few applications its just the same as any other.

It stays on my eyes all day even on the wetter days without making me look like a panda escaping from the zoo and is a breeze to take off at the end of the day, no rubbing for hours here so I'd say its an all round success and I might just have to repurchase it again (and thats saying something because I'm bloody fussy with mascaras)! So thats what I've been loving recently, trialed and tested, hope you enjoyed and if you have any mascara suggestions, please leave them down below:)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what things do you absolutely love from L'oreal?

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Bedroom-Room Tour!

4 May 2015
I must have wrote this post already half a dozen times in the past few months and then changed it, deleted it and started again but alas here's the finished version. I always admit to loving lifestyle posts best and its true, bedroom and home decor posts in particular. I think it's just human nature to be nosy and I love getting inspiration from others. Also in the next month or two I'm moving house so this is sort of a post to remember my old bedroom which I'm oh so sad to be leaving behind - so I hope you enjoy! 

The main reason I've never posted a room tour is because a) my bedroom is never tidy b) cluttered beyond belief and c) I've never 100% happy with it, I'm always finding new pieces to add and honestly at the minute the decors a little mix of everything! (excuse the mess). I haven't posted about everything aka my makeup collection or the inside of my wardrobe, I thought that would be a bit much of but if this goes down well I might follow it up with a makeup collection post (let me know if you'd be interested).    

This is the centre piece of my middle shelves (the first is filled with toys from when I was little and the third holds my jewellery box and books). This shelf is probably my favourite though as it houses two photo frames, one including a shot of my friends and I at our formal and the other of the sunset that I took myself. Also there's little bits and pieces scattered about like prints, sunglasses, candles, one of my Marc Jacobs perfumes and of course my favourite thing - my little lipstick collection (its grown a lot since this photo) but these are my everyday favourites that I'm always reaching for and lets be serious, how pretty does that YSL look right at the front? ;)

I'm a lover of everything relating to photography, scenes and prints and this was something I picked up from a little shop in Italy on a school trip a few years back now showing a few of the well known sites & I knew it needed to be placed somewhere where I could see it and think of sunshine & good memories so its taken centre stage on one of my smaller walls.

This is the top of my Billy bookcase, it was a bit of a blank space so I decided to fill it up with a beaut print which is ideal for Spring time and some of my perfume collection. These are mainly celebrity perfumes that I've been bought over the past while. I really need to get through them all, I swear apart from these I've also got another 8 I think, someone needs to confiscate them all. I really love the Burberry perfume and the Taylor Swift, both Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted as they all smell incredible.   

This is the top shelf of my Billy bookcase which is currently holding my books of the moment, the odd DVD or two and my Gossip Girl collection - whenever I move I'm really hoping to separate these out and get a DVD tower from Ikea as it would probably be more space friendly. Also anyone who hasn't read any of the Maze Runner books by James Dashner I'd definitely recommend giving them a read - I'm currently reading The Scorch Trials and love it! 

This is my favourite piece of furniture in my room, I originally wanted to get the Malm Dressing table to match the rest of my Malm furniture but because of the radiator in my room it wouldn't have worked, therefore I picked up the Micke desk instead which is a lot cheaper & actually works out way better as theres two separate drawers instead of one huge drawer, I use one for makeup and the other for uni and paperwork bits & bobs, although I could see it becoming two makeup drawers quickly. I also have plenty of room for working and storing things, over on the left is a perfume box, my lantern, flowers, cotton pads and beloved Double Wear and the right is hair bobbles, my pandora bag, MAC quad and of course my t.v is centered smack back in the middle. 

These last three images just show random things around the room like my lipstick crayon collection in a cute little pot which is easy to grab, my mix-matched aztec-y pillows on my bed which somehow work and of course a zoomed out picture of my overall room - felt quite peculiar having a full size photo. So in a series of pictures I've managed to do a room tour of sorts, I've already excused the mess and I probably could have included a lot more photos but next time, I promise there will. It's definitely a different sort of post to start the month but let me know what you think or if you fancy seeing a makeup collection?!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s Am I the only one with a messy room, I try to keep it organised but it never works!

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Lip Balm Loving: Nuxe

28 April 2015
Something I've always been lacking in life is an utterly amazing lip balm that just blows all the rest out of the water, babylips tried and tested, other chapsticks tried, even the trusted vaseline (which has about twenty different uses) and none of them seem to do the trick: so when I heard about the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm I was a little sceptical. A month or two ago they launched their 20th Anniversary packaging and I decided to pick one up & give it a go since the packaging was even cuter than normal and my lips needed some tlc! (tmi, nearly)  

At first I thought the tub, although adorable was a little small for the price tag but as I've come to learn its not at all, I've been using it daily for a month and there isn't even a substantial dent in it, a little really does magically go a long way which I couldn't be more chuffed about! The red anniversary edition that I picked up smells distinctly of grapefruit which is very spring/summer orientated and I can't stop sniffing it - I'm not sure what the original smells like but I can imagine its just as nice.

The lip balm is primarily aimed at people with dry or damaged lips and it'll probably be a godsend in the A/W months (but thats a long time off yet) but even now applying some before bed gives my lips plenty of moisture and they feel more refreshed and healthy than they have done in ages, whenever I wake in the morning my lips are super soft and stay like that all day. I'm hoping that if I continue to use it, it will repair my lips completely and keep them nourished throughout the summer months.

The ingredients include honey, sunflower and shea butter & honestly they're the perfect combination because I probably couldn't live without this lip balm and thats saying a lot because I usually skipped the whole lip balm phase when applying makeup and just skipped to the lipstick/gloss/liner except for those matte days when you need a little something extra. As I mentioned its slightly pricier than other lip balms but its definitely worth it and I'm now converted, I'll definitely end up repurchasing, I just hope the Anniversay packaging stays around for a while!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s have you used any good lip balms lately or any that you absolutely swear by?

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DVD Haul

20 April 2015
I've only just noticed how little I mix it up on the blog in terms of non beauty related things which is a bit of a let down since I love reading non beauty posts on other blogs so much so I thought I'd incorporate some more. Over the past few weeks I've been on a dvd binge as you will, usually I'm not a huge dvd buyer and my collection is probably a lot smaller than average so I thought I'd build it up starting with a few Disney classics & share with you lovely readers of course!

I'll always be the first person to put my hands up and say I love Disney, always have, always will and this is showing my age but all of my Disney movies I have at the minute are on video (I'm a true nineties kid) & lets be serious no one has video players anymore so I thought I'd have to update the collection into DVD format. Therefore when I seen a buy one get one free offer I knew I'd have to pick some up, this resulting in me buying eight (I told you I binged) Disney DVD's. 

In the end I decided on The Lion King, one of my favourites movies of all time, Peter Pan (the animated version), Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book. At first that was all I was going to buy but then I went back a few days after and couldn't resist so I picked up Cinderella, The Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations and Monsters University to join my lone Tangled DVD. I was sort of restricted in the ones I could buy because not all of them were on offer but you can still imagine my excitement and inner child jumping for joy when these packages arrived on the doorstep, can't you? 

To balance it out a little I thought it'd be better to buy a few more 'grown up' movies, I say grown up (I mean not pg), I'm a wild child alright. The first one is the Maze Rumner, I remember seeing this movie last year and loved it, Dylan O'Brien is adorable too and I'm looking forward to the second movie, The Scorch Trials which is going to be released this year (I'm halfway through the book at the minute and I can't seem to put it down). 

After that I bought Gone Girl which is unusual for me because at the age of 20, I can safely say I don't own very many 18 rated movies, I think it's because scary/creepy/twisted isn't really my thang, give me a 15 and that'll do me. I'm now on the hunt for yet more DVDs, I'm dying to pick up a few like Finding Nemo & Monsters Inc as well as some non Disney DVDs too, maybe some rom-coms. I can see me needing new storage in the near future for them too so a trip to ikea might be on the cards and that can never be a bad thing. So yeah I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, let me know!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s if you can think of any good DVDs, new or old, leave them below? Have you bought any lately? 

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A healthier version of myself

13 April 2015
It's that wonderful time of year again or not so wonderful time of year, depends how you feel about it. The sun suddenly makes an appearance and its the norm to be seen in crop tops, shorter than short shorts and basically nothing else, now maybe I'm just getting older but that doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Yes its getting slightly sunnier and there's plenty of diets, detoxes and gym posts all over social media (ignore this one) but I thought it was time I got fitter & healthier rather than a 'summer body' which disappears again at the end of August.... 

Now I'm not dieting or detox-ing, honestly I think if I just stick to my normal meals and change bits and pieces here and there, maybe having some more fruit etc my diet should be balanced enough. I've never liked the idea of detoxing, I always thought without food I'd pass out or my stomach would start making some questionable rumbling tummy sounds in public and I couldn't cope with the embarrassment so a detox is definitely not on the cards.

Exercise however, is something I have a love-hate relationship with, over the years I've went to the gym off and on but never really taken it seriously, then last year I started running and making the most of living by the sea but by the Spring months it was time to go home and I never really got a chance so it was knocked on the head as well. All of a sudden I've taken the urge to exercise again not for the summer but to make myself healthier and stronger, not to lose weight as most diets are based around. I'm starting small and opting to walk when I can instead of jumping on a bus or in a car which has already helped, trust me its a lot nicer being out in the fresh air instead. 

I don't have a specific exercising outfit, I suppose I should work on that one but I have bought two pairs of trainers in the past few months and coming from a girl who never ever wore trainers apart from p.e and detested them them it's a big achievement! I'm finally coming round to the idea of trainers for daywear out and about and I think it's because trainers are a lot prettier than they used to be. I originally bought a 'comfort' pair from Tesco as they were on sale and simple enough to wear with a pair of jeans, plus the pink which isn't as bright as its showing gives it a pop of colour and keeps it from looking too dull and then I got the bug and bought another pair..... 

The second pair of trainers are more just for looking at or a really dry day when I know it's not going to rain, not even shower as I don't want them to get ruined, theyre too beaut. There very summery and are from Asos although the brands Gola, I think they were on offer at the time or maybe I just used my student discount, either way it was money off and they weren't even expensive in the first place. The print or design is by Liberty of London and it's just soooo pretty - I love it, and the pink laces are a nice finishing touch, now I just need some summery weather to wear them. I have been eyeing up some Nike trainers but I just can't justify the price #studentproblems but I'll keep admiring from afar and see how long I stick to my new routine for. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with exercise? Or any trainer/healthy eating recommendations? I'd love to hear them 

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7 April 2015
I'm one of those people that likes to cover all those pesky spots and blemishes over a bold lip and busy eye makeup anyday. I feel like if you don't have a good concealer, well its just not the same, at least I tell myself that to justify spending yet more money on base makeup, more importantly concealers! I know everyone swears by the Collection concealer and to some extent I do too but I wanted to branch out a little incase I'm missing out on something wonderful AND I hadn't owned a high end concealer so I thought I'd go all out and buy two at the one time....  

The two I decided on are actually quite similar as there both creamy and without a wand, the first was the MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC15 and the second was Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer in 'Light'. Now I'm usually not an NC at all in MAC, I'm a NW but this actually works on my skin, having pinky undertone foundation and concealer would probably be a bit too pink, so this balances everything out nicely. The Benefit one doesn't go by undertones, instead it just uses the usual light, medium, dark and of course I'm light, if there was an extra light I would probably be that.  

At first I wasn't sold on the potted concealer as such, opting for a wand everytime just for handiness but after loving my 17 phwoarrr paint I realised they aren't actually too bad, in fact they were easier and I found myself reaching for that more often than my ordinary wand concealers as the coverage was just as good, if not better and it included a little mirror so I'm hoping I'll adore these two just as much, I don't fancy using my fingers, especially as the warmer weathers approaching, they'll probably melt slightly but by using a smaller brush I'm hoping they'll blend like a dream and give me the coverage that I really need, I'm sure I'll share my feelings on them at some point, I always do :)

The only major thing I noticed about these two is that the Mac concealer has a lot more product (7g) compared to the Benefit concealer which has (3g), now for the record Benefit's is slightly more expensive around the £17/18 mark whereas MAC ranges around £15/16 so its a lot less for your moneys worth and I actually prefer the lid on the MAC concealer as theres no chance of it falling off, hopefully it won't make a difference to the product inside and I can't wait to get using them both. (It's almost as if I'm asking for bad skin to test them out, I promise I'm not)  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s has anyone tried these two? or any other high end concealers that they love? 

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March Beauty Favourites

Somehow I've only gotten round to doing my first favourite post of the year, and we're three, well four months in... what can I say this year has started off crazy and hasn't slowed down since, its been all systems go and sadly blogging has fallen by the wayside as a result. This month however thats going to change, no it needs to, I miss blogging. I'm inspired and can't wait to write some new posts  & you bet as soon as I get some proper lighting I'll be getting my routine back up and running, so as a sort of apology, here's my March beauty favourites.....      

As its coming into Spring (well meant to be, we'll ignore the thunder storms outside for the sake of this post) I like to switch things about and although I'm usually a full coverage, matte kind of gal I like to wear as light a base as possible when the suns out, praying my skin isn't acting up and making me self conscious (big tip: drink as much water as you can, clears your skin up in no time), last summer BB cream was my best friend. 

I'm sort of in the middle of mixing up my foundation routine and also just wearing concealer a lot of the time so thats why I haven't featured any this month but primers a different story. I've been switching between two primers as of late, to combat the shine, the well loved Benefit Porefessional which just so happens to keep my skin looking fresh all day and the second being the 17 wow three way highlight which I didn't think would be my cup of tea at all. I simply mix a little in with my foundation and it creates the perfect healthy glow. 

Lips and blush are the main switch in the spring/summer seasons, they're a must. Is it just me or do baby pinks just scream spring? The two lip favourites I've been loving is an Urban Decay revoloution lipstick in Streak which I bought late last year in the summer but never really got the benefit from because in no time it was time for the Autumn shades. It's a brighter pink than I'm used to but it's not too Barbie-esque either so I'm hoping I get my my use out of it this year, the formulas really creamy and it actually lasts quite a while. I've also featured one of my favourite MAC lipsticks, please me, it's matte (I couldn't stray from the matte too much) and is the most gorgeous everyday baby pink. 

Lastly I've been loving my Illamasqua powder blush in 'Hussy' which I always manage to forget about, its a really lovely colour and honestly I should probably put it on my dresser to make a conscious effort to use it! So that's it for March, I know I usually do two favourites post, beauty and non beauty but I haven't loved anything overly non beauty so I'll make up for it in Aprils posts. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what have you been loving through March, beauty or non beauty? 

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24 March 2015
I don't think I've quite conquered an album post just yet, a playlist yes, review no so I thought what would be more fitting than one of my top three albums of all time & thats a big statement, I don't think anything will ever beat Ed Sheeran's + album, even the old Steps/S Club CD's don't come close and they were definitely well loved back in the day! 1989 was released around October time last year and yes I counted it down, I was excited and for good reason, the albums blooming brilliant!

Apart from pointing out the obvious that Taylor Swift's an absolute babe, I don't think I could say girl crush fast enough, she's an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and all round person & I think I can count the amount of songs of hers I'm not too fond of (on all of her albums) on one hand. This albums no different, in fact its probably one of my favourites and I love every song on the album, Style was the first that really grew on me though!

Taylor's definitely turned to the pop side with this album with no traces of country to be heard (something which I'm a little sad about) but she does suit the pop genre just as well, so its a tough one. I know the pop will most likely appeal to a much larger audience, as if there's anyone that hasn't been converted to a T-Swift fan at this point....lets face it. I've so many favourites but if I had to narrow them down I'd have to pick Clean, Wonderland, New Romantics, Blank Space and This Love, basically all of the deluxe bonus songs, they're all perfect and the lyrics are amazing.

I also wanted to show the attention to detail with this album, just look at the c.d itself, I also love the simplicity of the album's name and cover, simple yet effective! The deluxe version which I managed to get has all these exclusive Polaroids photographs inside as well which I love and the lyrics from the album are written underneath, such a nice finishing touch. The necklace my friend actually bought me about four years ago and I've worn it off and on as you do but I realised just how similar it is to the one used in the style video aka a harry reference so I had to add it in too. 

Overall, it's an amazing album and I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen if you haven't already (I know some people just listen to the singles and not the entire things but the deluxe songs are definitely great! Let me know what you think of this kind of post too 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s are you a Tay Swift fan, or listened to 1989? What do you think? 

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Accessorize Haul

22 March 2015
Now this haul's long overdue, think two months overdue but somehow I've only got round to using the things properly now, am I the only one who loses things amidst their room for ages and then remembers about them? It seems so! Accessorize is a shop I love for their cute and bang on trend jewellery and bags especially in the spring/summer seasons but I haven't bought much from it because of its location, although there is one in the city centre its just seems out of the way and I always forget about it, thats about to change because their stuff is too cute to ignore!

You may think I'm overly strange buying a pair of slipper booties in March? usually I'd be the first to point out that you don't need them but in January thats not the case. I was also trying to be super organised for the end of summer/start of Autumn because its so hard to find a decent pair and I don't think my slippers at present are going to last me six/seven months so I'm prepared and have a back up if needs be. I also really liked the style & the colour and I'm not normally a blue kind of person -they have little pom pom's by the ankle and they're not too long, not too short, perfect ankle covering length so I can't wait to lounge around in these when the time comes.

The second thing I needed or convinced myself I needed was a new purse, I think I featured my purse I'm using at the minute in an old spending ban post, it's lasted me ages and although its still in tip top shape I've now gathered too many cards and theres not enough card slots. Its a lot harder than it sounds to find a purse with lots of card slots and so when I seen this one on the Accessorize website, plain black, sleek and professional with enough room for 13 cards and a hefty sized coin part in the back I knew it was ideal and into the basket it went.

Lastly I picked up this adorable handbag, perfect for Spring and for one of my friends upcoming birthday (this is only one present ticked off the list but its a start). I love the contrast between the light blue and navy, the straps also a good length for wearing over the shoulder and I especially love the gold embellishment. With handbags I hate having to squeeze everything into too small a bag or carrying around a bag, likely to make me look as if I'm going on a three week break but this I've found is the perfect size and I've a feeling my friend will be thrilled with it, I'm sort of sorry I didn't pick one up for myself at the same time  though! So thats all the things I picked up, let me know what you think!  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what do you love from Accessorize? Or if you had to pick, jewellery or bags?

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Rimmel - Lets Get Nude

10 March 2015
I'm always partial to the odd #notd post, if you're anything like me I'm always painting and re-painting my nails, in fact there's never really a time that I have nothing on, even if it's a nude so I thought I'd share a new discovery of mine. I hold my hands up - I've never owned a higher end nail polish and have no real intention to either, the drugstore options are more than enough to keep me going, plus they're so affordable!

If you'd asked me a year or two about nude nail polish, my opinion was if you can't tell you're wearing it there's no point to putting it on, that opinions changed safe to say. This particular nail polish 'Lets get Nude' is one of Rimmels 60 seconds formula from the Rita Ora range and is super cheap around the £3 mark. All of the shades in the range have quirky names which I really like, a fairly good sized bottle and a nice applicator brush which is always a bonus. 

The nail polish once applied is exactly what it says on the tin, I'm pale and it was a shade darker than my skin colour so the perfect match. It made my nails look lovely and glossy, now I didn't manage to get a really good picture when they were freshly painted but I am wearing it in the above photo and it shows how nice a colour it really is. This is the first nude colour that I've really loved on my nails and with the whole nude lip thang going on because of Kylie Jenner I can see me rocking the nude nail look instead.

 It's just made me want to expand my nude collection more than anything.... and it'll be perfect for work and summer, rocking a black nail or bright yellow although pretty don't exactly scream professional and my nails can still be protected somewhat. The lasting power is also quite impressive as I'd been wearing it around 4-5 days before chipping and that includes working (aka destroying my nails) so I'm quite pleased with this one and can't wait to collect a few more! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what are your thoughts on nude nail varnish? Or do you have any faves I should try?

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Springs Arrived

9 March 2015
I think its safe to say, Spring has sprung & I couldn't be happier! This was a bit of a spontaneous post this morning on the train and luckily enough I had the photographs to go alongside it in a draft, points for organisations please! This is a shorter post of mine just to welcome in the new season - the first few days of the month have been a bit dubious and just yesterday it was bloody freezing, wet, miserable and gale force winds yet this morning it's as if none of that even happened. 

Luckily enough from our kitchen window we've a view of over the city and it just so happened that whilst I was eating breakfast today the sun was rising so of course I snapped a picture and put in on Instagram (links on the side) if you want to have a nosey - definitely a nice start to the morning. What is it with the sun and lifting everyone's spirits? Usually the dreary train commuters in the morning are just that, dreary and today they were all positively beaming as if it was the height of summer. 

I decided to embrace the weather and ditch the boots & socks I've been wearing solidly since the end of Autumn to my new shoes which show ankle and have cut outs - how daring right? I then decided to put my most spring appropriate lipstick on, my prized YSL lipstick which is pictured above and although I'm not the biggest fan of shimmer, this isn't sticky or overdone, it's perfect! Sadly I left the sunglasses at home, which I'm sort of regretting now as I'm making that really unattractive squinty face when the suns in your eyes out of the train window  - luckily no one can see in! 

As soon as the sun arrives everyone embraces the colour and brights in their wardrobes (or pastels) and it's such a nice change, since my wardrobe is 95% monochrome, I just add a coloured cardigan or the like but still I try. I don't think it's warm enough for crop tops and short just yet but I like that we're on the way - sometimes it's nice to leave the coat at home! And also Easters right around the corner, that's definitely sneaked up on me, 2015s whizzing by and with working all summer I'll definitely be making the most of the sun we do have when I can it the weather has cheered me right up.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what's your favourite thing about Spring time?  

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