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An Old Love

23 February 2014
When you hear the phrase eyeshadow and the brand Urban Decay most people tend to think of the well known Naked Collections and little else. However I purchased this little gem of a palette ages ago and it was doing nothing but sitting at the bottom of a drawer in my bedroom oops. It wasn't until recently when I was tidying up that I came across it and fell in love all over again. 

This palette has been out for a while and as far as I know it was limited edition (don't quote me though it might not have been) but if it was then I'm happy I purchased it at the time. Although this might be the case I'm sure it would still be available on Ebay and elsewhere if you still wanted to get your hands on it. At first I was drawn in by the bright packing which is decorated in animals such as dolphins, butterflies and rabbits adding to the cute factor and I'm not even a massive animal lover. This alone was enough to buy it but then I noticed the six lovely shades inside and I was done for. 

It's the perfect size for carrying around in your handbag and contains six perfect shades, three for everyday use and three other shades which are more daring and suited for a night time look. The palette also includes a mini eyeshadow primer and an eyeliner in the shade zero, both of which come in awfully handy. As well as this theres a mirror included which is another added bonus. 

I was really suprised at the pigmentation of all six eyeshadows as in the photos above I've only swatched the colours once and as you can see the colour payoff is great. I'm not usually adventurous with my eyeshadow but Urb is the most gorgeous green shade and I think its definitely my favourite from the top row in the palette. On the second row its a much harder decision as these are my three most used, I'm a naturals gal what can I say. Half Baked and Smog which both feature in the famous Naked Palettes would have to be my favourites as together they create the perfect everyday look - I like to wear Half Baked across the lid and Smog in the crease. There is little fallout considering they are so glittery and they last all day which is truly amazing. 

If anyone else has tried this palette or similar UD eyeshadows let me know? I really want to expand my collection since the quality is just amazing but I just don't have a clue where to start :) P.s my fingers are looking pretty dodgy but finger photos in general are awkward lol!
Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

Illamasqua Mini Haul

21 February 2014
Over the past few weeks there have been far too many sales for my bank account to cope with and a few little things from Illamasqua just happened to catch my eye. As a result of no will power when it come to shopping I picked up a few items. I'd never tried anything from the brand before so I decided to get a range of things that you can never go wrong with or have enough of hence the mini haul for all you lovely readers. On a side note can I just mention how luxurious the packaging is? wow! 

I've also realised that I have quite a problem with taking photos, there seems to be hundreds on each of my blog posts I apologise.... I don't know how people can post with just one photo. Anyways I'd heard many great things about Illamasqua blushers and when I saw a variety of them on sale both cream and powder I decided to pop one in the basket. The one I chose is a powder blusher called Hussy and is a beautiful pinky shade perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months - blusher is a neglected makeup product in my makeup collection. I never buy any but I'm making a conscious effort to change this.

In keeping with the spring and summer thinking I saw this nail polish in Radium and knew it would look amazing with some colour, usually I wouldn't pick up such a bold colour but this just appealed to me. The lime green/illuminous look really isn't as scary in real life. Lastly I purchased two lipsticks, a dark pink/red shade in Magnetism which will be well suited on a night out for a classic look to an outfit and a bright pink in Immodest, which really isn't as bold as it is in the picture above for everyday summer wear.

Since I had to leave these products in their gorgeous packaging untouched until I could take these photos I haven't had a chance to use them yet but I'm sure as soon as I do a few reviews will be on their way. I've heard such great things about all the products and I'm sure I'll be converted from here on out. The packaging is enough to do it alone.

On a side note, do you think I should reduce the amount of photos in my blog posts or are they okay the way they are ? Oh and has anyone used any of these products or ones similar from Illamasqua?

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
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Weekly Ramble #1

16 February 2014
Across many blogs I always see weekly recaps and think that'd be really fun to do but on the other hand I don't have enough exciting things to post about in 7 days. This week however was something different and so I decided to do my first weekly ramble. 

First of all we had snow at the beginning of the week which was really unexpected, the odd thing being that it snowed at my University heavily and by the time I travelled home there wasn't any at all. The photo is from walking between classes on campus and it looked too perfect to not take a photo of it. It's also really unusual to have snow in February but I'm not complaining!

On top of that this week I've had far too many Mcdonalds to be considered normal, hello student lifestyle but this was before I realised I have a holiday in less than 2 months and it's being knocked on the head. Is it just me or are chicken nuggets just irrisistable? Secondly Valentines Day arrived and with love in the air and all that, I came home to find my whole house coming down with these adorable heart shaped cupcakes which tasted amazing and again probably didn't do much for the whole diet thing I'm attempting to stick to.

I also went to the cinema not once but twice this week, you can tell that the work load isn't too bad at the minute eh. The first was on Tuesday to see 'The Awkward Moment' for the sole reason Zac Efron was in it and he's a babe and the second was on Thursday to see 'Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit' starring Chris Pine and Keira Knightly. Both movies were surprisingly really good and it was a nice change than sitting in the house. I did have a photo inserted here of my tickets which actually looked quite nice but when it came to publishing they magically disappeared. Lastly I thought I'd post an instagram photo from the week - my Illamasqua order arrived and I fell in love with the pink themed items immediately. I already have a post written and it'll be up sometime in the week so keep an eye out for that one.

As you can see I've had a busy week, well for me anyways and I think after a little pamper session tonight I'll be prepared for my 5am Monday morning start to the week and I'm sure some uni deadlines and work might make its way in there aka less time to be social. Feel free to let me know how your weeks been, if you've tried any of the products or seen the movies above? Or even any recommendations for new things to see/buy? 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
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9 February 2014
Yesterday I was nominated by the lovely Lizzie at xBeautyMagic to do the #allbloggersgreatandsmall tag, at first I was happy I was nominated then realised I didn't have a clue what is was or what to do! I finally realised it's a tag for blogs that have less than 1000 followers to become more well known and to also discover new blogs and more lovely people along the way and decided to give it a go and write this post. The questions are as follow:

1. What makes you want to blog? 
After watching endless youtubers I started reading their blogs as well and from this started following other blogs from a range of people (beauty-lifestyle-fashion etc) and fell in love. I never even thought about doing a Youtube channel as my accent sounds awfully funny on camera so a blog it was. I like to write about things that I'm passionate about and enjoy with people who have the same interests whereas my family would tell me to give over - they just don't understand.... 

2. Your morning skin routine? 
This was a new years resolution of mine to incorporate more skincare products in to my daily routine and I've failed at doing so so far. In the mornings as bad as this sounds I love a few extra minutes in bed, so I would wash my face as usual and then apply moisturiser before my makeup, that's all. 

3. Your favourite blogger? 
The most well known or obvious would be Zoella, Essie Button, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya Burr and Fleur De Force but I see these more as Youtubers rather than bloggers, weird huh. Therefore my favourite bloggers that I'm sure everyone would know would be more like Lily Pebbles, Milkteef, LlyMlrs and Couture Girl. Lately however I've been loving smaller blogs such as xBeautyMagic (who very nicely nominated me for this) and a few others.   

4. A beauty product you can't live without? 
This is definitely a toss up between a high/medium coverage foundation or else mascara. Without these two I wouldn't know what to do with myself. They both really help a girl out when you're having an off day - don't want to look as if you have no eyelashes lol. 

5. Your favourite drugstore makeup brand? 
I always love going to the Rimmel stand in the drugstore since I've been using their products for years so I guess that would have to be my absolutely favourite but recently I've been trying out new things from all of the other brands too such as Bourjois and Revlon which are great as well.

6. Your favourite high end makeup brand? 
I have far too many urban decay eye palettes to be considered normal (for me anyways) and I own a few MAC items so I'd say their both my favourite. The aim for the year is to buy more high end products for my collection so who knows this time next year I may have a new favourite.

7. What is your staple wardrobe item? 
Being in between seasons and all that I've constantly been wearing skirts and dresses with ankle boots
and they are the most comfiest pairing especially with a baggy jumper to top it all off, so I'm gonna say skirts and boots.

8. What is a product you would not recommend? 
On a whim a couple of months ago I bought a lipstick from Accessorize, I think it was mainly for the packaging but don't judge most people do this as well. It's a lovely colour and not at all drying as it's so creamy but this is essentially it's downfall as it transfers :(

I am going to tag Emma and Katie, enjoy :)
Thanks for reading, Jenny xo     

Just a little thank you!

6 February 2014

Instead of posting a normal post I thought I would write something a little bit different - for the past few days I've been busy with University and haven't been constantly checking this.... for once. Therefore when I signed in earlier today and checked my emails to see that I had reached 120 Followers on Bloglovin' and 7 on Google Friend Connect I was in complete shock - happy shock nonetheless. Thank you all! This may not seem like a huge number but considering I thought I'd have like 5 followers, it means an awful awful lot. 

Therefore this is just a little post to show my appreciation to those who follow, comment and just in general chat to me. I've only had my blog for a month and it's crazy to think so many people have read my ramblings or who have spent their time reading through my posts. I've also seen so many lovely comments on my blog which I love reading through and which genuinely make my day. The blogging community is just so welcoming and friendly and I'm happy that my little blog and myself are now a part of it. 

I have a habit of writing terribly long posts so I'll try and be quick - I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone, it means a lot that you support me and my blog. This being my first blogging milestone means its something really special but who knows I might reach another in the future. I love you all :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

January Non Beauty Faves

2 February 2014
Since I've already posted my Beauty January Favourites here, I thought it would be nice to also post my non beauty favourites. These posts are a lot less common throughout the blogging community yet they're still just as enjoyable to write and put together. 

The first thing I've been absolutely loving this
month is Demi Lovato's Staying Strong Book, I received this for Christmas as a gift and its one of the best presents I was given. It's lovely to read first thing in the morning as it sets you up for the day with inspirational quotes and daily advice lasting the entire year hence the 365 days a year part. Just an all round lovely book. 

I've also had Little Mix's album Salute on repeat the entire month, I know its been out for a little while and I had listened to it before but I've just really grown attached all of a sudden. All of the songs are so uplifting, happy or else have an important meaning behind them which I love especially Move, Towers and Nothing Feels Like You. Now I just can't wait to see them live again in early summer :) 

More of a fashion related favourite of the month would be my tartan scarf, I remember buying this in Urban Outfitters last year before tartan was the new thing and whilst everyone was looking about trying to get one this year I already had mine. It's 
so comfy, just the right height (I'm tiny so this is a big thing) and a combination of really nice colours. It goes really well with all of my coats and I just haven't been able to take if off whilst we've been having this wintery weather. 

The really good thing about Janaury is that all of the American t.v series start back again such as PLL, Teen Wolf, Suburgatory and the Vampire Diaries to name a few. I'd been waiting patiently for months for them to return to my screen (the laptop one of course) and within the first week or two of the month they were. My two favourites have been Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf, both of which have gotten considerably darker and scarier since their first series' but I still love them nonetheless. I would recommend these two t.v shows to anyone, Pretty Little Liars being the more girly of the two and Teen Wolf being more supernatural. If you haven't seen them, go watch them now! :) 

So that's what I've been loving this month! Let me know if theres any non beauty favourites you've been loving as well? 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 

January Beauty Favourites;

1 February 2014
Where has the month of January gone? It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating New Years and soon enough it'll be Easter! Throughout the month I've loved using so many products - old and new and had a hard time narrowing them down but I eventually managed to for you lovely readers.

With all this cold weather I've found myself reaching for my Baby Lips Hydrate in the morning to keep my lips in good condition because let's be honest chapped lips are not attractive. I've been using this along with my Revlon Lip Butters and these two lip products together work like a dream, out of the ones I own my favourite shade is Macaroon as it gives colour to the lips but not too much and is super moisturising.

For my face I've found an incredible duo in my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Wake Me Up Foundation - usually I wouldn't mix my foundations but on a whim I tried it and well it's definitely a winner. As for eye products about halfway through the month I decided to purchase the L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara whilst on offer and I can safely say since then it has been my trusty go to mascara in the morning. It makes my lashes look long and volumized which always helps in the morning when I need to look more awake.

For most of the month I ditched the eyeshadow that I've ever so fond of and decided to bare all wearing just mascara and then eyeliner. This was mainly due to finding my collection eyeliner in a drawer after being thrown in and forgotten about and I felt like I should give it another chance. For being so inexpensive it really does the trick, it creates a lovely look perfect for everyday wear and I seriously love it.

The last thing I've been properly loving is my perfume of the month Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck Enchanted - last Christmas I received Taylor's original perfume Enchanted and loved it so I felt like asking for her second for Christmas was ideal. At first I thought they smelt quite similar but after smelling them again I realised Wonderstruck Enchanted has more of a floral and sweeter smell whereas Enchanted is quite musky - both however smell amazing and I would definitely recommend them! They are such nice everyday perfumes to spritz on and they last throughout the entire day.

These types of my posts (excuse the irony) are one of my favourites to read so I hope you all enjoy reading mine as well. Have you tried anything in January that you've really loved? Let me know :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
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