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28 January 2014

I'm a bit late buying a diary this year mainly because I didn't do all that much in January but with the return to University lurking around the corner, it was a necessity. I like to have a place to write down my thoughts, and plan my days and upcoming events - being organised just makes everything a heck of a lot easier. Last year my organiser was filled to the brim it was used that much and that's before I had bills to pay and such. Since being back at Uni two days I'm already suffering from a lack of sleep (tea is definitely my best friend at the minute), lack of food and a bombardment of deadlines, we've really been chucked in the deep end so this little thing will definitely help me to stay on top of things.

Therefore on the weekend I popped into Paperchase to see what I could find and fell in love with this little diary. Its  not too bright a blue colour and has flowers more or less all over the place with a scribble effect at the bottom and although its something I'd never usually go for - hello pastels - it's different and I'm glad I decided to get it. It also has a full page dedicated to each day which I love as the tiny little diaries you can never write enough in... I have a lot to say/plan. This is a diary that I'm more likely to take out with me instead of my plain black one, as its a lot prettier, so this shall now be taking up residence in my handbag with my newly bought blogging notebook, could I get any more organised?

I also realise that this is a much smaller post than usual but I'm still getting used to my timetable and experimenting where the best place to take photos is in my uni house for lighting and such. The photo above I swear was white when I took it but now the background looks slightly blue which is annoying but hey, at least it matches the diary.

Has anybody else got a really cute diary for the year? or any recommendations? I think I might just need another. Let me know :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 

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