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January Beauty Favourites;

1 February 2014
Where has the month of January gone? It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating New Years and soon enough it'll be Easter! Throughout the month I've loved using so many products - old and new and had a hard time narrowing them down but I eventually managed to for you lovely readers.

With all this cold weather I've found myself reaching for my Baby Lips Hydrate in the morning to keep my lips in good condition because let's be honest chapped lips are not attractive. I've been using this along with my Revlon Lip Butters and these two lip products together work like a dream, out of the ones I own my favourite shade is Macaroon as it gives colour to the lips but not too much and is super moisturising.

For my face I've found an incredible duo in my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Wake Me Up Foundation - usually I wouldn't mix my foundations but on a whim I tried it and well it's definitely a winner. As for eye products about halfway through the month I decided to purchase the L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara whilst on offer and I can safely say since then it has been my trusty go to mascara in the morning. It makes my lashes look long and volumized which always helps in the morning when I need to look more awake.

For most of the month I ditched the eyeshadow that I've ever so fond of and decided to bare all wearing just mascara and then eyeliner. This was mainly due to finding my collection eyeliner in a drawer after being thrown in and forgotten about and I felt like I should give it another chance. For being so inexpensive it really does the trick, it creates a lovely look perfect for everyday wear and I seriously love it.

The last thing I've been properly loving is my perfume of the month Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck Enchanted - last Christmas I received Taylor's original perfume Enchanted and loved it so I felt like asking for her second for Christmas was ideal. At first I thought they smelt quite similar but after smelling them again I realised Wonderstruck Enchanted has more of a floral and sweeter smell whereas Enchanted is quite musky - both however smell amazing and I would definitely recommend them! They are such nice everyday perfumes to spritz on and they last throughout the entire day.

These types of my posts (excuse the irony) are one of my favourites to read so I hope you all enjoy reading mine as well. Have you tried anything in January that you've really loved? Let me know :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
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2 comments on "January Beauty Favourites; "
  1. I haven't mixed foundations in ages - maybe I should give it a try! I am using lots of different foundations at once at the moment though; such a bad habit.

    Great post :)

    1. you definitely should, it actually works out you use even less! :) I do that as well, try mixing the ones that your using now and see if theres any you really love! Thank you :) xo


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