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Update: September Spending Ban

13 October 2014
At the start of September I posted about doing a spending ban (link here) and a whole month later, it's over so I thought I'd fill everyone in on the tortures of seeing pretty AW clothes and knowing that I can't buy any of them! In fact I didn't think too many people would be interested in reading this sort of thing but it turned out to be my second most read post (thanks everyone) so I knew I'd have to have a follow up post & here we are :) 

I do try and save as much money as I can usually, I don't splurge out all the time but I wanted to see if I could stick it out and save that little bit more and its worked... my bank balance is a lot happier than what it would have been if I went shopping with my student loan. & it means I won't be struggling at all when Christmas swings around in 73 days, I just counted it out - thats absolute madness!

I'd say the Spending Ban was pretty successful, apart from the odd night out with friends from Uni and a meal or two with some school friends I barely spent anything & most importantly avoided Debenhams, Boots and Superdrug like the plague - I didn't need to see all the pretty releases as well, that would have left me with absolutely no will power. It is possible (although hard at times, sales are torture!) and now that my Spending Ban is over I've been much better at weighing up whether I really need something or I just want it. I've bought a few bits and pieces clothes wise but they're staples, an eyeliner, lipliner and mascara and that's my lot beauty wise - I'm surprised at myself!

I do have a hefty wishlist though and I'm debating on whether to buy myself an iphone or not - I've been wanting one for years but my phone at the minute has finally died and I might as well splurge on this as it'll be used so much. Also I've to work out travelling expenses because I start my placement soon yay and that means a 3 hour train journey per day :l Halloween plans, birthdays (because everyone I know is born in October-December) and start thinking about Christmas gifts for everyone as well.

All together I'm proud of myself for sticking it out and can now reel in the impulse buying that I probably didn't need to do before so the spending ban was a success! and I might do another one at some point but we'll see. Have any of you tried a spending ban? or thinking of doing one, let me know how it was/goes?

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo        
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