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My 100th Blog Post!

2 October 2014
It's crazy to think that this is my 100th post on Jenny's Everyday Life! At the start of January this year when I first started blogging I really hadn't got to grips with the whole thing, I wasn't sure what content I'd post, when I'd post and probably the most important thing, natural lighting, what a lost cause I was, but now eight months down the line I sort of know what I'm doing and posts aren't too few and far between, thank goodness. I've loved having blogging as a hobby & creative outlet to share my interests, I now have a proper blogging schedule and I'm posting (content that I'm proud of, quality over quantity any day) maybe two, three times a week, which isn't too bad for having a social life on the side.

Its definitely been a positive experience so far, I've talked to people all over the world, improved my writing skills and photography, gained a new found confidence and had tonnes of fun along the way. It's amazing looking back at some of my early posts and seeing how much my writing/photography has changed in such a short space of time. Also I know its been said time and time again but the beauty blogging community is oh so welcoming and I've felt right at home especially on a Sunday night on twitter during the #bbloggers chat, something I didn't know about in the beginning.... and well, I was seriously missing out! 

I spend a heck of a lot of time prepping for posts whether it be photos or content (you'd think I'd have it down to a tee by now but no) and I'm constantly trying to better my little piece of the internet, long train journeys and free wifi are key. Over the months I've tried blogging everyday for a month, a spending ban and taking little breaks away and coming back as inspired as ever and I've loved them all. I do try to incorporate a little bit of lifestyle into my blog as well so that I can look back on it in another eight months - I haven't done any OOTD posts just yet or ventured into the scary world of Youtube but who knows what the next eight months will bring. 

I also just want to add, real quick, (I have a tendency to ramble, I'm sorry) a massive thank you to everybody who regularly reads my blog or comments - they make my day and its so nice to hear feedback. Also thank you if you follow my blog via Bloglovin', GFC, or even my twitter, if you'd have asked me back at the start of the year how many followers I'd have I'd have said 50 max, not close to 600 so thank you :) I've loved the past seven/eight months and can't wait until I reach my 200th blog post, 300th, 400th, you get the picture :) Its been such a lovely experience so far and I hope to make plenty of new friends and have a few more wonderful experiences by then. Also please let me know what sort of thinks you like/dislike/suggestions on my blog and I can work towards these too!

Thanks for sticking with me & thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s don't hesitate to leave comments or talk to me on twitter, I love talking to new people :)
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10 comments on "My 100th Blog Post! "
  1. Well done on your journey so far - love the round-up of images :) Keep up the fabulous work!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. thank you so much! it was so nice making a collage and seeing how far I've come :) I hope I do too! x

  2. Congrats Jenny!
    - F -

  3. Congratulations on your 100th Post !!

    Vintage Melissa x x

  4. Congratulations :) I hope you keep on blogging:)

    1. thanks, I really want to, its such a great thing :) x

  5. Congrats on your 100th post! Even though this is a bit late! :) I love your blog! I'm so happy that I found it!

    1. thank you, better late than never :) that means a lot, I love yours as well :) x


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