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24 March 2015
I don't think I've quite conquered an album post just yet, a playlist yes, review no so I thought what would be more fitting than one of my top three albums of all time & thats a big statement, I don't think anything will ever beat Ed Sheeran's + album, even the old Steps/S Club CD's don't come close and they were definitely well loved back in the day! 1989 was released around October time last year and yes I counted it down, I was excited and for good reason, the albums blooming brilliant!

Apart from pointing out the obvious that Taylor Swift's an absolute babe, I don't think I could say girl crush fast enough, she's an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and all round person & I think I can count the amount of songs of hers I'm not too fond of (on all of her albums) on one hand. This albums no different, in fact its probably one of my favourites and I love every song on the album, Style was the first that really grew on me though!

Taylor's definitely turned to the pop side with this album with no traces of country to be heard (something which I'm a little sad about) but she does suit the pop genre just as well, so its a tough one. I know the pop will most likely appeal to a much larger audience, as if there's anyone that hasn't been converted to a T-Swift fan at this point....lets face it. I've so many favourites but if I had to narrow them down I'd have to pick Clean, Wonderland, New Romantics, Blank Space and This Love, basically all of the deluxe bonus songs, they're all perfect and the lyrics are amazing.

I also wanted to show the attention to detail with this album, just look at the c.d itself, I also love the simplicity of the album's name and cover, simple yet effective! The deluxe version which I managed to get has all these exclusive Polaroids photographs inside as well which I love and the lyrics from the album are written underneath, such a nice finishing touch. The necklace my friend actually bought me about four years ago and I've worn it off and on as you do but I realised just how similar it is to the one used in the style video aka a harry reference so I had to add it in too. 

Overall, it's an amazing album and I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen if you haven't already (I know some people just listen to the singles and not the entire things but the deluxe songs are definitely great! Let me know what you think of this kind of post too 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s are you a Tay Swift fan, or listened to 1989? What do you think? 

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4 comments on "1989"
  1. Love this post! Actually I wanted to do a similar post when the album came out but well I forgot about it ahah But I do completely agree with everything you said. I've always loved Tay and not gonna lie, I was a bit afraid and curious at the same time about how 1989 would be but then I bought it the first day it came out and I'm still not over it. One of my favourite songs is Wonderland as well. Also yes, the polaroids and everything is so so pretty! I even have some of the polaroids hanging on my wall, it looks so nice.
    The necklace is so pretty!!
    Anna x

    1. thank you so much! I'm the same but there were far too many and I thought it would just blur along the rest, so I left it a while! Thanks! Tell me about it, I was so worried but we had nothing to worry about its amazing! Ooh the polaroids on the walls sounds so pretty, I might have to do something similar :) x

  2. I love this album! I've always loved Taylor Swift and this didn't disappoint! Though I do miss her country sound I couldn't complain since pop was just as great!
    xx Heidi

    1. She's soo talented, it really didn't I love this album! I do miss the older country sound just as much, I'm just happy that the pop is just as good and who knows she might go back to it at a later date, fingers crossed :) x


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