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Rimmel - Lets Get Nude

10 March 2015
I'm always partial to the odd #notd post, if you're anything like me I'm always painting and re-painting my nails, in fact there's never really a time that I have nothing on, even if it's a nude so I thought I'd share a new discovery of mine. I hold my hands up - I've never owned a higher end nail polish and have no real intention to either, the drugstore options are more than enough to keep me going, plus they're so affordable!

If you'd asked me a year or two about nude nail polish, my opinion was if you can't tell you're wearing it there's no point to putting it on, that opinions changed safe to say. This particular nail polish 'Lets get Nude' is one of Rimmels 60 seconds formula from the Rita Ora range and is super cheap around the £3 mark. All of the shades in the range have quirky names which I really like, a fairly good sized bottle and a nice applicator brush which is always a bonus. 

The nail polish once applied is exactly what it says on the tin, I'm pale and it was a shade darker than my skin colour so the perfect match. It made my nails look lovely and glossy, now I didn't manage to get a really good picture when they were freshly painted but I am wearing it in the above photo and it shows how nice a colour it really is. This is the first nude colour that I've really loved on my nails and with the whole nude lip thang going on because of Kylie Jenner I can see me rocking the nude nail look instead.

 It's just made me want to expand my nude collection more than anything.... and it'll be perfect for work and summer, rocking a black nail or bright yellow although pretty don't exactly scream professional and my nails can still be protected somewhat. The lasting power is also quite impressive as I'd been wearing it around 4-5 days before chipping and that includes working (aka destroying my nails) so I'm quite pleased with this one and can't wait to collect a few more! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what are your thoughts on nude nail varnish? Or do you have any faves I should try?

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2 comments on "Rimmel - Lets Get Nude"
  1. I just picked this color up! I love it! I am all for nude nails, I feel like they elongate my short little fingers! Haha! :)

    1. it's so pretty isn't it! I wasn't before but I've been converted, I suppose they do yes! I'll have to pick up a few more now :) x


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