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Holiday Edit: Hong Kong

3 June 2016
In my last post I briefly mentioned that I was jetting off to Hong Kong and super excited about it! Up until now Italy was the furthest I'd travelled so even the thought of a double decker plane had me buzzing. I'm now home a few days, jet lags still a bit of a nuisance but I had such a brilliant time, Hong Kong really is a beautiful place!

Although I was travelling with two of my friends, don't get me wrong I was excited but still a little worried about travelling halfway around the world. However once we arrived in Heathrow, those worries were long gone! Now luckily it was a direct flight from London to Hong Kong and we spoiled ourselves by travelling premium economy (definitely worth it!) and the buses/trains/underground at the other end weren't too long and luckily air conditioned so we made it to where we were staying in no time.

Over the 10 days we didn't stop! I knew that it was sort of a once in a lifetime sort of trip so we all agreed that we would try and do as many things as we could in the time we had! We made sure to stop by at least a few shopping centres to have a look around, shop and relax - I'm not kidding when I say there are amazing shopping centres everywhere in Hong Kong, one was like twelve floors and I made sure to go to every single floor! Also once I'd heard there was a Disneyland, my inner child appeared and since I haven't been to Disney in Paris or Florida, I wasn't missing the chance! We ended up making a day of it and it was magical! Whatever age you are, Disney is spectacular and now I've made it my life mission to visit the other two :)

We also ended up going to Ocean Park, sort of a theme park, water park, aquarium, zoo and cable cars all rolled into one and it was probably one of the most enjoyable days! The views were spectacular and were probably one of my favourite things - we ended up going on cable cars, went to a few traditional temples which were stunning, had a night out (just the one now) and tried some amazing food whilst there! I think the thing that made the trip even better was that we were able to catch up with a few of our friends who live out there and they sort of acted as tour guides!

I was so upset when the day came to leave and a little anxious about travelling, this time just the two of us but it was honestly fine, no need to worry. We were a little tied down with the extra suitcase and hand luggage weight oops but we made it home eventually. I even managed to get a bit of a suntan, when I say tan I mean a pink face and shoulders but it still counts! I kept Snapchat and Instagram updated of course, (social media links on the side) and tried to limit the amount of photos in this post but I'm sorry it was just so hard! I also think this trip has now given me the travel bug and I'm dying to travel to new places now, places I maybe wouldn't have thought of before so I'm really excited about getting round to this. Honestly I know Hong Kong isn't a traditional holiday destination but its amazing and I'd definitely recommend going!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s Is there anywhere you'd love to travel to?

2 comments on "Holiday Edit: Hong Kong "
  1. I'd like to visit that city 'cause I'm studying Chinese! I like your blog and I'll be happy if we start to follow each other!

    1. I've always wanted to learn Chinese, is it Mandarin or Catonese you're learning? Hong Kong was amazing and thank you :) x


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