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My Go To Summer Makeup

15 June 2016
With me being at work a lot and the warmer weather out in full force (well was out) I opted to ditch the makeup and go au natural. Although I was a bit conscious at first, those extra 15 minutes in bed sounded a lot more appealing! If you'd have said to me a few months ago that my makeup routine would become close to nothing, I'd have laughed. I have the same worries as everyone does and usually want to cover up spots not show them off and so I thought I'd write how a few products can both save you time and help clear your skin.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I love foundation, the heavier and fuller coverage the better and that's why this will come as such a shock. For my base, I've been alternating between 3 concealers, my Nars Concealer, my 17 Phwoarrrr Concealer and my NYX HD concealer, all in the palest shades in the range and no foundation at all. I've been simply using or dabbing them under my eyes (that's a necessity), along my nose, cheeks and a tiny bit on my forehead, blending it out and leaving it as is. They provide a light coverage (but not too light) and even out all the redness that may be there. Then I simply powder over real quick with either my Bare Minerals powder or Rimmel Stay Matte and fix my brows in place with brow gel, no filling in required. It all takes about 5 minutes not even and stays in place all day.

The most crucial step that can't be skipped though is mascara. As someone who is really pale and has light eyelashes they need some definition, lately I've been reaching for either my Soap & Glory Thick and Fast or my Maybelline The Falsies mascara and both have done the job perfectly. Last but not least, the fun part.... lipstick! I simply apply some before I leave the house and jobs done, I'm ready for work in less than 10 minutes.

So there we have it, when getting ready for work or a quick nip to the shops take a minute and think do I really need my Double Wear, eyeliner, brows, contour etc done (I think you get the picture) or can I just make do with minimal? Don't get me wrong I'm first to want full coverage but I think in the summer months its a nice switch to use a lighter base and whats lighter than concealer? Its also a lot better for your skin as it lets it breathe more! Let me know what your usual go the shops or work makeup is like, do you go lighter or full coverage?

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

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