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Relaunching My Blog!!

15 August 2016
Hi everyone! I'm not sure if anyone's been here since the beginning but if you have - thank you! I started my blog back in January 2014 (which seems like a life time ago now) as something I could do when I felt like I had something to share. I've went through phases in which I've blogged a lot and then life has got in the way and I'm unable to balance them both but I'm back! I think another major reason for my absence is my blog design and layout, I was uninspired and constantly thinking about what I could fix and then not having the time to fix it which was getting me down.

My earliest blog design, Jan 14

I'm not great at ICT or coding and therefore didn't necessarily want to play about with it incase I ruined my layout forever (dramatic I know). I was also forever visiting new blogs and thinking 'wow, this is so much better' or I really need to have 'a cleaner, minimalist layout' so I thought it was about time I fixed it. 

The first photo, above was of my blog at the very beginning, very square, plain and simple with a pop of colour and although I thought it was amazing just having my own blog then - it's not exactly great for others reading it. Once i realised this and had a bit more time, I started tweaking things as you can see in the photo below. 

New Blog Design, Jennys Everyday Life, lifestyle, blogger

I managed to centre my heading and create my own personalised one, insert a menu at the top for easier accessibility, enlarged my photo, added a bio, bloglovin button etc. Also the most important thing, finding the perfect font, centring it and making sure all of my photos were in line with each other. I find if they aren't, it just looks messy and off-putting for all. I thought this was brilliant and definitely lasted me a good year and a bit so this is probably what you remember Jenny's Everyday Life looking like. 

However fast forward 6+ months late and with a change of mind, I wanted to change it for good. Now theres lots of great places you can find blog layouts or you can have them custom made. If your really good at ICT (i.e not me) you can fix your blog up yourself. I did have sort of an idea of what I wanted it to look like e.g. featured posts at the beginning, instagram widget at the bottom, monochrome and minimalist theme and a similar sidebar. I just had to find it....

Brand New Blog, Jennys Everyday Life, layout and design

I kept looking and in the end decided on one from Etsy (see photo above), it was less than £10 and I'm pretty in love with it. It was a dream to set up taking less than an hour and all of the features are working just as they should be. This is one investment in my blog that I'm super happy with and I can it lasting ages. As for the new layout, comes plenty more motivation. I''m now happy with my workspace, blog design and how it'll look from here on out so with that, I'll be posting more often again - not a 5 days a week thing but a few days a week for now. I hope you enjoy reading the new posts! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 

P.s has anyone changed their blog design recently? do you prefer pops of colour or monochrome? the traditional sidebar or the new style of massive photos? let me know 

2 comments on "Relaunching My Blog!! "
  1. I really like your new layout! I haven't changed mine since the beginning of the year when I went from behindhazeleyes to just kenzieblogslife and all that, but it is fun to play around with it! :)
    x Kenzie //

    1. thank you! I think I needed a bit of a makeover :) oh yes, why did you decide to change? it is indeed x


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