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MAC Diva Review

1 September 2016
I hadn't bought a lipstick in what felt like forever so when I was passing through duty free in the airport and spied the makeup counter's, I knew I needed to treat myself! Sometimes you just can't help it! This time I purchased MAC's Diva - a shade I haven't actually heard too many people speaking about!

I'm terrible at swatching but I still wanted to show you guys the colour accurately!

As I said, Diva definitely isn't one I've heard about all that much but after swatching the lipstick I knew I had to have it! It's so under-rated. Its a beautiful red/burgundy shade (perfect for A/W hint hint) with a matte finish. If there's anything matte in a lip product I will most likely fall in love with it. I know there's quite a lot of people that don't get along with mattes but I think even this lipstick would convert them! The lipstick isn't drying in the slightest, was smooth on first application and barely fades throughout the day.

When I'm wearing makeup or lipstick in general its usually for a long period of time, after applying early in the morning I rarely top up the colour until later in the afternoon. Its comfortable and even after eating (all lipsticks fade after eating, I'm still hunting for that one that doesn't) it hasn't faded that much either and with that hasn't left a horrible stain either!

I know that coming into the Autumn months, this lipstick won't be out of my makeup bag - its the perfect transitional colour and I'd highly recommend adding this to the lipstick collection. Over the past year or so, this is one of the lipstick shades that I keep gravitating towards and its brilliant because they're so universal, they genuinely suit all skin tones! Also considering I haven't heard much of a buzz about Diva, I'd definitely class it as one of MAC's unsung heroes and can't wait to use it now the darker nights are rolling in.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

P.s whats your favourite MAC lipstick?

4 comments on "MAC Diva Review "
  1. this colour is gorgeous, perfect autumnal shade! x

    1. it's even more beaut on the lips! I'm in love x


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