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Holiday Edit: Majorca

9 September 2016
*Holiday Edit* *Majorca* *Photos*
*Holiday Edit* *Majorca* *Photos*

I'm not sure if I briefly mentioned it on the blog but as a family we try and book an annual Summer holiday for us all, last year amidst the chaos of moving house we couldn't so this year we were determined to have a break. I think that's why going to Hong Hong mid-May (link here) for a little break was a bit of a no brainer - I was having some serious with-drawls and so when August rolled around I was super excited to be jetting off again. This time to the beautiful island of Majorca, somewhere we can't seem to stay away from with its amazing scenery, weather and most importantly the local food.

We stayed in the Ca'n Picafort region and honestly couldn't have asked for a better spot. Our hotel was on the beach front, I mean climb over the wall and your on the beach - how ideal is that? It had plenty of cute little bars and restaurants filled with character, an amazing pool, a nature reserve if being active is up on your holiday to do list rather than chilling round the pool and of course the people were friendly as could be. I'd definitely recommend!

*Holiday Edit* *Majorca* *Photos*

We were able go on several day trips through our holiday rep - always be sure to check out the millions of leaflets in reception to see what you can do in the local area. We travelled into the capital of Palma a few times (mainly for the shopping) and I was stunned by the beaut architecture around every corner - it makes you want to up sticks and live somewhere that's so pretty all year round. We'd been to Palma before when we were younger and admired the La Seu Cthedral from outside - its absolutely stunning but we never had the chance to go inside for whatever reason until this year. The architecture is spectacular inside and when the sunlight comes streaming through the stained glass windows, wow. I don't think the pictures do it justice - its so pretty (photo above).

I'm not usually into the guided tours that you can book on to but honestly it was so informative and they packed so much into a matter of hours. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the tourist attractions and definitely looking like one with the little headsets on. We were also given plenty of time to explore, honestly I think that's one of my favourite parts, just exploring a new city and finding new places and things and of course beautiful photo opportunities! 

Insta Snap: La Seu Cathedral

Apart from the lounging around the pool, reading good books and sipping endless drinks in the sunshine - I'd have to say there were 2 major highlights of the trip. It just so happens that they were 2 day trips we went on, the first is to the Alcudia Old Town. It's retained most of its character, with quaint cafes, bars and boutiques, a maze of streets and has so much history - its like stepping back in time. I'm guilty of taking a lot of photos here, if you ever think traditional Spanish village, this is it in a nutshell. I love learning about new places and just seeing what would have been a bustling village years ago - we were able to walk along the 14th Century wall and follow it around the village - definitely working that different angle and giving you more of a feel for the place. All in all, it was beautiful!

The second highlight would have to be the Western Encounter trip. At first I wasn't sold, it was something that my Mum had wanted to do for ages though so we all agreed it was on the to do list! It was another guided tour and let me tell you, our guide was brilliant - he was so funny and kept giving us all these quirky facts about the island as well as the important stuff. We started off the day (after all the hotel pickups, that part I slept through) travelling through the Tramuntana mountain range and as a Geography graduate, this was right up my street. I was in awe! The views from the top were just break-taking, it was a little cloudy so in photographs it maybe doesn't look as great as it could have but it was still amazing and the roads look absolutely tiny!

Afterwards we travelled by boat to Port de Soller and it was only then that the sun started to make an appearance. It was probably the cloudiest day of the entire holiday and didn't even last half a day but I was grateful for it - being stuck on a coach and roasting alive doesn't seem all that great. We were able to stop off for some refreshments in the coastal town and then we were off again, this time via the tram (the only way to get to it, luckily they don't have any bad weather) to the town of Soller which was just as unique and picturesque. We then boarded the wooden train and up into the mountains we went - giving us the time to appreciate the stunning views. Just incredible!

This holiday I definitely blanked out on the social media front, I mean on holidays who really wants to constantly look at their phone? I know I don't, I'd rather spend time with family and chill. I didn't tweet much or post on snapchat and I didn't want to spam this post with photos either so if you want to see more pretty travel photos, I've put them all on my Instagram (link here) ...

All in all, it was an incredible holiday and just time to relax after such a hectic year. It's a stunning location with plenty to do for the whole family - we've sort of outgrown the water parks and parks but there was one about 15 minutes down the road so really it has everything! I'd definitely recommend the place and I can't wait to go back to the island in the future.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

P.s What places are on your travel bucket lists?
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  1. Loved this post! I recently took a family holiday this past summer and went without my phone and it was amazing, I think I really appreciate the time more and enjoy it than I would had I had my phone! :)
    x Kenzie //

    1. aw thank you! It's brilliant isn't it? just having some down time away from social media! plus plenty of time to relax with the family x


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