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An Old Love

23 February 2014
When you hear the phrase eyeshadow and the brand Urban Decay most people tend to think of the well known Naked Collections and little else. However I purchased this little gem of a palette ages ago and it was doing nothing but sitting at the bottom of a drawer in my bedroom oops. It wasn't until recently when I was tidying up that I came across it and fell in love all over again. 

This palette has been out for a while and as far as I know it was limited edition (don't quote me though it might not have been) but if it was then I'm happy I purchased it at the time. Although this might be the case I'm sure it would still be available on Ebay and elsewhere if you still wanted to get your hands on it. At first I was drawn in by the bright packing which is decorated in animals such as dolphins, butterflies and rabbits adding to the cute factor and I'm not even a massive animal lover. This alone was enough to buy it but then I noticed the six lovely shades inside and I was done for. 

It's the perfect size for carrying around in your handbag and contains six perfect shades, three for everyday use and three other shades which are more daring and suited for a night time look. The palette also includes a mini eyeshadow primer and an eyeliner in the shade zero, both of which come in awfully handy. As well as this theres a mirror included which is another added bonus. 

I was really suprised at the pigmentation of all six eyeshadows as in the photos above I've only swatched the colours once and as you can see the colour payoff is great. I'm not usually adventurous with my eyeshadow but Urb is the most gorgeous green shade and I think its definitely my favourite from the top row in the palette. On the second row its a much harder decision as these are my three most used, I'm a naturals gal what can I say. Half Baked and Smog which both feature in the famous Naked Palettes would have to be my favourites as together they create the perfect everyday look - I like to wear Half Baked across the lid and Smog in the crease. There is little fallout considering they are so glittery and they last all day which is truly amazing. 

If anyone else has tried this palette or similar UD eyeshadows let me know? I really want to expand my collection since the quality is just amazing but I just don't have a clue where to start :) P.s my fingers are looking pretty dodgy but finger photos in general are awkward lol!
Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
4 comments on "An Old Love"
  1. This is a nice looking palette indeed, The swatches look good on your fingertips!
    Rachel x

    1. thank you, i always feel awkward taking finger swatching photos lol! :) Jenny xo

  2. they're all such pretty shades!

    from helen at

    ps. you can win nearly £150 worth of high-end skincare on my blog, if you fancy entering! click here

    1. thank you for commenting! they are indeed :) i'll be sure to check it out over on your blog. Jenny xo


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