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Weekly Ramble #1

16 February 2014
Across many blogs I always see weekly recaps and think that'd be really fun to do but on the other hand I don't have enough exciting things to post about in 7 days. This week however was something different and so I decided to do my first weekly ramble. 

First of all we had snow at the beginning of the week which was really unexpected, the odd thing being that it snowed at my University heavily and by the time I travelled home there wasn't any at all. The photo is from walking between classes on campus and it looked too perfect to not take a photo of it. It's also really unusual to have snow in February but I'm not complaining!

On top of that this week I've had far too many Mcdonalds to be considered normal, hello student lifestyle but this was before I realised I have a holiday in less than 2 months and it's being knocked on the head. Is it just me or are chicken nuggets just irrisistable? Secondly Valentines Day arrived and with love in the air and all that, I came home to find my whole house coming down with these adorable heart shaped cupcakes which tasted amazing and again probably didn't do much for the whole diet thing I'm attempting to stick to.

I also went to the cinema not once but twice this week, you can tell that the work load isn't too bad at the minute eh. The first was on Tuesday to see 'The Awkward Moment' for the sole reason Zac Efron was in it and he's a babe and the second was on Thursday to see 'Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit' starring Chris Pine and Keira Knightly. Both movies were surprisingly really good and it was a nice change than sitting in the house. I did have a photo inserted here of my tickets which actually looked quite nice but when it came to publishing they magically disappeared. Lastly I thought I'd post an instagram photo from the week - my Illamasqua order arrived and I fell in love with the pink themed items immediately. I already have a post written and it'll be up sometime in the week so keep an eye out for that one.

As you can see I've had a busy week, well for me anyways and I think after a little pamper session tonight I'll be prepared for my 5am Monday morning start to the week and I'm sure some uni deadlines and work might make its way in there aka less time to be social. Feel free to let me know how your weeks been, if you've tried any of the products or seen the movies above? Or even any recommendations for new things to see/buy? 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
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