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Revisit: Revlon Lip Butters

25 May 2014
Whenever these little lip butters were released last year I wasn't all that fussed to say the least, I mean I picked up two just to see what all the hype was but they didn't really do much for me. Several months later and you're lucky if the darker shade Macarroon is ever out of my handbag and my opinions on them have changed entirely. Shocking, I know! 

I'm not really a pink or coral coloured kind of lip girl and until now so long ago, I loved darker berry and purple shades (just not TOO dark), yes that's a thing. Originally I picked up the Macarroon shade as I thought a lot of the colours wouldn't really show up and since I have quite minimalist makeup usually I tend to count on my lip colour for that bold statement and after trying it a couple of times I set it in my makeup drawer and it was forgotten about. 

Then one day I reached in as I'd run out of lip balm and thought this might work and low and behold it was perfect, I didn't want a dramatic look and this is simply a slightly darker than your lips but extra moisturising and glossy (without being sticky)... I didn't think it was possible. Now its more or less my go to if I'm just popping out for a bit and want something simple, so when I went shopping a few weeks ago I decided to expand my collection and pick up Tutti Frutti. As I said coral or orange are not my colours and I never really had the confidence to try them out BUT I picked it up anyways and surprisingly its lovely - my housemate picked this up and it didn't look too scary on her so I thought what the heck I might as well give it a go. 

The other shade in my collection, the pinkier option Strawberry Shortcake was a blogger and youtube favourite for ages and on their recommendation I picked it up, bearing in mind this was months ago. This however doesn't really do anything for me, as its so pale I feel like it just washes me out but I'll be sure to give it another chance during the Spring and Summer months if I ever manage to get a bit of colour. All three are super moisturisig as I already mentioned and provide that perfect glossy look and therefore are perfect for the upcoming months when you want a little bit of colour on your lips but not too much. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo      
2 comments on "Revisit: Revlon Lip Butters"
  1. Great post! Love the lip butters and been wanting Macarroon and Strawberry Shortcake for while (as long as Strawberry Shortcake won't wash me out too)!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

    1. thank you! You really should pick up the Macarroon shade, its lovely :) it's annoying when they do that isn't it lol! Jenny xo


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