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16 May 2014
If you follow me on twitter you may know or not know that since the start of the month I've been slaving away mainly procrastinating revising for my exams and therefore I wasn't able to post at all. I feel like my May posts already are seriously lacking and therefore I may be updating a lot more over the final half of the month hence now tada, where I have a lovely little, emphasis on the little clothing haul for you guys. 

So as you may have guessed from my last haul (link here), kimonos are definitely going to be one of my summer staples, they're just so easy to style and double up as thee perfect cover up on a sunny day as well as looking amazing. This being said I picked up two more, I should be sorry but I'm not, they're both from H&M on different days, H&M are really doing it for me at the minute. The first kimono is black oops but has a beautiful oriental flower style which will be perfect for summer and even the autumnal months and the second is a black and white 3/4 length and it'll be perfect with some boots for a "cold" summer day that we so frequently have here.

 The next few items I picked up are surprisingly from the F&F range at Tesco, whilst food shopping the other day I noticed a bunch of offers and thought why not take a look, not expecting anything to really stand out to me. However I fell in love with the colour of this jumper, as I said its rare that we have boiling hot summer days and so a jumper or cardigan is a must for the evening. My wardrobe mainly consists of 'dull' aka monochrome jumpers and so I thought this would be a perfect little addition to brighten things up a little, plus it was only £5 I think, what a bargain! As for my next item I picked up this Gingham shirt, gingham is definitely everywhere at the minute and I just thought it'd work for a casual day out - as its not quite warm enough to buy myself a gingham crop top or anything of the sort lol! It was also a bargain, I think around the £6/7 mark, feels incredibly soft and is a little oversized - slightly baggy clothes are my absolute favourite.

The last thing that I managed to pick up recently are these slightly platformed studded biker boots, I popped into Dunnes somewhere that I'm never in and these more or less just stood out and screamed to be bought, they again were reduced.... I'm so good at finding bargains these days! And I kid you not, there have only a few days since I purchased them that they haven't been seen on my feet, they are unbelievably comfortable and since I wear so much black anyways they go with everything. The studs and buckles give the shoes a certain edge and with there being a platform, they give me like an extra inch or two in height which I definitely need. #smallpeopleproblems

So thats what I've picked up, quite miraculously since I've been stuck in front of books lol but I hope to get the wear out of them all now that I've a social life again.... let me know if you've found any nice things lately? Or just leave a comment, I don't bite :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
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    1. thanks! I can't wait to start wearing them all :) Jenny xo


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