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Seeing One Direction // OOTD

29 May 2014
This is definitely a very different type of post for me to publish but instead of primarily focusing on beauty, I want to be able to post lifestyle posts as well so in a few years I can look back at all the memorable things and lovely things that have happened. So on the weekend I travelled to Dublin which is quite a way from where I live, I think it was two hours on the coach, for One Directions Where We Are tour at Croke Park and it was incredible

Before the crowds arrived or the night began I took a picture of Croke Park itself, hard to believe its nowhere near filled // 5sos' stage ready to go // 5sos performing // how much of a health and safety risk is this stage, skate ramps everywhere, no wonder Liam fell // the boys at the start of the show // taking instagram questions and sheltering from the rain // Harry being Harry // love Niall's eyes here // Liam singing // saying goodbyes // end of the show fireworks // my ootd 

I'm not sure how the whole typing thing is going to work around the pictures as theres a lot (I'm sorry but when you're at a concert, photos are a must) but as I've mentioned before I love One Direction, ever since they formed and I'll probably always have a soft spot for them. They're music always cheers me up because its so upbeat, they all seem like lovely boys and they're all gorgeous.... yes, yes and yes. Even if you're not a fan, you're a fan ;) 

So we travelled to Dublin and did a spot of shopping before the concert as we arrived mid afternoon however in true Irish weather (we don't have a summer) it bucketed down and everyone was drenched, perfect. Luckily we had seats which were sheltered but I felt for all the people in the standing area who were soaking and cold, I'm sure. The rain lasted all night as you can probably tell from the photos above and Niall even joked that it was normal May weather and that all the other boys didn't know what rain was. Everyone sitting around us was so excited and friendly and soon enough 5 seconds of summer were on stage, I remember seeing them last year at the Take Me Home tour and its amazing to see the difference a year can do, they were great and I found myself humming away to Don't Stop hours after the concert, such a catchy tune. 

The concert seemed to fly in, unfortunately but the atmosphere in Croke Park was something else, everyone was out of their seats and singing at the top of their lungs. Not to mention anytime Niall so much as breathed, let alone talk or sing the screams and cheers were deafening, as expected. If possible I fell in love with them all over again and the fireworks at the end just topped off a wonderful night. I also took a quick picture when the concert was over, just to say I'd been (now remember I'd been in the rain and cold all day so its not the best) but I just wanted to show what I wore, comfy travel clothes at its finest. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s If anyone is going to the WWA tour in England/Scotland or wherever else in the world, I hope you enjoy it, I certainly did :) Oh and please let me know if you like these kind of posts? 
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