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Dublin & the Temple Bar

9 August 2014
If you keep up to date with me on Twitter you'll know yesterday I was abruptly woken at 8:15 & given an hour to get ready and leave the house - that is if I wanted to go to Dublin for the day & of course that was a yes! I love city atmospheres and although I live in Belfast 'the capital city' it still isn't big enough for me, that's why when I get the chance of heading to a bigger city like Dublin, London and Glasgow I jump at it. I'm a city girl at heart, can't you tell?

I've lost count how many bridges are along the river bank, I must have walked over at least four that I thought were the same.

Everywhere I looked there were gorgeous and colourful hanging flowers which honestly brightened up the streets so much. I also loved the cobbled streets, it gives so much character to the place.   

I of course had to take a standard photo drinking - I swear its not mine ;) in the Temple Bar, my mum took this photo and the lighting is terrible and I look whiter than white #palegirlproblems but what can you do. 

This was one of the five or six shopping centres that I ventured into but it was definitely the most unique. It looked like a massive greenhouse and the white and green pastel colour scheme was right up my street. I also quite liked the massive clock in the centre of the mall and just how light and airy it is. 

We also found a cute park right in the centre of Dublin, ponds, swans, ducks, the lot and it was a nice place to stop and rest our feet for a bit in between shops and exploring. I thought this picture was adorable too, the ducks are so so tiny!  

I'm so jealous that they have trams going through the city centre, they're such a fun way to travel around the place and so easy to just jump on and off as you please. 

Dublin is definitely the closest 'big city' to me (about 2 hours by train/coach) and dare I say it I'm becoming quite a regular. These are the few snaps that I took throughout the day, it was a mild day weather wise but I just wish it had of been a bit sunnier - it would have made all the difference in the pictures. I love the whole exploring new places and I took a whole variety of photo to look back on. It just shows late minute plans are sometimes the best! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s have any of you been travelling lately or fallen in love with any new places?

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6 comments on "Dublin & the Temple Bar "
  1. That's so cool! I love big cities too, I've never been to Dublin or London or Glasgow but I went to New York last summer and I'm dying to go back! Your pictures are lovely! I love how the buildings look over there! The ducks are soooo cute too! :) Glad you had fun! Can't wait to read more!! :)

    1. thanks, I'd love to visit New York - it looks amazing! :) I like it too, theres so much character to the place, it makes a nice change! Yep they're adorable, I did indeed x

  2. I love big cities, I work in London and there's just a different buzz about them isn' there?
    Dublin looks lovely, although I've never been it's on my bucket list.

    Great post :o)

    Emma xx ||

    1. aw so lucky - there definitely is, I love it! Dublins such a lovely place to visit too :) x


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