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26 August 2014
If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I did the Liebster Award way back when I had like 100 followers and I was just starting out and it was amazing to be nominated, so I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and do it all over again. The lovely Steph from Beauty Heart and Tessa from Tessa Rose Chiari  both nominated me recently so I thought I'd give it a go again, knowing it'll probably be my last time. 

The rules are to, post 11 facts about myself, nominate other blogs to take part, link your nominees in the post, then create 11 questions for my own nominees and let your nominees know that you've tagged them, just in case!

Facts About Me: 
1. I have a younger brother 
2. I love One Direction, always have, probably always will. 
3. My cat is actually older than me, she's 21 in our years and thats pretty old impressive!  
4. I'm a massive bookworm, I love reading new books but once I've read them I can't read them again - I already remember whats happened from last time I've read it and ruin it for myself. 
5. I've only been blogging since January but only the past couple of months have I been able to get on track and post more regularly. 
6. I really love travelling and want to travel to at least Italy (again) America and Australia in my lifetime. 
7. I'm a massive chocaholic, like seriously massive, if I could eat it for breakfast I would.
8.  I love music and going to concerts, last year alone I went to well over 8 oops. 
9. I'm incredibly small petite and its both a blessing and a curse (depending on how I'm feeling that day) 
10.  I learnt French at GCSE and thought it was so cool to know a language but I can't remember a thing now. 
11. I'm born in June so really I should have been in the year below at school and I'm forever the baby in my friends group. 

And now on to the questions Steph asked me: 

1. What was your 'dream job' when you were younger? 
I'd have to say an architect or interior designer, more the first, I wasn't entirely set on it but Grands Designs was a bit of an inspiration and I was forever designing my dream home, ambitious right? Turns out I'm terrible at Maths so it was a no go. 
2. What is your all time favourite food? 
A traditional Sunday dinner always goes down well, it would have to be that or else basically pub food or a massive bowl of pasta with garlic bread, carbs, carbs & more carbs! 
3. If you had all the money in the world and could buy only one item what would it be? 
I'd be pretty happy with a house, I mean what else you spend that amount of money on. 
4. What is your favourite song of all time? 
I don't have an all time favourite but at the minute I'm really loving Taylor Swifts new song, Shake it off. 
5. What is your biggest fear? 
This is a hard one, I'm not scared of heights or anything but maybe spiders, a massive one was in my bedroom the other day and I somehow ended up on my bed and far away from it. 
6. What do you see yourself in 20 years? 
Well, I'll be pretty old by then so I'd like to think settled down with a family, a job I enjoy and just making the most out of life and opportunities.  
7. What was the last photo you took on your phone? 
I don't really use my phone to take photos (anyone who has or had a Blackberry will understand why) but the last photo taken on my ipad was of my cat. 
8. What famous person do people say you most resemble? 
I don't think I have any famous look a like, lucky me. 
9. What is your heritage? 
My heritage, as in where I was born or my family history or? 
10. What is your favourite season? 
I don't think its common but I love both Summer, Autumn and Winter equally, probably the last two more though. 
11. If you joined the circus what would you be? 
Um, I would be useless in a circus I'm pretty sure. 

And the lovely questions asked by Tessa:

1. Can you play an instrument? 
I've always wanted to learn but no, unless we count recorder and I play that really badly. 
2. Where do you prefer buying your make-up? 
Considering I love a lot of high street makeup I'd have to say either Boots or Superdrug. 
3. What do you prefer about blogging: writing or taking photos? 
I love taking photos (and often take too many) but they wouldn't mean anything without writing beside them so a little bit of both. 
4. If you had unlimited money, would there be a brand where you would buy every single item of? 
I can't think of any brands that I'd buy everything of, theres always hits and misses
5. Best movie and why? 
Can I be a typical girl and say the Notebook, the Holiday and the Proposal - all three are great pick me ups for all year round, I'm pretty sure everyone knows how amazing these are.
6. Best mascara?
To date my favourite is probably Maybelline The Falsies, I really need to expand my collection though.
7. Are you a pro at eyeliner or do you give up halfway through and just go out as a panda instead? ;) 
Absolutely terrible, I wouldn't exactly rock the panda look but I'm not a pro in the slightest.
8. Favourite smell?
Just fresh and floral (but not too floral), I love the smell of books too and freshly cut grass. 
9. Would you rather never wear foundation again or never wear eye makeup again? (including mascara) 
Just because it says no mascara and I couldn't get away without it I'd rather never wear foundation, lets hope that day never comes. 
10. Favourite book? 
Oh goodness, I couldn't pick one to save my life, I have too many favourites!
11.  How old were you when you started using make-up? 
Not too young, not too old, I think somewhere around the 15/16 marks and it was only on the weekends, now I don't leave the house without at least concealer and mascara on - oh how things change! 

And these are the questions for my nominees: 

1. Do you have an ideal job? 
2. Whats your favourite quote? 
3. Do you have a holy grail skincare product?
4. What is your favourite song/album or artist? 
5. What are you most excited about in the next few months? 
6. Whats your all time favourite lip product? 
7. Whats your favourite tv series? 
8. IF you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
9. Can you speak a different language? 
10. Why did you start blogging and what have you enjoyed the most about it? 
11. Favourite Autumn styling tip or trend? 

I haven't nominated anyone in particular because I'm still not 100% sure whether its meant to be for blogs with under 200 followers or not but if you've read this post, I nominate you to give this a go yourself! If you do, please leave me a link so I can read your answers :) 

(If you're still with me after all that) Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

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4 comments on "THE LIEBSTER AWARD "
  1. A 21 year old cat!!! That can't be true????

    I did a degree in French and can't remember much, so I feel your pain. Haha!

    Corinne x

    1. It really is, now she's old she barely goes outside, more of a indoor cat :) so annoying isn't it lol! x

  2. That's amazing you have a cat that's 21!! Really cool she's older than you! :)


    1. its crazy but yeah, don't know what I'd do without her :) x


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