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100 Happy Days: Part One

10 September 2014
For the past while on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube, mainly the latter, the 100 happy days tag has been flying about and for some reason or another I've always wanted to give it a go but never got round to it. The jist of the tag being that everyone learns to appreciate the little things in life and have a more positive outlook, an all round lovely concept I think. 

1. Chocolate. I'm sure most girls can relate, chocolate really is a girls best friend and nothing makes me happier than sitting watching movies and snacking on a giant chocolate bar. My all time favourites being Galaxy and Dairy Milk and Easter well thats the perfect time of year for me. 

2. Movie nights. This kind of ties in with the first, movie nights especially in winter make me so happy. Its so cosy to snuggle up in bed on those miserable nights, get some snacks and pop a DVD in the t.v. 

3. Travelling/Holidays. I love travelling to new places whether it be by boat, plane, train, you name it. I just think its so exciting finding new places, shops, restaurants etc and feeling like a tourist mostly. It also helps if the place you're visiting has a warmer climate than home, not hard at all and theres just soooo many places I'd love to visit if I had the opportunity.    

4. Friends. Probably the most well loved t.v. programme of all time! I've grown up watching this, when I was younger I just loved the characters and didn't really understand the plot (what a naive child) and as I grew up I finally understood and loved the programme all over again. This is the only show that I've been able to watch repeat after repeat and still haven't got bored with it. It cheers me up no matter what mood I'm in! :) 

5. Rain. This may be odd but can I just say I love the rain whilst I'm safe indoors, I find it so peaceful watching the rain bouncing off the road outside and knowing I'm dry, I'm probably the only one! Its also so relaxing listening to the rain before falling asleep at night. 

6. Reading. Ever since I was little I loved reading and years later I'm the same. I love getting lost in a good book and more often than not the following in the book series. A couple of years ago I read all four Twilight books in a week I think, oops. I'm a fast reader which is a curse and a blessing and I have a serious problem with not wanting to put the book down until its done but I love reading nonetheless.  

7. Christmas season. I love the build up to Christmas, I usually refuse to shop until Halloweens over and done with and although most people get irritated with Christmas shopping I can't wait for it, in fact I'll prolong buying all my presents at once so I have an excuse to go shopping again. The Christmas atmosphere, bundles of clothes, hot chocolate, lights and snow sometimes is just amazing.

8. My iPod. This is attached to my hip and this point should probably be named music rather than my iPod but still. Listening to new and old albums/songs can bring back so many memories and sometimes its nice to just have a little sing song when no one else is in the house. 

9. Summer Evenings. At heart although I love Christmas and winter, I'm a summer baby and I love summer evenings - its not very often that we see the sun so I like to make the most of it when we do. This mainly means living outside as much as possible and its definitely a nice change to have bright evenings, where its not getting dark at night until 10:30/11pm.  

10. Drives with friends. Since all my friends have been driving for ages its nice going for drives and the odd midnight trip to the Mcdonalds drive through! Its just refreshing having the freedom to jump in the car and be at the beach in fifteen minutes on a nice evening. Now I just need to get round to learning!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what small things put a smile on your face?

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8 comments on "100 Happy Days: Part One"
  1. This is a good idea! I've seen this tag around for awhile! :) I really like looking at the small things every now and then! I love summer evenings too, though my favorite part of them is sitting at the campfire and just relaxing! :)

    1. thanks, its such a lovely one to look back on I think :) summer evenings are the best, sitting around a campfire sounds like so much fun too! x

  2. This is such a lovely idea for a tag, do you have to be tagged to do this? It seems like a nice thing to keep yourself optimistic. I love Friends too, I laugh every time I watch it & I can't wait for Christmas either! I love your writing style, it flows so well :)

    1. thanks, no not at all! I think it'd be nice for everyone to actually do it so they can look back at what actually made/makes them happy :) It's a classic, I'm the exact same! thank you, thats made my day, I always stress over whether things sound right or not or whether I'm putting my own personal input in a little too much so thats so nice to hear x

  3. Seems such a great concept! I've also been seeing a lot of people post about it on social media, and I really want to try it too! (=
    x | kyle

    1. It really is! I was the same, it was all over facebook mainly and I thought why don't I do something similar, you definitely should try it :) x

  4. Friends was such a great TV series. I must have seen each episode several times back when they did repeats all the time on E4.

    1. I love when theres friends marathons on E4 so much, its my all time favourite show :) x


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