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September Favourites

30 September 2014
September has been and gone so quickly and Octobers right around the corner, that and with being on a spending ban (you can read about it here) I've had more time this month to have a good old hoke around in my room and use things that I would have previously forgotten about. Now I'm usually all for two favourite posts: beauty & non beauty but this month I'm combining them, I just haven't loved that much, plus I've been enjoying a few days away from blogging and finding new inspiration for posts but next month, I promise two posts.

The first favourite and probably the best of the month is The Maze Runner by James Dashner, I really wanted to read this before the movie comes out, nine times out of ten I can't read the book after I've seen the movie because then it sort of spoils the book, I like reading everything for the first time and getting lost in it all. I'm about halfway through at the minute and then I'll be on to book two, The Scorch Trails but I'm really liking it so far and its making me more excited for the movie which comes out next week I think, starring Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf fans will relate, what a cutie), Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter and Thomas Sangster - fab casting!

Also on the non beauty front I've been using the Soap and Glory Flake Away travel sized tub to use it all up, it smells amazing, S&G know their scents and the product works wonders as an exfoliator. In fact when its used up completely (theres a little bit left atm) I might just have to pick up the bigger sized tub from Boots. My everyday go to perfume has been One Direction's Our Moment, I have too many perfumes to be normal and I'm trying to use them all up and this I've discovered is one of my favourites. It's the cutest bottle and has a fruity scent which I can't stop spritzing everywhere and I'm sure once I smell it their latest perfume You and I will be on the Christmas list ;) Another favourite of the month related to One Direction is their two newest songs released this month from their upcoming album FOUR, Fireproof and Steal My Girl, they're both a bit folky but I love them and if you haven't heard them, have a listen on Youtube :)

As for Beauty favorites I've been loving pink, can you tell? The Revlon kissable balm stain in Honey is so well loved all the packaging has rubbed off, I simply apply this right before I leave the house and I don't have to worry about it ending up all over the place, it stays put all day, isn't drying and is just an all round nice nude-y colour. My second lipstick is more of a coral-ly, its Crosswires by MAC, it has the classic mac smell which makes it amazing in itsef and although I wasn't too sure about the colour originally I absolutely love it once its applied and it hasn't been off my lips since, well worth a swatch. From MAC I've also been using their prep+prime skin visage sample and I've noticed a massive difference in my makeup, my opinion on primers has changed thanks to this little one and lastly on my nails I've had MUA's nail polish in Ameretto Crush and for a £1 I can't fault this, it hasn't chipped and I've had it on for a good few days and its a nice colour, I just don't feel like its time to crack out the purples and blacks yet - hopefully this sunshine lasts a bit longer, anyways thats all my favourites for this month :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s What have you been loving through September, beauty, books, tv shows, new songs?

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4 comments on "September Favourites"
  1. Love this post. Love reading what everyone else is loving. This month i think my none beauty favourite is my new biker boots. They are so comfy and perfect for this autumn weather! x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

    1. thanks, so do I! I think that'll be a new favourite of mine this month, the autumn weathers finally making an appearance :) x

  2. The Maze Runner is such a great book, read it 2 years ago or so and loved it! That's lipstick looks like a lovely colour too! xx

    1. I've read a fair bit of it and I love it - can't wait to finish it :) thanks! x


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