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20 May 2015
If you've been reading lately, you'll know this time in two weeks I'll have moved house & I have so many mixed feelings already, I'm excited to decorate and live somewhere different but at the same time I'm sad to be living somewhere that I'm not used to and basically isn't my childhood home. Although I'm really trying to focus on the positives and I can't wait to redecorate my new bedroom so as you can imagine I've found myself browsing ikea and other shops home departments rather than the aisles of Boots lately & I thought I'd share a few pieces or ideas whilst I went! 

The first thing that's absolutely essential is a new bed and I'm slowly coming round to the idea of a day bed instead as I can store so much in it, either that or a bed with an underneath so I can store plenty of boxes hidden from plain sight. The next thing hand in hand with a new bed is bedding, cushions and bed throws, I haven't quite made my mind up on the new colour scheme but I'm definitely over whelmed by the amount of choice there is! 

Since it's a smaller bedroom I'm moving to, I'm really having to make the most of the space I do have or will have (it's a real ikea sort of job), I'm planning on putting up shelves along the top of the room to store books on, as well as a few candles to make the room smell nice, a few photo frames to hold my most cherished photos & photo albums - something I could never end up having enough of and also some plants to cheer the room up a little! 

I also really want to get a small DVD tower to go between the end of my bed, my TV and my wardrobes which will take up next to nothing space wise and hold a heck of a lot, like I need it to! I'm hoping it'll just fit right in :) I also quite like the idea of having fairy lights along the top of the room or bed (how tumblr right?) to make the room a lot more cosy & im still deciding what sort of light fixtures to get. I also wanted a standing light frame but I don't know if I'll have the room so I might have to settle for a desk lamp instead (minus the desk) 

Another thing I'm really hoping to get is a nice print or two for my walls, I'd especially like a vintage faded sort of print/world map (I'm a true geography student) & a full length mirror so I can check I don't look an absolute state throwing everything on me in the morning whilst I'm half asleep! Also I'll need to find some smaller storage solutions, I'm debating whether to get muji containers for my makeup or not, what do you think, does anyone have them at present? And a few little colourful bowls to keep smaller rings & other bits and pieces stored in :) and that's it, let me know if there's anything I've forgotten for decorating or any nice patterns/colour schemes etc! I don't do very many of these type of posts but I'd love some inspiration! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s does anyone have muji storage, or what's the favourite part of your room/decorating? 

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3 comments on "Bedroom Inspiration"
  1. I think your room is gonna look so nice! I'd love to redecorate my room but I share it with my little sister so I'll have to wait until she's older hahah
    About the map thing, I found this world maps to scratch the places you've been to and it's an amazing idea! They come in different sizes and aren't that expensive, you can find them on amazon I think :)
    Anna x

    1. thank you so much! Aw thats really sweet that you do, I always liked the idea of sharing my bedroom :) I'm sure when shes older it'll be much easier to do! ooh that sounds like such a great idea, I might have to have a search for them there, thanks :) x

  2. Great taste, your room is going to look lovely!
    I've currently got the decorating bug aswell, starting with my hallway and gradually going through the house. hopefully i'll get some posts up soon.

    Cloey x


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