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Weekly Ramble #10

10 May 2015
It's hard to believe that we're well into May now, where has the first four months of the year gone? Its that time of year when the suns trying to break out, emphasis on the trying and there's a fair few dull days in between but hopefully this summer we might see some sun, fingers crossed! 

As soon as it hits May its the countdown for my birthday with just over a month to go and my mark for halfway through the year and this year just happens to be the big 2 1 & so I'm even more excited than usual! This weeks been a bit of a mix up, although being off Monday for the bank holiday it's felt like the longest week at work yet, I've tried to be a busy bee this week and have somewhat of a social life whilst I can but let me tell you balancing two jobs and a social life is now a good combination.... I did try however! 

At the start of the week I published my room tour post finally, this I wasn't sure whether to post or not but it seems to have gone down a treat so I'm glad it worked out for the better, you can have a nosy here (link). I did manage to sneak in a Starbucks & of course that and a gossip/catch up session with the best friend comes hand in hand and yes, I did have hot chocolate in May because it was so dull and miserable. The good thing about this time of year of course is the flowers in full bloom and this blossom tree shows that, a dull picture but a nice view walking home. I spend all my time at the train platform and this is my view, surprisingly it was sunny on the day I had time to kill and decided to take photos. 

When I woke up this morning I'd a lovely notification from Bloglovin' informing me I'd reached 800 followers which is a crazy amount of people that I've ever so grateful for so thank you! (a longer appreciation post will probably be coming soon). I also posted a spring clothing haul here (link) and my Accessorize bag arrived in the post - its so beaut and I can't wait to start using it! Lastly I managed to sneak in a pizza hut lunch buffet for a catch up with another one of my good friends and it was scrumptious, salad, pizza and pasta all on one plate with unlimited coke, I was more than content! So that's been my week, a sort of busy one, sort of not, all of my photos were taken on my iphone thats why they've gone a little funny when editing but still you get the jist, hopefully next week will be even more fun filled. Let me know how your weeks been or if you enjoyed this :)  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s I also bought batteries for my camera so back to regular posting and clear photos I come! Has anyone been up to anything exciting lately?

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