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Spring Haul 2015

7 May 2015
The best thing about a change in season without a doubt is the new wardrobe that comes along with it, saying that I also needed a few bits and pieces to wear to work so shopping on payday seemed like a wonderful idea. I'll hold my hands up now and say a lot of the clothes are from Primark with a few other shops here and there but then again who doesn't love a Primark haul. I'm a summer baby so any excuse to wear summery clothes is a massive plus, I just wish we had the constantly warm weather that should be associated with summer.... if we do get it however, I'll be prepared.

Now these purchases have all stemmed from maybe two or three months occasional shopping trips, I think my bank balance would cry if I just went out in one shop and bought it all, in fact I think I would cry too! The first thing I picked up was a jumper from h&m in the sale for £7 (how summery of me) which is really lightweight and a speckled black & white colour, perfect for those nights when the suns gone down. Secondly I picked up a shirt from Primark which is a grey-mauve-y colour, it changes depending on the light but you can never have enough shirts and I think it was around the £6 mark. Then I managed to find this cute little top with elephant prints on it, although it's a crop top it's not that short which I love and it'll go well with jeans, leggings, anything really so in the basket it went too!

The next two shirt / tops I picked up from Primark are identical in style, just different in pattern, I thought it would be a nice change to have an open neck and rolled up sleeves when it's getting warmer but still remain smart enough for work. I couldn't decide between the two and I'm really trying to steer away from my 90% black wardrobe so I picked up the red option as well. 

This is probably my favourite thing in the entire haul or close to second (and second most expensive, around £22 but with student discount a little less and it's so worth it), I inserted a second picture just because the full length one doesn't do the playsuit any justice. It's a paisley print and the colours are gorgeous, maybe not your average summer colours but oh so pretty. This was from he New Look petite range, something I wasn't even aware of and it fits me perfectly which is always a struggle for us small gals and similarly to the shirts it has roll up sleeves. I can see this being a winner both for casual through the day wear or dressing up for going out at night with a pair of heels. I just love it! 

Whilst I was in New Look, to find the petite range I had to walk through the children's section and this kimono just sort of stood out to me - now I know it's children but honestly my mum tried it on and it fits her perfectly, it's not just me so there sizing must be massive, I think this is a 15 years but it's so pretty, did I mention being small has the ocassimal perks? I think it was £10 too so not breaking the bank either and it'll be a perfect cover up in the summer. After New Look I waltzed into Topshop & that never ends well so I tried to restrain myself as best as I could and only walked out with one thing, yes one, I'm extremely proud and it was this stunning playsuit from the petite range again which hugs the top half of me beautifully and has lace around both the arms and shorts - I'm dying for an excuse to go out just so I can wear it, is that bad? 

This pictures a little bit all over the place but I couldn't figure out how to display everything, in the end a floor shot worked. I can't get enough of these running/pyjama shorts from Primark (I always wear them lounging round the house) which are only £4, especially the floral & lace ones, they're so cute and I find myself looking for more every time I'm shopping. I also picked up a bandeau just for comfort, new bras from h&m, a camel & navy striped top from New Look which I can't stop wearing and my first pair of sandals of the year from Primark which were really inexpensive and look so nice. I find myself always reaching for tan rather than black shoes in the summer so I can see I'll get my wear out of them.

Lastly I picked up a few pairs of socks, you know the boring essentials & then this adorable pack of midi rings which I'm sure will keep me going for a while. The jewellery section was far too busy to have a good look but next time I'll be sure to have a peak. So that's everything that I've bought over the past wee while, hope you enjoyed it - I'm just really excited for spring/summer to properly arrive and it to be sunny a lot, wishful thinking I know... And if you've made it to the end I'm sorry but congrats on making it to the end of one of my lengthiest posts! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what nice things have you bought lately? Or if you've any links to hauls leave them below, I love reading them

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4 comments on "Spring Haul 2015"
  1. Hooray for new clothes! It's always nice getting new things! I just realized I've had a shirt for 4 years and I wore it yesterday...might be time to go shopping! haha :)

    1. Isn't it? I felt like I'd put if off for so long! Theres always a few things that are too hard to let go of or you simply just don't realise you've owned it that long - always the most loved things too! Yes, shoppings is always a good idea :) x

  2. I love a good spend up - nothing like a change in weather for a perfect excuse!

    Those sandals from Primark are really nice - I might keep an eye out when I'm next in there

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati

    1. They always leave you feeling ten times better & of course, the new clothing lines switch up is a winner too! thanks, definitely! they're so comfy :) x


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