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24 August 2015
Ok so usually I'm quite good at the whole 'keeping on top of things' thing and staying relatively organised but for the past few months I've sort of let it slip. I can't remember the last time I sat down and typed a blog post, I'll sneak in the odd Instagram post just to let the world know I still have wifi but aside from that I haven't touched my google account and blogger. It's saddening really and I've missed it a lot!

I'd like to say that it was because I was on holiday or enjoying the sun in the garden and working on my tan.... if only! It's been miserable and I've been working at placement and my other part time job more hours than I can count! I've had a few reports to do and my workload hasn't exactly been great. I've luckily finished my placement now and I can say it's definitely one of the more rewarding and enjoyable things I've been able to do and I'm excited to have a month off before going back into my final year of University which I'm sure will be busy, busy, busy and include a lot of all-nighter's in the library.

This week however, I've finally got my social life back on track, I'm still working a lot but I'm getting better and finding that work/social balance that we all desperately need. I'm less sleep deprived than I was, still wishing my body clock would let me sleep for more than 6 hours a night but I can't be too nit-picky. With this being said I've finally had a burst of inspiration and decided to write that although I've been gone, I'm excited to return to blogging and start the Jennys Everyday Life 2.0 edition. Oh and reassure everyone that I haven't dropped off the face of the planet! I've also managed to grow in followers during my absence which is absolutely astonishing so a big thank you and hopefully you all enjoy my posts when I get back on track!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

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2 comments on "M.I.A"
  1. Missed your blogs! Glad everything's smoothed out a bit! Totally understand working a lot! That's why I haven't been on much either! My bloglovin account is overloaded with unread posts! Excited to see what you've got coming up though! :)


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