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Beauty / Skincare Haul: January 2015

20 January 2015
Usually in January everyones tries to spend as little as possible with the January blues and all that but I've actually been doing the opposite and spending too much. Now I know a lot of these things I needed (or so I tell myself) but as soon as you step foot in abouts that strong mentality and self control go straight out the window so I got a little carried away. So it's all built up and since I love a good haul I thought it'd be fun to share, this is more my drugstore haul and I have a higher end one coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled ;) and enjoy! 

I needed another Rimmel stay matte powder to set my makeup with, that was all and it spiralled into all of this. Since we've been going through a bitterly cold weather phase which sucks all moisture out of your skin, I thought I needed a new moisturiser for my face, turns out the Garnier ones were on offer so I picked up the illuminating light lotion with the hope of not looking so zombie-esque in the morning, and it seems to be working. For the parts that need that extra moisture I picked up The Body Shops Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream which should hopefully do the trick. 

Eyeliners something I go through phases with and at the moment I'm definitely going through a love phase, my eyeliner skills are terrible but at least I attempt it. I'm forever repurchasing the Collection eyeliners because they're wonderful but lately I've been using my kohl Urban Decay eyeliner and loved it so I thought I'd pick up a cheap one from Miss Sporty.  In a moment of spontaneity I also picked up a brown kohl eyeliner from Rimmel in the shade Sable for the days I want a more natural look. I've never been one for brown eyeliner but I'm slowly coming round to it. The third and final eyeliner I bought was the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner in Noir - this was unexpected and if I'm honest I just filled the shopping basket with it so I could get qualify for free delivery oops but I'm sure it'll be a nice alternative on those days when I can't find my collection one (so a lot) 

For a while now I've been using as little as possible of my Garnier eye makeup remover (sort of like micellar water but better) to make it last but then it finally gave up and I had to buy a replacement because it's blooming brilliant and perfect for those nights when you quickly want to take your makeup off and crawl into bed. It's also good for sensitive skin and a little does go a long way so it's well worth it's small price tag. These never seem to be shown but deodorant, everyone needs it? I picked up one of the compressed sprays as they were on offer and it smells pretty good so it must be doing its thing. 

On the smelling front, nice smells don't worry, I picked up an impulse spray in Romantic Spark, usually I stick to True Love I think but I wanted a different scent. These are so handy to chuck in a handbag instead of bringing perfumes and being afraid they'll smash (maybe it's just me) and they're as cheap as chips to replace, win win. Lastly I picked up the Cuticura anti bacterial hand gel, it's been out of stock in this size and smell for the longest time and I don't particularly like their other smells so I knew I needed this, again. I think that's everything, I did buy a few bits and pieces for a giveaway so they'll be up soon :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what have you been buying lately? have you tried any of these? Oh and sorry about the last picture, blue was not the look I was going for! 

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6 comments on "Beauty / Skincare Haul: January 2015"
  1. I am so in love with the Garnier eye makeup remover - it takes off even the heaviest eye makeup so super easily and I can't actually imagine life without mine!
    Zelda | OhZelda

    1. its truly amazing isn't it? It actually removes my They're Real mascara and thats normally a nuisance! I'm happy someone feels the same way x

  2. That Garnier makeup remover is amazing and the Rimmel foundation is brilliant, such a bargain too! text

    1. I love it, it's so amazing and such a small price tag! Rimmel foundations are always fabulous too :) x

  3. I usually use a Cinique Eye Makeup Remover which is quite pricey, so I'll have to try the Garnier one!


    1. this is definitely a lovely alternative from Boots if you're not too keen on using a higher end cleanser everyday, completely recommend it :) x


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