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A healthier version of myself

13 April 2015
It's that wonderful time of year again or not so wonderful time of year, depends how you feel about it. The sun suddenly makes an appearance and its the norm to be seen in crop tops, shorter than short shorts and basically nothing else, now maybe I'm just getting older but that doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Yes its getting slightly sunnier and there's plenty of diets, detoxes and gym posts all over social media (ignore this one) but I thought it was time I got fitter & healthier rather than a 'summer body' which disappears again at the end of August.... 

Now I'm not dieting or detox-ing, honestly I think if I just stick to my normal meals and change bits and pieces here and there, maybe having some more fruit etc my diet should be balanced enough. I've never liked the idea of detoxing, I always thought without food I'd pass out or my stomach would start making some questionable rumbling tummy sounds in public and I couldn't cope with the embarrassment so a detox is definitely not on the cards.

Exercise however, is something I have a love-hate relationship with, over the years I've went to the gym off and on but never really taken it seriously, then last year I started running and making the most of living by the sea but by the Spring months it was time to go home and I never really got a chance so it was knocked on the head as well. All of a sudden I've taken the urge to exercise again not for the summer but to make myself healthier and stronger, not to lose weight as most diets are based around. I'm starting small and opting to walk when I can instead of jumping on a bus or in a car which has already helped, trust me its a lot nicer being out in the fresh air instead. 

I don't have a specific exercising outfit, I suppose I should work on that one but I have bought two pairs of trainers in the past few months and coming from a girl who never ever wore trainers apart from p.e and detested them them it's a big achievement! I'm finally coming round to the idea of trainers for daywear out and about and I think it's because trainers are a lot prettier than they used to be. I originally bought a 'comfort' pair from Tesco as they were on sale and simple enough to wear with a pair of jeans, plus the pink which isn't as bright as its showing gives it a pop of colour and keeps it from looking too dull and then I got the bug and bought another pair..... 

The second pair of trainers are more just for looking at or a really dry day when I know it's not going to rain, not even shower as I don't want them to get ruined, theyre too beaut. There very summery and are from Asos although the brands Gola, I think they were on offer at the time or maybe I just used my student discount, either way it was money off and they weren't even expensive in the first place. The print or design is by Liberty of London and it's just soooo pretty - I love it, and the pink laces are a nice finishing touch, now I just need some summery weather to wear them. I have been eyeing up some Nike trainers but I just can't justify the price #studentproblems but I'll keep admiring from afar and see how long I stick to my new routine for. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with exercise? Or any trainer/healthy eating recommendations? I'd love to hear them 

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6 comments on "A healthier version of myself"
  1. Im trying to change my eating habits, one thing im loving is peanut butter on wholemeal toast for breakfast and sometimes with banana sliced on top, i find it really fills me up for hours! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Ooh that sounds lovely! I think bananas so yummy in the morning, I remember being younger and eating it on toast & porridge (not at the same time though)! I'm the same, really sets you up for the day :) x

  2. Those shoes are so pretty! Since moving to Uni my eating habits have definitely changed but I've decided to stay away from a lot of sugar and try to watch what I eat more! Definitely not the kind of person to go running but a nice hike or walk will always do as well!

    1. aren't they, I'm in awe, they're almost too pretty to wear lol! I find that happened when I moved away as well, laziness is a major factor oops but I'm glad you're choosing to stay away from sugar - I wouldn't have the will power to cut it completely! Yes, I totally agree especially with the right location :) x

  3. I DEFINITELY Have a love-hate relationship with exercise, which is why i choose to go for dance class, because i like dancing and its good exercise. i'd have so much trouble motivating myself to go to the gym or to run.
    But those colourful summery shoes does make me want to exercise, i think having a nice outfit gives that additional kick of motivation ;)

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. Its such a pain right! I wish I could do something different like dance classes, sadly I have two left feet! I couldn't agree more, it definitely gives you that kick! x


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