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Brand Loving: Natural Collection

23 March 2014
Natural Collection was a brand I was drawn to back in the early days of buying makeup mainly because it was cheap and cheerful, did the trick and had the added bonus of being fragrance free, natural and dermatologically tested. Its only available in Boots stores in the UK and although I own several products from the range I have only recently rediscovered their collection again and thought I'd share my thoughts with you lovely readers. 

Years ago I remember owning a plain black mascara from Natural Collection which looking back did exactly what I wanted it to do and more but I haven't a clue why I didn't repurchase it at the time. It must have been when I became adventurous and attempted to try out every other brand in the drugstore lol, we all had that teenage phase!

As you can tell I own a small collection of things from the brand totalling: 2 lipsticks, bronzing pearls, a blush and a white eyeliner which may not seem like a lot to some but to me its enough for the minute. The blush in the shade 'Pink Cloud' is definitely my favourite product of the lot as it is extremely pigmented and produces the nicest pop of colour to my cheeks with the lightest brush - warning, if you're heavy handed be careful, I learnt this the hard way. It's a gorgeous pink perfect for the spring and summer months to create a natural glow and for £1.99 it's an absolute steal - I definitely think I'll be picking up a couple more of these blushes in the near future. In fact all of the makeup collection is fairly priced between £1.50 and £1.99 which is incredible these days.

The two lipsticks in the shades 'Cranberry' and 'Pink Orchid' are from the Moisture Shine Collection and although people have often classed them as drying I've never had a problem with them. As with all lipsticks I apply vaseline or a lip balm beforehand and they work like a dream. They are surprisingly pigmented considering their price however they don't last all day, this happens with most of my lipsticks and I need to reapply during the day so I'm unsure whether it's just these or not. The only fault being the colour range, it could be improved a little to include darker colours for the bolder lip lovers among us. 

The last couple of things I've picked up recently on a whim is the Sun Tint Bronzing Pearls in 'Sahara Sun' and a white eyeliner for my waterline. Upon first glance the bronzing pearls looking quite a scary colour especially since I'm so pale but the different coloured pearls combine to make a lovely overall colour - nothing too orangey at all. The only downside being the container they're held in, unless your careful or keep the sponge inside they're prone to smashing.  

Overall Natural Collection is definitely a winner and I recommend the majority of the products, the only thing that could be improved is the shades available. If anyones tried anything from the brand be sure to let me know? :)
Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
2 comments on "Brand Loving: Natural Collection"
  1. I used this brand so much when I was younger as well! those bronzing pearls look really cool might give them a try X

    1. it was just such an easy brand to reach for lol! they are, perfect for spring and summer :) Jenny xo


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