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23 March 2014
 You may have all seen this hashtag popping up all over the place, my facebook has been non stop since the end of last week and I usually don't agree with the whole hashtagging on Facebook, only Twitter but I had to ignore it, just this once. 

As you might have guessed from the title this is my no makeup selfie for Cancer Awareness! A couple of sceptics have said that posting a picture will not help the cause but in fact it's the donations made whilst posting the pictures that have made all the difference. In a space of 24 hours almost a million pounds was raised due to amazing social media and this trend has continued reaching nearly £2 million in 48 hours and so on. 

A couple of my friends had nominated me to post my selfie and although I resemble a young child with no makeup on I braved it and pressed the dreaded 'post' button and alas heres my make up free bake. Its surprising really how many girls are getting involved in this considering makeup is our holy grail for going out in public and plays such a significant role in most girls self esteem. 

The trend started on Wednesday when Cancer Research UK posted the donation numbers and since then it has spiralled out of control and made a large amount of money which will no doubt be put to good use by the charity. My friend in Hong Kong has even asked what its all about showing just how well this trend has spread across the world. If anyone is interested in donating to the charity you can text BEAT to 70099 and donate £3 to a really worthy cause or get involved on the Cancer Research website.

Since most beauty bloggers usually have a full face of makeup its a nice change to do a tag such as this so as to show everyone that makeup although well loved can be given up for one post AND a good cause. I'm going to tag everyone reading this and anybody else who wants to get involved to complete this and don't forget to post in the comments if you do take part! 

Thank you for reading, Jenny xo
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