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Uni Formal Haul;

8 March 2014
Formal season has now been and gone I'm pretty sure, I mean for the past month my facebook feed has been full of everyone looking amazing in stunning dresses with flawless hair and makeup and to be honest I felt a bit left out - nothing beats dressing up after all. Therefore when our uni formal was announced with literally a week and a half to go my friends and I jumped at the chance, queue a lot of late minute shopping and disorganisation. 

The Saturday before I popped into town and collected a few necessities for the formal and decided to do a slightly different type of haul post featuring Boots and Superdrug (surprise surprise) and Primark's new beauty line.
As I would be busy the few days before the formal a spray tan wasn't an option so of course I settled on the second best thing - fake tan. Usually I wouldn't wear this to save my life, I'd much rather be a pale gal, this might be due to laziness or the fact I can never find the perfect tan. Somebody help me please and maybe my ways will be changed but for now I picked up the St Moriz instant self tanning mist in Medium with the hopes of washing off a layer beforehand so it wouldn't be too dark. I then made a repurchase of my trusty Tea Tree & Witch Hazel moisturiser as my current one is reaching its end and I had coupons to use and then a travel sized Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub which I've surprisingly never tried before, damn you Boots I can't say no. The next thing I bought on a whim, I've seen it popping up around numerous blogs with positive reviews and decided to give it a go. It's the Pearl Drops overnight serum and lets hope it does the trick as I'm a massive tea drinker oops.   

Passing the natural collection stand - something I haven't done in a while I also decided to try a few products of theirs. I remember having a mascara from the range a while back and loved it so I had high hopes for the rest picking up a white eyeliner because everyone needs to look more awake in the mornings, a light pink blush in the shade "sweet cheeks" and the natural collection bronzing pearls in the shade "tropical tan".  

Finally I popped into Primark and midst browsing this cute little compact mirror caught my attention, the pink and white floral print will make it perfect for travelling about in the spring and summer months and for only a £1 - similarly to most of the Primark beauty items - its a bargain. I also popped in my basket a set of fake eyelashes, which I've probably wore less than five times in my life lol so there going to be a real joy to wear and a set of fake nails with a french manicure style which are gorgeous.

I can't wait to try out all of these and who knows I might post a few reviews in the future on them eh! If anyone has tried any of these products or in my case has any suggestions for fake tan? Please let me know :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
1 comment on "Uni Formal Haul;"
  1. Can't wait for the reviews of the products. Have fun.
    xx, Michelle


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