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Daily Blogging, Day 1

1 June 2014
I'm so glad that May is finally over, exams and stressing definitely got the best of me and blogging for the past month has been a bit of a let down (for me anyways)... just when I was getting in to the swing of things too! Therefore to make it up to my lovely followers and as a sort of challenge to myself to see if I can do it, I've decided to blog daily for the month of June which is a masssssive challenge for me.

I've already planned out all my posts and I'm so excited to get stuck into writing and preparing them for you guys, June I'm sure is going to be the best month of the year, not biased at all as I have a couple of concerts and its my birthday, the big 20! Is it weird to be dreading it yet somehow excited at the same time? I think so. I also have a heck of a lot more time now that unis finished for summer, if anyone can recommend any good tv shows that would be amazing? I've already caught up on everything in the space of two weeks showing just how much free time I really do have..... therefore this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something productive with my free time, so be sure to check out my daily posts ;) I hope you all enjoy having a good old read too!  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s feel free to leave comments or chat to me on twitter/instagram etc, things like that make my day!  
4 comments on "Daily Blogging, Day 1 "
  1. Good luck with your daily blogging. Make sure you have lots of fun too with all that free time before uni starts again in a few months!

    1. thank you so much :) i'll try my best, I'm sure I'll find plenty to keep myself busy with lol, Jenny xo

  2. wow, best of luck for the daily blogging challenge!
    and as for tv show recommendation, try revenge, the story plot is amazing (plus they have super good looking cast, amazing wardrobe and makeup!) ;)


    1. thank you, I'm going to try my best :) ooh sounds so good, I'll have to have a watch xo


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