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7 April 2015
I'm one of those people that likes to cover all those pesky spots and blemishes over a bold lip and busy eye makeup anyday. I feel like if you don't have a good concealer, well its just not the same, at least I tell myself that to justify spending yet more money on base makeup, more importantly concealers! I know everyone swears by the Collection concealer and to some extent I do too but I wanted to branch out a little incase I'm missing out on something wonderful AND I hadn't owned a high end concealer so I thought I'd go all out and buy two at the one time....  

The two I decided on are actually quite similar as there both creamy and without a wand, the first was the MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC15 and the second was Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer in 'Light'. Now I'm usually not an NC at all in MAC, I'm a NW but this actually works on my skin, having pinky undertone foundation and concealer would probably be a bit too pink, so this balances everything out nicely. The Benefit one doesn't go by undertones, instead it just uses the usual light, medium, dark and of course I'm light, if there was an extra light I would probably be that.  

At first I wasn't sold on the potted concealer as such, opting for a wand everytime just for handiness but after loving my 17 phwoarrr paint I realised they aren't actually too bad, in fact they were easier and I found myself reaching for that more often than my ordinary wand concealers as the coverage was just as good, if not better and it included a little mirror so I'm hoping I'll adore these two just as much, I don't fancy using my fingers, especially as the warmer weathers approaching, they'll probably melt slightly but by using a smaller brush I'm hoping they'll blend like a dream and give me the coverage that I really need, I'm sure I'll share my feelings on them at some point, I always do :)

The only major thing I noticed about these two is that the Mac concealer has a lot more product (7g) compared to the Benefit concealer which has (3g), now for the record Benefit's is slightly more expensive around the £17/18 mark whereas MAC ranges around £15/16 so its a lot less for your moneys worth and I actually prefer the lid on the MAC concealer as theres no chance of it falling off, hopefully it won't make a difference to the product inside and I can't wait to get using them both. (It's almost as if I'm asking for bad skin to test them out, I promise I'm not)  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s has anyone tried these two? or any other high end concealers that they love? 

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5 comments on "Concealer-aholic? "
  1. The seventeen phwoarr paint is one of my favourites! I love MAC's Pro Longwear concealer so maybe i should try this one as i like the seventeen one x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. It's absolutely amazing and for being so inexpensive as well! I really want to try the Pro Longwear just haven't got a chance to get to a counter! :) x

  2. I've really wanted to try the Benefit boing concealer for ages, but now I really want to try the MAC one! Great post; love your blog :)

    1. I'm definitely liking them both, there very similar, just one gives that teeny bit more coverage and stays put a little longer! they were both on my wishlist for absolute ages, definitely worth a swatch! Thank you so much, its so nice to get to comments like this even if it has taken me ages to reply (apologies) x

  3. I always end up spending too much on concealers, I have pretty bad dark circles so I justify it to myself this way lol. I haven't tried any of those but recently I got Erase Paste by Benefit and I like it so far!


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