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October Daily Blogging?

1 October 2016

Hi guys! Just a quick one today, daily blogging is something I've been toying with the idea of for a while now but boy is it hard to find the time to sit down, write and perfect a post, about halfway through I hit a wall and think 'who even wants to read this?' and stop. This is something I need to work on and I'm hoping that by daily blogging throughout the month of October will help me get my mojo back. It'll take a lot of work and maybe I'll need to prioritise posting over a new Game of Thrones episode but it'll be done!

I've planned out my posts and quite a few are all ready to publish but if there's any you'd like to see, feel free to leave ideas in the comments. JennysEverydayLife was primarily a beauty blog at the beginning but I think I knew even then that there was definitely going to be a heapful of lifestyle included just by the title. I feel like at the minute I'm posting a lot of lifestyle and nothing much else so I'm going to strip it back to basics and incorporate beauty, lifestyle, fashion, homeware (my favourite type of post ever) food, chatty posts and who knows maybe the odd exercise post but we'll not hold out for the last one loool! I want my blog to reflect all of me so hopefully this will cover everything and I really hope you enjoy reading the posts to come!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

2 comments on "October Daily Blogging?"
  1. Looking forward to reading all of your new posts! I wish I was organised enough to blog everyday xx

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. aw thank you, it'll probably be a struggle but I'm determined I can do it! :) x


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