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Zara Bag Haul: I think I'm addicted

2 October 2016

I definitely think my handbag obsession started from a young age, I always remember having a mini version of my mums usually from Claires or somewhere and thinking I was a big girl. Over the years my handbag collection grew until finally I had a huuuge clear out and stripped it back to a few of my favourites and told myself I didn't need anymore! I always thought bigger bags were better because I could practically fit everything but the kitchen sink in but with my back forever hating me, I knew this needed to change! I'm a real sucker for Zara and its beaut clothing but they're accessories are so underrated especially their bags and a few weeks back after I saw the red handbag online I knew I needed it in my life and because you can't just buy one thing one it's own, I picked up two more ....

My favourite of the three is definitely the Red Crossbody Bag which has intricate insect details and a gold chain strap. At first I saw this in black and was on the fence but once I saw the red, it was perfect. I wear a lot of monochrome and so a bag like this would give any outfit that gorgeous pop of colour. I actually brought this with me when I went to a family wedding a few weeks ago and it went perfectly with a black & white skirt and black, I think I shared it on insta! It's also really affordable at £15.99 and I know I'll get so much use out of it! Any excuse I have I opt for this little bag and with it just about fitting my phone (which is bloody massive), lipstick, purse, chewing gum etc basically the essentials, it's a winner!

As I said the other two bags were impulse buys but with the transition into Autumn, burgundy or maroon is one of my favourite colours to wear and whereas the red bag seems more Summery, this will last me well into the Autumn/Winter months. It's  crocodile skin texture (fake of course) but it makes it all the more interesting, it has gold hardware again and two little sections to keep all the important bits and pieces in! It also has a long strap too so I can either carry it or wear it over my shoulder, all depending on the outfit. This one I haven't used too much but I can definitely see me wearing it non stop in the coming weeks.

Lastly, my brown clutch. Now I know this one won't be to everyone's tastes but I love it, there's three sections to the clutch. One is a leathery effect, the second suede and the third snake skin. I'm definitely seeing an animal theme going on but I feel like it just makes it stand out all the more. I thought this would be perfect for a darker or plainer outfit throughout the Winter, giving it something without being too in your face! I also love tan and have plenty of tan/nude shoes that this will match perfectly. It was only around the £5/6 mark so I couldn't say no, one of my best bargains in a long time.

All in all, I'm loving all three and although I could say I've probably got the bag buying bug out of my system, that's probably a lie and it's only made me want to buy more cute bags! I think I'm addicted. Have you bought any new bags lately or for A/W?

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo

Also what do you think of the new photography setup, yay or nay?  

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