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12 July 2014

This weeks flashed right before my eyes, in fact my whole Summer is! Last night and today we were celebrating the 11th of July, its a big thing here, if I'm honest I just enjoy the friendly atmosphere and of course the lovely yet too warm bonfire which singes your eyebrows off practically. I've also been meeting up with friends and of course shopping so in between all that and the sunny weather I only managed to get three posts up and including todays post four. The first post (link here) was more lifestyle related and all about printing photos, the second (link here) was beauty related and based on Glamour magazine and the third (link here) was all to do with summer fragrances.

I've come to realise that may not be a lot compared to other bloggers but it is for me who only used to post once a week - its also a bit ridiculous that I haven't came up with a blogging schedule yet but I'm honestly not that organised. I think if I made one I'd end up giving up after a few days anyways and thats unfair but I'm going to try and post at least three posts per week and one on Sundays! If you have any suggestions or posts you'd like to see on my blog please leave me a comment, I love getting new suggestions about this sort of stuff. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s do you prefer a catch up post like this or my usual weekly rambles?  
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