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Ikea Haulin'

17 July 2014
So I know a homeware haul isn't exactly everyones cup of tea but I love them! Its so fun having a nosy and getting inspiration for yourself at the same time. I may or may not have unintentionally went to ikea over the weekend and if you follow me on twitter (link here) you'll know I asked in the #bbloggers chat if this was something you would want to read and surprisingly received an overly positive response so here we are, an ikea haul. 

I've been thinking of redecorating my bedroom for a while but I just didn't know what direction or colour scheme to go in but when I saw these cushions covers from the Svarttall range I fell in love and knew these would look lovely with a monochrome themed room (more white than black) and plain bedding. I bought two of the tiled print cushion covers as I liked the yellow running through it and thought that two of the other pattern would just be too much. Plus when I got to the cash desk, they were on sale, what a bonus! I think the cushion and cover together were £6/7, total bargain since most of the other cushions were over £10.  

Since my room was looking a little empty and I've been going on a print binge as you may be able to tell from the previous photos I decided to pick up this set of five cute prints, all floral and in a range of colours. I then realised that they were a size bigger than all of my photo frames at home and decided to pick up a pack of two white frames which will be hung on my wall as soon as. I'm not sure whether to keep the two prints I have in them at the minute or to change it to one of the others, we'll see.  

This one was a bit random, I already own one of these and probably didn't need another but with an ever expanding makeup collection they do come in handy and keep everything organised. As weird as it is, its actually from their kitchen range and meant to be used to store cutlery in but of course I wouldn't use it for that, plus its under £2 what a bargain. Also they're so easy to keep clean and don't risk me destroying my white desk.  

This is the last thing I picked up whilst I was shopping and again it might seem a bit odd but with white furniture you've no idea how handy these are. I used to have a green, white and pink floral print mat but since I'm thinking of redoing my room I thought a black and white one would be more fitting. I've also tried it out and it makes an amazing background for photos, you'll have to keep an eye out for tomorrows post to have a look ;)

On top of that, it actually does the trick of keeping my surfaces clean, no one likes makeup marks! This again was from the kitchen department and a bit of an impulse buy, I was stuck between this print and another black and turquoise one but I might just go back and get that because they're only 75p or something, absolutely ridiculous. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this sort of haul, be sure to let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s have you bought any nice homeware bits and pieces lately?  
4 comments on "Ikea Haulin' "
  1. Love this post! And the pillows! I definitely need a trip to Ikea soon :)

    Nikki x

    1. thank you! they have so many lovely ones but these just stood out, oh you really should - I love going :) Jenny xo

  2. Ah! You've made me want to head to Ikea now! Loved this post... I need some new homeware items now! :P

    Bryony xx

    1. Sorry :P thank you though :) I didn't even need them anything until I went, I always end up buying way too much, Jenny xo


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