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25 July 2014
I always try and post three/four times a week & lets face it apart from Sunday the rest of the days are usually just when I have free time rather than having my 'schedule' and I know this is a little annoying but a good way to keep up to date with when I do post is usually by social media. I'm an iPad/social media addict fiend.

Therefore I thought a post like this would come in handy, these are all the places you can find me :) 

Every bloggers best friend? I think so, although I have the blogger app I much prefer the Bloglovin' app and I spend so much maybe too much time scrolling, its just so easy to use and I love its simplistic design. It lets me keep up to date with all my favourite bloggers new posts and find new up and coming blogs at the same time! You can follow my Bloglovin' here [link

Even before I started blogging, I had a love for Twitter - then it was a personal Twitter but now I have a new account where I update when I've post and all the other rambling thoughts that pop into my head through the day. Its also so easy to talk to everyone through the #bbloggers trend and chats so if you're reading this pop over and say hi :) You can follow my Twitter here [link

If I'm honest my instagram feed is mainly food, scenery, food, makeup, food and more makeup with the odd selfie - a right old mix.... I just love taking photos and I'l go through phases where I'll just post all the time. Sometimes if you're not in the mood to start reading through posts its nice to just scroll through pretty pictures. You can follow my Instagram here [link

Google Friend Connect
I feel like this is completely forgotten about by most bloggers but I actually enjoy using this. Its so much easier to just go on blogger on my laptop and see blogs in my feed already. If you still use it let me know, maybe its just me thinking these things. You can follow via GFC on the right hand side of my blog.  

Another one that just isn't used all that much, I'll be honest I still haven't sussed it all out, I just know that you can follow via it and then when I share my posts you get a notification on your google homepage? I think thats it, if anyone does know the right use please fill me in lol! Anyways you can follow via this link [link

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s whats your favourite social media site or can you think of any I've left out? 
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