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Summer Fragrances

12 July 2014

Over the past few weeks the sun has been out in full force and with that so have the summer perfumes - I guess it just doesn't seem acceptable to wear something floral and fruity in the midst of winter, July however is a different kettle of fish. I don't usually post about perfumes which is a bit of a puzzlement as last year I went through a phase of constantly buying new perfume for the sake of it - I admit my collections a little extensive now (most of them are untouched and simply looking pretty on my dressing table) but I'll get round to using them eventually. These are my three most reached for at the moment, can you tell I'm partial to the odd sweet smelling celebrity scent?

The Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift which I was kindly bought as a present last year is definitely my most used of the three, this is the 30ml sized bottle and its ever so handy for popping in my bag. The packaging however is an absolute nuisance - in fact all three of these perfumes are (this photo was the best of a really bad bunch) to photograph as its holographic with an intricate design on the lid. It has top notes of wild berry and passionfruit and smells perfectly florally without overdoing it which I love and as its a lighter scent its ideal for wearing throughout the day.

The second perfume Our Moment is by One Direction and again I was kindly bought at Christmas there, I hadn't smelt it beforehand so I wasn't sure what to expect however I was pleasantly surprised. The bottle is aimed at younger girls and the bottle lid is shaped similarly to a crown or jewel making them feel like utter princesses - cute. This is much sweeter in comparison to Enchanted Wonderstruck (which is muskier) and is the typical girly floral smell with top notes such as pink grapefruit and jasmine. Again so easy to spritz on during the day and the scent lasts for ages!

My third favourite is Honey by Marc Jacobs and is probably the most summery of the trio. All Marc Jacobs perfumes have beautifully designed bottles and this perfume is no exception, the white and yellow spotty colour scheme just screams summer and I love the bee shaped lid as well. This perfume is definitely a fruity and fresh scent with top notes such as pear and mandarin and base notes of vanilla and of course, honey! Unlike the other two I prefer to use this at night or for occassions throughout the summer as its more expensive and I'm trying to make it last but its definitely a must buy for the summer months.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s whats your summer go to perfume? 
4 comments on "Summer Fragrances"
  1. This was a really great post! I love your blog! I really like the Taylor Swift perfume and One Directions they're both really nice for the summer! I haven't tried the Honey one, might have to give that a go! My go to perfume is one by Bath and Body works called Sweetheart (i think?) haha

    1. thank you so much, that means a lot! :) they both smell so nice and yeah the honey one is lovely, if you like that sort of scent :) I love the name, I've always wanted to try something from there, downside of living where I live lol, Jenny xo

  2. Great post!!! Def would love to try the Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume!

    Lakshmi in Trance

  3. thanks! you should definitely have a smell next time you're near a perfume counter - its so lovely :) xo


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