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Summer Clothing Haul

3 July 2014
Summer sales are possibly the best and the worst thing for my bank card - good because I can buy a new wardrobe and not feel guilty about spending a fortune, bad because I tend to go a bit overboard. This year though I seem to have had some self control and my sales shopping has been kept to a minimum but I still thought I'd show you guys what lovely things I've managed to pick up. 

The first place to shop was h&m, I love their clothes and whenever they have a sale if you have the patience you can always find a bargain. I didn't have anything particular that I wanted but then I saw this black and white stripy crop top I thought it would be perfect for a cooler summer night as its a loose material and can be jazzed up or down depending on the occassion.

Whilst I was paying at the till, this little black dress caught my eye and it was only when I picked it up that I noticed the entire back to the waist was made up of lace - perfect for a night out when you don't want to go overboard but still look as if you've made an effort, plus it was only £4 so how could I not get it!

Sadly Topshop was one of the last places I popped into and it was closing (therefore closed changing rooms) and me not able to buy half the stuff I wanted - I was in need however of a plain short sleeved tee to wear with jeans and this fitted all the boxes. This is supposedly a size 8 but I'm pretty sure its way bigger, don't know whether its due to the batwing sleeves or not but just as well I love a baggy tee. 

Another place that I didn't have nearly enough time in was Zara, it was absolutely packed and there wasn't a chance of me looking around everything however I did find this little gem! Its not usually a colour I'd go for (peachy/pinky pastel) but I really liked it together with the bird print.

Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite shops and so visiting their sales was a must! I thought this little top would be perfect with jeans as well (I have a thing for spots too) and its so comfortable - that and it was only £5! Now I know UO have good sales but £5 is an ultimate steal even for them :)

This is probably an odd thing to buy in the midst of summer but I couldn't not buy it - it screamed the perfect Christmassy winter jumper and so I bought it with the intention of packing it away in my wardrobe until at least Autumn. I'm a serious baggy jumper fiend and this is far too cosy! Red isn't usually my colour but I thought why not step out of your comfort zone a tad and I'm seriously glad I did. Urban Outfitters, you've made me very happy (especially as it only cost around£10).

As for accessories I bought a black and white aztec print bag from Topshop, surprisingly I don't have any small bags and I don't want to be hauling around a massive shopper if I'm just popping down the road so I bought this solely for just putting my purse and phone in and being on my way. Also I wanted a brighter purse one that would easily stand out in the bottom of a handbag so I picked this one up from Monki at Asos and so far I love it. 

The last two things that I bought was a gold hexagon necklace from Topshop (if I could buy all of their jewellery range I would), minimal but pretty and a spiky silver ring from H&M which I love. I used to have a ring just like this but I don't know where it ended up so its nice to have another :(

Although all of this may seem like a lot or not to some people, this was all bought in the space of about 2 hours so I think I did quite well in finding it all. Plus there were so many bargains and all together I saved well over £100 - definitely a happy girly! I'm still getting used to photographing clothes, its rather odd but if you'd rather see OOTD's or how I style the clothes, I'd be happy to do that, let me know in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what sale steals have you managed to snap up? 
2 comments on "Summer Clothing Haul "
  1. Love the Urban Outfitters jumper! I have a few similar ones and they're a wardrobe essential for me when it comes to the colder months.


  2. thanks, oh I'm exactly the same! nothing beats wrapping yourself up in a baggy/fluffy jumper :) xo


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