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2015 Essentials Wishlist

15 January 2015
It feels like its been a while since I've sat and made a new post, what can I say this past week has been an absolute whirlwind and I haven't had any time to sleep let alone blog but I've given myself a good old slap on the wrist and I'm positive that it won't happen again - at least two times a week is the aim for now. I'm actually writing this via free train wifi on the way to Uni, it's usually unreliable but for now its holding up so hope you enjoy this little wishlist of mine :)

As of Monday this week I'm back to commuting daily meaning long train journeys and very early mornings, sounds great right? I commuted to uni in first year which is roughly the same journey but I wasn't prepared at all so now I'm determined to be.

 An essential for any early start is a good concealer and lately all of my own aren't cutting it, now I rarely get the odd bag under my eyes and then I'd have a long rest and it'f gone so since I've been waking up early (5am for five days straight) I can really notice the prominent dark circles and I'm not liking it at all. I really need a good heavy duty concealer and I've been eyeing up the nars creamy concealer for a while so when I asked on Twitter for a few recommendations I ended up with a bunch including benefit and Estée Lauder. 

I definitely have a neutral theme going on at the minute, nude lips & blushes and I'm embracing it. I convinced myself I needed new lipsticks for work and we all know Mac is the place to go for colour range so I might treat myself to a nude lipstick (oh and one of their lip liners). Nars also do some amazing products but sadly I've never tried any of them so that's going to change in 2015, I really want to try one of their lip pencils and of course the infamous blushes are high up on the wishlist. Stila also has a few lovely shades in their colour convertible range and this shade I've just fallen for - it's a bit of an unusual one for me but still stunning. 

The following may be a little boring but these are the travel essentials, headphones because no journey is complete without an iPod, sadly mine have given up in one of the ears so I'll have to pick up another pair as soon as. Also I've a lot more to travel with and charge so a portable charger seems blooming ideal for my iPod, iPad, iphone, you name it so it seems pretty important and I'm surprised I don't own one of these already. Next I really want to update my iPad cover and iPhone case, every few months you just need a little switch up so I'm on the look out for a few so if anyone can recommend any pretty ones, please send links my way. Lastly an umbrella is a must, if you know northern irish weather it's bloody unpredictable and 95% of the time it rains - I've lost count of how many umbrellas I've actually gone through, I've such bad luck with them! 

As for fashion bits and bobs scarves are my best friend at this time of year and luckily I've built up quite a collection of scarves and cuddly jumpers (usually baggy) but hats not so much. A bobble hat on a bad hair day or even just a cold day is a life saver and I've got so much use out of mine lately but I've only one colour so I really want to pick a few up before they're gone for another year. Lastly solid boots are a must, I don't want wet socks from walking through too many puddles, ew. All of these are pretty sensible choices for me and would you look at that only half of the things mentioned are beauty related, I'm learning! Hope you enjoyed reading this one and I promise I won't leave it weeks before posting again :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what travel essentials are a must for you? Also if you do have any concealer or phone/iPad case recommendations please leave them in the comments or tweet me, I'm at @JennysEveryday_
2 comments on "2015 Essentials Wishlist"
  1. I also really want to try the NARS concealer, sounds so good and my dark circles are awful so I need a good one that'll work! X

  2. Great picks, I have the Nars concealer and honestly couldn't rave about it enough! Such a fab concealer, a little pricey but worth it :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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