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What I Got For Christmas 2014

3 January 2015
I know I'm a few days late with this one but I told myself I wasn't going to post my very own What I Got For Christmas post but then reading through everyone elses I changed my mind. It's a post that I love reading, there's no other reason but I'm nosey so I hope you all having a snoop at mine as I love all of my presents, a lot! I also want to post a disclaimer that I'm not bragging at all with these, I've a small family and group of friends and half of these I wasn't expecting to be given so I'm extremely grateful and still in shock if I'm honest. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a massive tub of chocolate, its just tradition and this year I was kindly given Celebrations, pity it isn't as full as this anymore. I hold my hands up, chocolate is a weakness. Also one of my friends bought me this Festive Friends Gift Box* from Lush for Secret Santa which smells incredible and I'm so grateful. It's filled to the brim with Christmas bath bombs and honestly I don't even want to open it - it just looks that pretty....

I've been moaning for the past two months that I haven't a clue what time it is work and sneakily checking my phone when I can wasn't cutting it so I was given a watch which is an absolute life saver. Its so dinky and the face is really simplistic so I love it. I just need a brown one and I'm set. It feels amazing not having to rely on technology again!

I rarely ask for jewellery because frankly I'm quite scared of losing the usually expensive pieces but this year I thought I'd chance my arm and ask for a Pandora ring* as my big present I guess and Santa not only bought me one but two so I was absolutely flabbergasted on Christmas morning - if only you could have seen my face! Both of them are incredibly beautiful and I love them to pieces. 

These were a few presents from my friends, I'm always keeping on about how amazing Soap & Glory smells but I hadn't tried anything from the Sugar Crush range yet so my friend took it upon herself to buy me some, verdict - it smells amazing too. Also I like buying Topshop Christmas socks and makeup bits and pieces for my friends each year so they decided to repay the favour and bought me lip products which look so dark but are actually brown and berry - bang on trend and fluffy socks, which you can never have enough of! 

Every year I get a few DVD's* because I rarely get round to buying myself them through the year, Boots always seems to call first so I was given a few, TFIOS was a must and then the second Spiderman which if you've seen the ending is equally as heartbreaking and of course anything with Zac Efron is superb so that too. Also some lovely smelling Ted Baker* bits which came in the cutest box ever. 

Another big surprise was my TV*, I had one when I was younger but it was took off me so to speak to replace one downstairs as I didn't use it all that much but nowadays I need one so they bought me a lovely white one to match all of my furniture and the quality is amazing. I've already tested out several dvd's, you can see what I did over Christmas lol! 

Lastly chocolate, chocolate and yet more chocolate. Please don't judge, I have a serious problem and yes I did get several selection boxes at the age of twenty oops but in my defence they're still amazing as they were when I was six/seven, except now I receive hot chocolate and cute mugs as well. 

I also received a few CD's such as One Direction, Taylor Swift and The Script because they're all incredible and a few other small things such as hand creams and small beauty sets but thats most of it. As I said I'm incredibly happy and grateful to everyone and I'm not bragging in the slightest but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything that you asked for, of if you're too old for it, your parents. I can't wait to start blogging regularly again and if you have any similar posts to this please leave me a link in the comments, I love reading them!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what did Santa bring? 

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6 comments on "What I Got For Christmas 2014"
  1. That watch is adorable and it's always great to get some Soap & Glory and Lush stuff :) I got some as well so Santa did good this year!

    Kat x

    1. thanks! it doesn't seem like an exciting present but damn is it useful :) I couldn't agree more, I love getting those type of presents a Christmas! Santa's doing well lol xx

  2. Loved this post, I love your watch! I got The Fault In Our Stars and That Awkward Moment on DVD too :)

    1. Thanks! It honestly hasn't been off my wrist over the past month lol! Aw really, they're so good aren't they x


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