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Weekly Ramble #9

18 January 2015
Well, this weeks been in simple words, a very sleep deprived week and if you read my last post you'll known I'm on the hunt for the perfect concealer for just that reason, any suggestions are welcome! I started my placement which was nerve-wracking and exciting all rolled into one and of course after me complaining for the past three months that we hadn't seen snow yet it came the one week I wasn't really feeling it, just my luck eh....

We had some unexpected snow and boy did it look pretty // I found in my stash and rekindled my love for my Urban Decay lipstick // The fluffy jumpers were out, any excuse really // I also ate my first creme egg of the year, its started. 

I though I'd insert a picture to let you see the snow, it wasn't too deep that you were confined to your house and snowed in but it was enough & if I didn't have to traipse about in it I'm sure I'd have enjoyed it a bit more, snowball fights anyone? I thought the snow and combination with the church were just too pretty not to instagram, even if it did mean getting a few looks from passing cars. The snows more or less gone but the bitter temperatures are still here unfortunately, the hats and gloves might be out for a while yet! 

I actually own two of Urban Decay revolution lipsticks but you wouldn't guess it. I haven't actually used them all that much, including a red that would have been perfect for Christmas time damn and they'd been lying at the bottom of my stash so when I came across them on the weekend I did a little happy dance that I've two more lip products again. The pink lipstick is much more suitable for day wear and its a lovely colour that I already know I'm going to wear to death and that's a big thing considering I would usually stray away from pinks.

Also as a result of the colder weather the fluffy jumpers and polo necks have been out, a lot. They're just so snugly and probably as close as I can get to wearing fluffy pyjamas or a onesie in public. I'm also trying to more experimental with my hair and instead of just leaving it in the mornings, I've been playing about and this morning it was a plait (that got caught in the rain and curled itself) but I swear it was a plait. Also I had my first creme egg of the year, I'm already seeing Easter eggs everywhere and I love it. The malteaser bunnies are also out too and I'm sure I'll be eating plenty over the next couple of weeks! They're heavenly. All in all, it's been a quiet but fun/hectic week :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what have you all been up to this past week, anything exciting?

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8 comments on "Weekly Ramble #9"
  1. I usually avoid pinks but this is so pretty! We've literally just had our first snow but it isn't deep enough for a snowman just yet

    1. I'm the exact same but I couldn't resist! Aw I hope it snows again then for you, no snowfall is complete without a snowman x

  2. That lipstick looks so pretty! There hasn't been any snow where I am, I'm kinda hoping we don't get any! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. its beaut, I know the feeling. It ruins everything if you need to leave the house, if you don't then its wonderful :) x

  3. Have you tried the Maybelline concealer? I've just switched from Covergirl to it and I'm really liking it. A lot of beauty bloggers and youtubers swear by the Rimmel wake me up concealer.

  4. The UD lipstick looks gorgeous, haha did you notice if you Creme Egg tasted different? :P

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  5. i love UD lipsticks, i really need to wear mine more!

    from helen at

    ps. check out my £60 skincare giveaway, if you like! click here.

  6. I hope Creme Eggs still taste the same :-( It could ruin Easter! :-)
    Laura | A Life With Frills


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