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23 April 2014
I've officially been home a week from Cyprus and I'm suffering from some serious withdrawl symptoms, the rainy weather back at home here just isn't cutting it. Even over the weekend when the sun made an appearance I couldn't help but say its not warm enough when I should have been jumping from the roof tops. Anyways enough of a rant, time to blog....

I'm going to apologise for that first photo right there, its really awkward to find the best lighting and angle to take a picture of your boarding pass and passport when your whole class is sitting beside you and probably giving you the weirdest looks for doing so. Therefore my knees had to serve as a lovely background, the best photo of a bad bunch. It was definitely an early start to the day, we'd been travelling since 4:30am I think and only just boarded at 8am, preparing for a 5 odd hour flight in alphabetical seating, never the popular option.

 It did all pay off however (well slightly) as you can see in the second picture we had a lovely view over the Alps, it looks so picturesque and I'm definitely proud of my photography. A mixture of clouds, snowy mountains and blue skies = perfection. 

The next two are very typical holiday pictures, basically showing the sunny weather that we've missed all year and the lovely green open spaces. The first was actually taken when we walked through the zoo, read more like a farm and a park combined. Everything just looked so nice and we even got to see some oranges growing on the local trees, something you just wouldn't see at home lol! 

The days were long and definitely packed with a lot of exercise and hard work and on one of the first few days we arrived we were taken to Mount Olympus. Obviously when we got to the top we admired the landscape and the breathtaking views but after that was over and done with, what else is there to do but take a couple of selfies. The next two photos were some of my friends and I doing just that, hi there makeup free face, a lot of wind and nice views.

After this we were taken to the conservation garden, I think it was and during lunch I decided to play about with my camera settings as you do and low and behold this close up and quite nice photo if I do say so myself of a native yellow flower was the result. 

The next two were closer to our apartment and show more of the built up tourist area we were staying in rather than a mountain, talk about diverse and it looks a heck of a lot prettier. The two last photos were taken whilst we had some free time and went exploring and again read, there was a lot of wind so we're really bracing the weather for the photo and thats why we look as if we have no hair aha. I also look tiny, stupid camera angle....

Anyways thats all the photos talked through, hope you enjoyed them. I probably rambled far too much but hey when do I not. The holiday was superb and I'd definitely consider going back again at some point.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
2 comments on "Cyprus Snaps"
  1. It looks so lovely! I really want to go somewhere hot.
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. doesn't it just! i'm the same, its so nice to get away and have some decent weather lol :) Jenny xo


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